8/17/2019   Saturday Night Channeling

Soul/Star Chakra Activation   (Lord Solar Logos, OWS, Shoshanna)



 Soul/Star Chakra Activation (8th chakra)



Solar Logos and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell 

Shoshanna - Joanna's Higher Self



These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings August Advance (formerly called a retreat) in the mountains near Payson, AZ  on August 17, 2019. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)


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SOLAR LOGOS   (Channeled by James McConnell)

(In Meditation: Please only do this if you are guided to do so)   Now I am going to count down from 5 to 1, and with each descending number let yourself relax a little bit more, so deeper each number.  Five, four, three, deeper and deeper, two, deeper still, and one.  Now completely relax.  Continuing to breathe deeply, but effortlessly. 


There is a saying called ‘effortless effort.’  So whenever you go into meditation, all it takes is effortless effort. 


Picture now, if you will, a body of water.  Not you are there, or anything, but just picture it.  Just visualize a body of water.  And as you are looking down at that body of water, like a lake, notice there are ripples on the lake as the wind blows the water creating the ripples.  But as you continue to focus, as you continue to let go, notice the wind, the breeze dies down.  It becomes still.  The water itself becomes still.  No ripples.  Like a sheet of glass.  That is your mind, now.  It is still as the water. 


Now, if you would, continue to breathe, and breathe in the light, now.  Let that light move throughout your body, filling your body, your physical body, with light.  Just see light going everywhere.  You are perfectly still and calm.  Light spreading. 


Now become aware of your chakra system, seven chakras.  See them now in perfect alignment with their respective colors and the spinning of the chakras.  Please let go of all extremities now, all motion outside of your physical form.  Keep still.  Please be still.  No movement.  Only becoming centered within yourself. 


As you focus on the first chakra, now, the one at the base of your spine, there where the Kundalini energy rests.  The serpent that entwines up your spine, is now at a resting space.  But now you are about to awaken it. 


Ahhh, eeee, ummm.

Ahhh, eeee, ummm.

Ahhh, eeee, ummm.  (Guest continue to chant this)

Continue to chant the Ah, Ee, Um. . Focus on that first chakra.  Feeling the energy here.  Feeling the sense of the earth energy that is there in that first chakra. 


Call to it now with this chant.  You are calling to the Earth.  You are calling to the Earth within you.  Rise that energy now.  See that energy awakening.  See the serpent coming alive there in that first chakra, beginning to move. 


Now let that energy move up into your second chakra. 


Ah Ra Um, Ah Ra Um, Ah Ra Um.   (Guests continue to chant this)

Feel the energy now there in the second chakra.  As the serpent rises, as the Kundalini energy moves up from the first to the second chakra.  Feel it entwining its legs up your spine now, the space of your spine, moving into that second chakra, enlivening that second chakra, now.  See the orange that is being that chakra, the brilliant orange, and see it becoming more and more brilliant.  See it awakening, now on that second chakra. 


Now see the energy beginning to move to the third chakra, that in your solar plexus area.  See it and connect with it now with the Ahh, Omm.


Ahh, Ommm.   (Guests continue to chant this)

Feel the energy now in this third chakra.  The beautiful gold and yellow color.  This is yellow as the sun.  Feel the energy rising, moving up, awakening this center, more than it has been awakened up to this point. 


This is the center for your adrenal glands.  This is the emotional center within you.  It is your fire center.  The fire within you blazes within this center.  The fire of yellow. 


Now allow the energy to move from that third chakra and up into the fourth center, your heart center.  Feel it moving, moving its way up.  Moving into that love center, now, with the chant:  “Ahhh, Eeee, Yam.”


Ahh, Eee, Yaam.   (Guests continue to chant this)

Yam being this fourth chakra, Yam being for the heart chakra.   See the energy.  Feel the energy rising there involving that two-stage center, that beautiful center of deep blue-green, forest green.  See the energy there, the grow in that area.  The healing energy that is there in the fourth chakra that is released.  ‘


Now let the energy continue to move up your spinal column, up into the fifth chakra, into your throat center, now.  The center of your will.  Feel your throat center, now, opening as you chant, “Ah, Pa, Raam.”


