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So here a picture...says more then 1000's words right?

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i found this a while back, sorry for long reply:

“The right to own opinion thing that people say is really an excuse for refusing to listen to the truth or be challenged about their opinions which amounts to the same thing.

It is offering an excuse for unbelief in the truth.  What excuse can be as lame as, “Well, they have the right to their own opinion"?  Indeed its not a reason at all. Respecting the opinion means you don't ridicule.  Instead you gently and kindly help the person see the error. 

The notion that respecting the opinion means you cannot even do this is just an attack on your integrity.  Its an insult.  It implies that you have the right to hurt others if you simply think you should. If you are entitled to your opinion, the opinion must be based on evidence, open to revision, open to changing your mind should evidence come up that refutes the opinion. 

Being entitled to your opinion if you are opposed to the facts or the evidence or don't care would be saying that right and wrong in behavior and everything else does not matter.  It becomes an absurd and dangerous philosophy of, "As long as its your opinion do what you want even if its murder."

Rights are based on need.  You need water.  You do not need ice cream.  Ice cream is not a right but a privilege.  Rights are defined by the duties to which they give rise.

Rights entail duties.  In other words, people must be compelled to respect your rights if possible.  If it is not possible, it would be a case that if you had the choice to compel, you would. If you have a right to your opinion regardless of reason and facts and evidence, then why listen to any debater at all or why even bother?  

"I have a right to my opinion" is really just a proverb for the lunatic and the disciple of chaos. It is said that my right to my opinion does not mean that others are obligated to agree with me.   This is wrong.  It should be, "My right to my opinion does not mean that others are necessarily obligated to agree with me."

Do not let yourself be bullied by people who go “I am entitled to my opinion.”  You have told them your belief and opinion about their opinion.  They demand respect for their opinion - by which they mean it should not be disputed - while they dispute yours.  They are saying, "I dispute your opinion that mine should be questioned.  I am being unreasonable because an opinion means that which is open to dispute."  They are trying to silence you as if their opinions are about them and not the world.  Their opinions are not about them.  People who think their opinions are about them are the ones who are trampling on the poor and oppressing others.  Don't be an enabler of such horror.”


for the past some time I have just began to realize – ‘KNOW YOURSELF’, two words simple enough - encompassing all. We are the solution. However to solve or resolve one need to ‘know oneself’ and then you will know the world. The Truth is never changing, however we are always changing towards the Truth.

lol ... Shama-an, ....;)

and an irony of backing up an opinion, there is a need to have some life experience even a little, otherwise the opinion could belong to category of judgement: very thin line between this two, funny there is always a thin line in life ... ;)

Opinions are based on a belief system and we all have differing belief systems, so its hard to get everyone to agree....

and we wonder why there are SO many problems in this world!!

by definition, everyone's points of view are valid, but arguing about whose right/wrong is a waste of energy

arguing and disrespect are the main causes for tension and stress.

humanity should be working in unity, not trying to bring out the worst, and tear each other down!

..just because everyone has a point of view, it doesnt make it automatic valid... i agree with the rest who say, opinions are like a-holes.... 

we dont need anyone's opinion on any matter..

I feel that another fraud has been perpetrated by the archons. That is the way we do or don't communicate with each other. We have done for decades people don't communicate the same way but for whatever reason that in that information was "lost" until recently. People all have a lead learning style and is ussually visual, hearing or feeling/doing. The feeling/doing people get their truth from their heart. They think differently, tend to be easily distracted in traditional classroom settings and often get labeld as problems. My theory is if you can marginalize the heart based learners the PTW effectively beat them down as they were the most likely to see through the deception and could have communicated with the others and helped awaken people more quickly. Instead they set about to destroy their self esteem. So it is as if people are speaking a different language to each other with neither understanding what the other is saying leading to judgements that are usually wrong. By learning to compensate for those differences it is fairly easy to fix this but people need to understand why that is the situation and how to fix it. There is one system I know that really does the job and used to be used everywhere. Now it is hard to get those in power to recognize this but things are changing and it will come. Using a language that does not cause emotional reaction is one of the big keys. The answers are out there.



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