Ah, Pa, Raam.   (Guests continue to chant this)

Feel the reverberation now in your presence within your throat.  Feel controlled breathing.  Feel the echoing in your throat.  Feel it all coming alive, now.  Feeling all the energy increasing now, five chakras, alive chakras. 


Move chakra into the throat area, and your Will Center is becoming absolutely more activated. 


Now moving up into your sixth chakra, into your Third Eye Center, into that Pineal Gland area that has been so closed off to so many for so long, but has now been reawakened and opened up to allow for the energies to rise, and for the movement out of the physical body and out into the soul system, further and further out, the seat of the soul.  To move out, to have the sight, the third sight beyond that which is your physical eyes, that which is beyond the physical form.  Allow that to be, now, as you chant the ‘Toom’ sound.


Toom, toom.   (Guests continue to chant this)

Feel the reverberation now in your third eye in the middle of your forehead.  Feel the connection there, the resonance there that is opening up.  Your third eye has already been opened, but is now even opening further as the Kundalini energy has risen upward.  Feel the energy.  Know that the energy has moved up.  Know that you are re-activating that which coincides with above.  All is coming back online.  All of your chakras are coming back online.  Your third eye is opening wide. 


Feel the resonance now.  All of the chakra centers coming together as you now begin to move up into the seventh chakra, moving from the sixth to the seventh, as there is an arching sound, and an arch of light that happens to go, that moves through the sixth chakra and into the seventh, as the explosion happens from the sixth chakra to the seventh, the crown chakra, opening up the crown chakra center, now with the Om sound.


Ommm… (Guests continue ommm sound)


Feel the explosion now in your seventh chakra.  The light going up in many different patterns, in many different bridges that are exploding now, as if there was a cascade of spiraling stairs going up, similar to that which is in your crown chakra vibration, toward the end of those the crown chakra responds, a culmination of the crown chakra, exploding into the sky.  See that explosion now per our ostensible side the coloring, the curling colors, the resonance through those colors. 


Now as all seven chakras have come to light, as the Kundalini energy has risen, woken up by the ideal that is within you, the ideal that calls it up, that which would be whatever that ideal is now. 


Picture, visualize that ideal for you, whatever it might be.  For some it would be Yeshua Sananda.  For others it might be Archangel Michael.  Whoever it might be.  Perhaps your Higher Self or a galactic visitor, Source itself, whatever that ideal to you is that you can resonate to that ideal now.  See that ideal above you, now, calling up the Kundalini energy through all seven chakras, coming up, rising up through all seven, moving up the spinal cord, bringing the energies higher and higher as it rises upward, the vibration increasing with each ascending chakra center. 


Now, picture just above you, visualize, think about what is just above your head approximately two feet above.  That center, that center which long ago was alive and refreshed, and did so much to bring the connection of all of these centers together.  And at once it was awakened.  And now it shall be reawakened again.  See that center.  See it as a ball of light now, a ball of white light.  But within that white light, see all seven colors within that white light, all seven of the chakra colors, the rainbow colors.  The colors of the rays.  See all of those colors within, as if it is a prism of light within that Soul Chakra, or star chakra, there in the eighth center as we call to it now with “Ahhh Ommm.”


Ahh Ommm (Guests continue with this)


See that chakra now with the prism of light within it.  All of the chakra colors are now awakened within that center.  Feel the enlivening.  Feel the resonance now with that center as it has come to life once again, bringing the connection from you to your Higher Self.  But not only your Higher Self, but all of the selves, all of the multi-dimensional selves within you, all of the aspects that are you, all bringing the oneness together at this point.  All resonating within this. 


And as you resonate to this chakra center, all of your multi-dimensional cells are also connecting now, either consciously or unconsciously.  They are becoming one with you at this center, at this point, opening the avenue of expression that is beyond the physical body which connects the physical body, the astral body, the etheric, the causal, the mental—all are coming together at this point, bringing the fullness of THE ONE within you. 


Know that this is the true seat of the soul.   It is the seat of all oneness within you.  It is the seat of the Source connection with you.  It has also been called the Star Chakra, because it is the connection with all of the stars of the universe to THE ONE within you, bringing that connection.  Feel now that connection to all of the heavenly bodies that are connected to you, to all of the solar systems and the solar systems beyond this solar system.  All of the solar systems within the galaxy are connected through this one chakra center, and then beyond the galaxy to the galaxies beyond within the universe, all connecting to this one chakra. 


Just as you have your silver cord connecting your physical body to that of your Higher Self, this is the connection to that which is beyond all of your bodies that connect now to the center of the universe, to that star, that central star of the universe.  This is the connection to that, never to be broken again. 


It is represented by the Cosmic Flame, or the Eternal Flame.  The eternal flame of The One.  The Eternal Flame of the Ishtal Maxim from the ancient Lemurian times, that which was carried on for millennium, after millennium, after millennium; eon, after eon, after eon, carrying this flame, this eternal light, which is that connection from the Universal Source of all Creation to you, which is The One within creation. 

For all of creation is ONE, and ONE is all of creation. 



SOLAR LOGOS    (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am thy Solar Logos.  I visited you in the past evening, and I return now at this time, in this moment, to welcome you. 


To welcome you to move beyond your physical bodies, to move beyond this realm that has held you for so long, this realm that you, indeed, volunteered to join, this realm of illusion. 


But to welcome you to move now beyond my center.  To join beyond this solar system, to join the galaxy once again, to join those planets outside of this solar system, to joint those beings outside of this solar system.  To joint the Galactic Federation that is waiting for you, waiting to welcome you back to your rightful place within the councils that have formed long ago in which each and every one of you has been a part of those councils in times past.  And you are being called back now to be a part of those councils again.  Each and every one of you, your Higher Selves, are a part of those councils. 


You, as the personality that has been lowered down by your Higher Selves for this process, for this evolutionary process, is now calling you home.  And the connection now between yourself as the personality, and your higher God self, the connection is now created once again.  Not that it was ever discreated, but that it has been reconnected within your conscious knowing. 


Know that with this access you can now call upon your Higher Self.  Some of you already have.  But the access is there now once again, never to be broken until you yourself decide to make that break again that says you did.  For you are the ones that decided to do this, to come here. 


I, as the Solar Logos of this solar system, Solar Lord, if you will,  the being that ensouls our sun, bid you adieu for now. 



ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnel)

Now as you find yourself wherever you might be, wherever you may have flitted off to, wherever your guidance may have taken you, that is okay!  Let it be, whatever it is.  For whatever level you received what was given, was what was meant for you at this time.  So allow it to be.  Feel the resonance within you.  Feel the light.  Feel and know the light within you.  Hear the light within you.  See and hear the colors of the light within you. 


And as you focus now, again, on that Soul/Star Chakra, you see it with the brilliant colors of the rainbow, of all of the seven rays of creation, all of the rays within those rays of creation as you see this. 


Now, do more than just see it:  feel it.  Feel the colors.  Feel the resonance within those colors. 


Hear the colors.  Hear the resonance now within those colors.  The brilliance of the light within.  Listen now.  The music of the spheres that comes from the reverberation of this chakra center.  All of these colors, now, coming together as a chorus of angels within them.  If you hear it, wonderful!  If you sense it, or feel it in some way, wonderful!  If you see it, wonderful!  Whatever it is, it is wonderful.


Trust, now.  Let it go.  Let it be.   Let it be, let it be, let it be.  Be thou words of wisdom, let it be.  Let it be.  (OWS sings song ‘Let it be’ with guests.)


Now what a wonderful chorus of angels you all are!  Comes back now.  Come back now from that wonderful center.  Come back now down the chakra centers, knowing that you can come to this any time you want to, now.  And you do not need to be-labor the point.  You do not need to go through all of the centers, calling on each of the centers.  Just simply visualize the seven chakras that we have been doing each and every Sunday. 


Visualize them, see them, and then quickly call upon your ideal to lift you up through the seven chakras into that seventh crown chakra, and then on into the eighth center.  Then let yourself feel the resonance there within that eighth chakra.  Feel the aliveness there, the awakening that is occurring there. 


You, my friends, are in the forefront.  You, my friends, are the foreshadowing that is coming before the storm, bringing in the storm.  Your President Trump said, or rather others said to him, “the storm is coming.”  And he repeated back to them, “I am the storm!”  But it is not he that is the storm alone—we are all the storm.  I am the storm.  I am that I am.  We are all the storm together.  We are bringing it. 


But we are bringing it, and letting it be.  You see?  It is action without reaction.  It is love without fear.  It is acceptance without hate.  It is joy without sorrow.  You see? 


Accept now.  Accept whatever it was for you, and know that the awakening has occurred. 


We like to use this terminology from your movie, not The Matrix, but the James also has this within him.  The movie, ‘Dune.’  If you have not seen the movie, ‘Dune,’ it is about the awakening of the Christ of another system.  And when you watch the movie, if you do, look beyond the violence, look beyond the fear.  But see the awakening of a Christ. 


And as you see the awakening of this Christ, know that you, each one of you, has been a Christ in another system somewhere along the way!  You have ensouled a planet.  You have been a Solar Logos.  You have been a Gaia.  You have been a creator of worlds, and sometimes of worlds beyond worlds!  For you are not only a part of this universe, you are the universe! 


At this point, we are going to ask you all to return.  And yes, we will entertain that in just a moment.  We ask you all to return now to your physical forms, bringing that intense brilliant resonating colors of that eighth chakra back with you.  Bring it back so it never falls into a sleeping form again.  So that you can fully understand, as we were beginning to say from that movie, “Father, the sleeper has awakened!”  That is what the awakening Christ calls out to his father.  That is what you, each one of you, as the awakening Christ within you, are calling out now to the father within you, the Higher Self within you, the Father/Mother God within you, the Source within you.  Father/Mother God Universe, All That Is. 


The sleeper has awakened within me!  I am awakened!  I am that I am.  I am that I am.  (OWS and guests repeat this phrase)


Come back now into a complete state of consciousness and circulation, fully revitalized and refreshed within your conscious, knowing mind. 


We will now entertain any questions or comments, as the one has already shared.  But before we do so, we would ask for our Dear Shoshanna, if she wishes.  Are you out there, Shoshanna?  Do you wish to be called here? 


Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnel)

We gotta get there.


OWS:   Yes, then please come forward.   Make a space, someone step up please and bring her a chair. 


Shoshanna:   We can sit on this table.


OWS:   Do not sit on the candle that is there.  (Everyone laughs.)  That is wonderful, yes?  Light my fire!  (Laughter)  (OWS added another quip.)  You all just make our day! 


Now please, the one who asked for this, can she make comment on what she wishes to share?


Guest:   What I saw when you said, “return,” or whatever the trigger was to tell us to come back.  It was like I saw the Cosmic Flame swirling around all of us, linking all of us.  And the word, for some reason, the word “pudding.”  I don’t know why, because I think it was soft and sweet.   (Laughter)   Then it just flowed to us, and then toward the Earth and just spread out.  So we are the Earth. 


OWS:   Very good.  We appreciate your sharing.  We have another that wishes to share.  Yes. 


Guest:   I have to say I felt like I got plugged back in.  I feel like I am reconnected, and I felt like I was home, and like home was with me, and I felt the Oneness and the connectedness of all, and my multi-dimensional selves.  It was astounding.  I feel plugged in! 


OWS:   We can tell you something here and beyond this, since you have brought this up.  You have plugged into your Higher God Self even more, and more than that:  you have plugged into the Higher Self beyond the Higher Self, and you have plugged into the Source of Creation altogether.  But, at the same time, you have also unplugged from the matrix!   (Collective cheers!)


Now, along with that, that unplugging from the 3-D matrix is up to you if you wish to keep it unplugged.  You can very easily succumb to the programming and plug that right back in again.  But, even if you do so, it is very easy, now, to unplug it again. 


Guests:   Thank you for that!


OWS:   Okay?  Think about the Neo in the phone booth at the end of the first movie, when he was talking to the machines in that particular movie, but here he talks to the cabal, to the dark forces:  “I can’t tell you how this is going to end, but I can tell you how it is going to begin.”  Okay? 


Shoshanna:   May we share with our sister that just shared?


OWS:   Please do, yes.


Shoshanna:   We wish to share your monumental growth in this moment, and acknowledge you for that.  And we wish to share your understanding that you have come to of your vastness, that you are unlimited, that you are all, and all is you.  And we wish to acknowledge this great understanding that you have come to.   Namaste.


Guest:   Namaste.


OWS:   You’ve come a long way, baby!  (Laughter)


Shoshanna:   We wish not to be silly!  (Laughter)


OWS:   Oh, why not?  (Laughter) 


Shoshanna:  We wish to be sincere.  But you can be silly on our behalf! 


OWS:   Yes, we’ll be silly.   


Guest:   Namaste.


Shoshanna:   Namaste, Dear One.


OWS:   We know we can draw you into it, Shoshanna!  (Laughter)


Shoshanna:   These moments that this one has experienced is a pinnacle moment.  


OWS:   It is very much so, yes.  And all joking aside here, we are THRILLED, 

beyond thrilled here, Dear Sister.  We are thrilled at your advancement!  

Through all of these Advances, you have attended, through all of those crater 

trips that you made, through all of the travails here and there, for the constant 

seeing only the darkness, as many were seeing visions of dancing angels and 

whatever it might have been, and you saw darkness.  You saw nothing.  And 

you wondered, ‘why can I not see what everyone else is seeing?’  


But what did we always tell you?  You can feel the energies, where others 

cannot.  You have always had that ability, that gift.  And that gift, Dear One, is 

going to come more and more into play for you.  


For now, not only are you going to have the feelings attached and be able to 

feel the energy.  And remember, we also said you could see the energy, if you 

allowed it. And now, as you are seeing the energy, it is beginning to take on the 

visions, the pictures, that you have always wanted to be able to see.  You see, 



Shoshanna:   You are one with God, My Sister.  May we share once again?


Guest:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   We must walk this planet with full understanding that we are one with our Source, and disallow any misunderstanding of that.  You have nothing to apologize for, or to think that you were wrong in some way.   Because you are God.  You are one with God, and you are one with all of creation.  You must understand that when you feel ‘less than.’  When you think you are ‘less than.’  You must remind yourself that you are walking with Source.  You are talking to Source.  You are present because you are Source.   Namaste.


Guest:   Namaste.  Thank you.


OWS:   First, before we take questions, are there any other comments of the experience here?  Any other sharing that anyone wishes to do, here? 


Guest:   During the experience, I’m in semi-seventh chakra, I saw a very large crystal with prism lights.  And it had points, both on the top and the bottom.  And as this opened up, there were threads that connected to what I believe are my multi-dimensional selves.  And the top of my skull disappeared, and my head because the size of the Earth, and my eyes could look out and see every galaxy that I was to see.  And I am still connected there.  And I feel still connected there.  And I really don’t know what else to say. 


OWS:   You have said it all, My Dear! 


Guests:   (Laughter, “wow”!)


OWS:   Anyone else?  Who would follow that one?!


Guest:   I would like to share.  I can never, ever have imagined how immense we can be.  Over an ascension like we went from here to the Source of all life, and it was just a stream of light coming up, and up, and up, until finished, I mean so fine and so far away light, and every moment it was like a stream-filled light with little diamonds with all kinds of light, and it was just up and up and up into this wall of light, and it was just so far away, and I was just looking at the universe on my way around.  I saw galaxies and galaxies and universes, and I was just enjoying myself.  It was the most pleasurable vision, I can’t describe it, and I felt this incredible joy!  Because it was so big and so beautiful and colorful. 


When you said that I had to come back, I said, “really?”  I didn’t want to come back!  (Laughter)  


But then I followed directions, and then what I saw was a beautiful background of the universe in bluish light-purplish and then pieces of gold that were all other expressions of myself.  They were just coming back together like pieces that started coming together, and it was so beautiful because they were all gold on that blue background.  I said, “Oh my God, I am such a jewel!”  (Laughter)   It was so beautiful!  Thank you!


Guests:   (Clapping)


OWS:   My Dear Friends, this is fifth-dimensional thoughts.  This is fifth-dimensional creation.


Guest:   And beyond!


OWS:   Yes, thank you, and beyond!   Anything further here?


Shoshanna:   May we share?


OWS:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   We wish to share with the sister that shared her vision and her experience, and we wish to share for all that experienced what they experienced. 


That what is important here is not the experience itself, but to bring that to this realm.  To bring that understanding to this realm, in all of your actions in this moment, in all of your thoughts, in all of your interactions, to know the being that you are, the vastness that you are, that you would never again think you are puny.  Never again you would think that you are not important.  Never again that you had a thought that you were not what others are. 


So we must say in this moment that what is important here is that you bring the experience back with you and root it into the planet, that all would experience it, all would feel it, that the field would be immersed with your experience, and that all those who are lost, all those who do not know who they are will have the opportunity to know who they are through your experience.  We would ask that that be your intention now.  That it is not just for you, it is for all your brothers and sisters, that they awaken because you have had this experience.   Namaste.


Guest:   Namaste.  Thank you.


OWS:   Yes, we tell you here to follow up with Shoshanna little bit more, ou, in this exercise, or this experience…


And by the way, this is the first time this experience, as it was, has been done by any group of this size.  So as we said last evening, you are the guiney pigs for this. 


But you have opened up an expression for the world, now.  You see?  What you have done here has now gone into the Universal Mind Consciousness and is now available to be taken out from that, picked up, you might say, and run with by another group, other individuals.  You see?  You have paved the way.  This is why we say you are the forerunners. 


Guest:   I prefer thinking of being “pioneers” rather than guiney pigs.


OWS:   Pioneers works too.  Whatever works for you.  What is your saying, “to-mA-to,   to-mAH-to.”  Are there other sharing comments, here?  Yes, any on the telephone?


Guest:   May I share? 


Shoshanna:   Yes we hear one that wishes to share.  We should ask that the background is quiet. 


Guest:  Yes, may I share?


Shoshanna:   Yes. 


Guest:   Hi.  I just experienced a miracle.  As we went up the chakras, my energy levels increased tremendously.  And just as a reminder to the group, I am the gentleman in Toronto that as a child suffered a serious head injury and I never see anything, everything is always in darkness for me when I try to meditate. 


But when we got up to the eighth chakra, I just saw the most imaging, blinding, wonderful lights that I have never, ever seen when I have meditated before.  And the love!  The incredible amount of love that I felt was absolutely overwhelming.  To me this was a miracle in the making.  And I am so grateful.  And I am awakened. 


OWS:   Wonderful.


Guests:   Yay!  (Clapping)  Thank you for sharing.


Shoshanna:   May we share?


OWS:   Yes, please.


Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, may we share? 


Guest:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   We would say that because you have had the courage to be on the phone to experience what you experienced, and because you are all one, all those that are similar to your experience have now broken free.  You have caused a great happening for those that have not been able to experience, to now experience through your experience.  Do you see?


Guest:   Yes.  If you could see me now, I have tears rolling down my face.


Shoshanna:   We can see you, Dear Brother.  We have known you.  We can see you.  We can feel you.  And we have great gratitude for you, and great love.   Namaste.


Guest:   Thank you.


Shoshanna:   We have one that wishes to share with you, yes.


Another Guest:   Hi! 


First Guest:   I knew you would want to say something!  My beloved one!


All:   (Laughter)


Second Guest:   We have been a long way with you, with our friend, Anne DeHart. 


First Guest:   Yes, we have.


Second Guest:   And I have seen you wanting this to happen so much.  I am so happy for you!  I am joyful in my heart that you finally have gotten to visualize, because you were trying so hard, and you have lived to this moment.  And I am so happy that you joined us, that you could experience this, because you might not have been able to.  So I want to say I love you, and I always will.   Namaste.


First Guest:   I love you too, Dear One, and I love you all so much, and I thank you so much for the opportunity of being here and to experience what I experienced today.  It truly was a miracle!  


Second Guest:   And you are such an angel.  You are so thankful, I know.  And I am that I am.  Thank you.


First Guest:   I am that I am.  Yes.


OWS:   Very good.  Are there any further sharing comments here?  Anyone else?


Then are there any questions? 


Guest:   I have a question.


OWS:   Yes.


Guest:   You have been seeing these wonderful fly-bys.  And it’s kind of a personal question, but yet it relates to what we have been seeing.  Back in 1979 to 1982 our family was on Guam.  With our kids we would always go up after dinner and play and meditate.  And then we would walk around the island singing, “Yahweh spaceships, Yahweh spaceships.” 


And every single night this beautiful spaceship would come in our direction, even on the cloudy nights it would come under the clouds to greet us, except if we had somebody with us it would not appear.  What I want to know is, can you tell me and my family who was the pilot of those spaceships?  And I know you’re going to ask me, “who do you think they are?”


OWS:   No, we are not going to ask you that.  But we are going to say, you know what we are going to say!  (Laughter)   You know we are going to say that we are not going to spoil a surprise!  Because when you do come face to face, we will say, with those ones, that will be a surprise for you.


Shoshanna:   May we share?


OWS:   Do not spoil the surprise, Dear Shoshanna!   You are not allowed to do that!  But yes, please.


Shoshanna:   We can share the reality of that experience.  But if you do not wish us to give the answer, then we cannot.


OWS:   What we do not want to happen is what has happened at certain times with these ones as we, the One Who Serves, especially the one that you know of as ‘the Funny One,’ attempted to give more information than he was supposed to be giving, and we had to literally throw the hook out and pull him back off his case. 




He has learned since then to no longer do that.


Shoshanna:   Yes.  Do you wish for a hook for me?


OWS:   We are joking, here.  Please, what is your saying?  Go for it! 


Shoshanna:   We must tell you that you are reminded of this experience, Dear Sister, and may we share with you? 


Guest:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   You are reminded of this experience, and you are sharing it in this moment for all to hear, because others have had the same experience that you have and wish to know who is out there.  We will tell you now for you, that that which followed you, and that which visited you, was yourself.  It was your other self  joining you.  Do you understand this?


Guest:   I do. 


Shoshanna:   Maybe you thought it would be something else, but it was part of you. 


Guest:   Well, thank you so much.


Shoshanna:   Namaste.


OWS:   Now you’ve spoiled the surprise.




OWS:   That is wonderful.  Would there be any other questions? 


Guest:   I have a question.  So that was very powerful.  I am still kind of floating on the clouds, here.  And I loved the feeling of “let it be” because there is nothing else you can do with that amount of vastness, except let it be! 


So what I wanted to ask you is I have worked for a while with the chakras, with something called the “Upper Soul Star” and the “Lower Soul Star,” and also they have the ‘causal’ in there and another one.  I was wondering are they the same thing?  Is that the upper and the lower becomes this one that we are talking about? 


And also, it was given by Diane Cooper that the color was magenta with the upper, and the purple with the lower, and how does that all come into the mix, here?


OWS:   This is why what was given as a visualization for you was the seven rays coming together in such as a prism-type of look, and reverberating within those colors, both being able to see them, hear them, and feel their resonance within them, see?  


Now some would say, ‘how can you hear color?’  But you can.  They have a vibration.  And you tune into that vibration.   


And because of this experience, now, you are going to be able to more and more tune into the higher vibrations now, you’ll be able to turn into those higher vibrations much, much easier. 


And once you are there, you will be able to then tune into those vibrations outside of yourself as well in terms of openings through the veil, you might say, and be able to see interdimensionally.  That is the opening of it more and more.  Some have already opened it somewhat up to this point without you’re even knowing it was so.  But this was a practical application of opening, or reactivating, this chakra center to go along with the other chakras as well. 


Shoshanna:   May we share?


OWS:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   May we share our perspective with you?


Guest:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   We find that in your intellect that you wish to have things with much precision and much understanding.  This is what we find in you.  So that if one says one thing, and one says another thing, and it is a conflict in some way in your intellectual mind, that you wish to have it straightened out for you.  Is that not correct?


Guest:   Yes, that’s correct!


Shoshanna:   So what we will say to you, is that which you understand is correct.  And that which another understands is correct for them.  And that which another understands is correct for them.  And that there is no differentiation that one is right and one is wrong.  That does not exist.  That exists in 3-D, but that does not exist in the truth, you see?


Guest:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   So as one sees a chakra that is called the ‘Soul Chakra’ or the ‘Star Chakra’ and they say, “well, it is purple, it is magenta.”  Whatever they say, that is their experience.  And they are simply sharing that experience.  And if it is given that the Soul Chakra contains all the colors and that resonates with you, well then that is their experience. 


But it is not right or wrong, it is not false or truth, it is the experience.  So what is Germain here (and we use this word again, we apologize), what is important here is that you, Dear Sister, and all have been given this experience know why the experience was given! 


It was given to help you understand the vastness of your being.  It was given that you could understand that there is a source that connects all of you, and that you have access to that.  It does not matter what the color is.  And it does not matter how someone defines it.  What matters is that you experience the reality of that message that was given.  Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister?


Guest:   Yes, it makes sense.  And I was just in my world of let me make sure I am doing it right. 


Shoshanna:   And we know this about you.  But we will tell you, Dear Sister, we will tell you, we know your heart, we know your intention, and your intention in your heart is always right because it is given with much love.   Namaste.


Guest:   Thank you.


OWS:   Yes.  Please understand that with meditation there is no right or wrong, and there never is.  It just is what it is for you. 


Shoshanna:   That which was given.  I apologize.  May I share? 


OWS:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   That which was given when Shoshanna said, and I am Shoshanna, said two things that will keep you rooted in the third-dimension is comparing and judging.  We meant it.  So we must give it up.  We must just have the experience.   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.  Are there any further questions, here?


Nothing further?   Then Shoshanna, anything you wish to conclude with before we do so?


Shoshanna:   We wish to give a message. 


OWS:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   May we share our message? 


Guests:   Yes.


Shoshanna:   We saw you.  We saw you in the drum circle.  We saw the unity.  We saw the love.  We saw the unity that all of you were attempting to achieve.  But all of you were attempting to achieve this to heal the world.  To heal the asleep beings and to wake them up to full understanding of love and unity and connectedness.  We saw this in your hearts.  And, we will tell you, you achieved it!   Namaste.


Guests:   Whohoo!  (Clapping)


OWS:   And we say now in closing, because of your experience in this session this evening, it has opened up an expression or a conduit, you might say, that is reaching out into the heavens. 


And tomorrow evening when you come together again, and there will be another experiential session, although at this point the James has no idea yet what it shall be.  We will not say who will conduct it yet at this point, but KaRa will be with you at a certain point.  And because of what you have connected here, the calling out will go to those that are out there, those of the ships, the Galactics, they are very much aware of you, as you know now, because they have put on a show, just for you, up to this point! 


But the greater show is yet to come if, and there is a big if, here, if the potential is reached, here.  If you are in the right vibration.  Now how do you get into that right vibration?  That will be shared by the KaRa tomorrow evening. 


So all day tomorrow be in good cheer, be in joy.  Be in oneness.  Be in love with each other as much as you possibly can.  And that way, when you come together in your evening session, you will already be in that higher vibratory state, and therefore ready to receive what KaRa can bring to you, as well as the connection that will open up to those that are out there waiting to show themselves to you.  Okay? 


Shanti.  Peace be with you.



Channeled by James McConnell

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