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So Ive been a little confused about something lately. I used to be of the camp that believed in Twin Flames or Soul mates, and now i find myself questioning. When i research 2 schools of thought come up, Soul Mates or being by Oneself. If existence is just infinite creation doesnt that necessitate love everlasting? So i just want to hear others perspective on "Soul Mates"

Amor y Paz

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The last paragraph was the main challenge I face. I have a belief that everyone has a destiny but that there is also free will. I have a belief that my destiny has called very strongly in this incarnation. My heart wants love for everyone always. My mind wants love for myself always. Unity... my soul wants a mixture of the two. I dont know if i am one of those beings that just has too much love for all, to be able to concentrate on one. However my soul is deeeeeeeeppppplllly romantic for some reason, has been my entire life. My soul is also focused on the call of my destiny.... should i wander the earth in solace for the greater good or focus on my nuclear egg family, as apposed to the universal existence egg family. I dont really look too hard for love, but it seems to find me rather quick, whether i look or not, so its hard to make a clear decision. I've learned to at least not fret so much about the path. Through happiness it always works out.

Thank you for your slice of this onion

Amor y Paz
Thank you dustin, could you elaborate on the Monad?
I'm usually alone or with someone. I dont like the dating around thing because you give up too much of yourself. Yeah... finding the ones with very little self loathing is a challenge... when you had an amazing one it hurts...especially an awoken ascension partner who practice what she preached.

Thanks for the slice
Amor y Paz

The term 'soul mates' was created by beings with deep emotions while going on a mystical journey in finding love. They could probably mean souls who have journeyed with them before...for a few lifetimes..or is up to each individual soul to choose...who will be able to help them most, to achieve different levels during different lifetimes/overlapping situations and different dimensions.....and depending on how far they've touched each other in different dimensions/journeys etc...the depth of soul connection/s between each or all..varies. It doesn't mean that it is the opposite gender of who you are could also be of the same gender.

I've read that a Twin Flame is the other gender of who we are right now. Male here on Planet Earth - female there in the higher dimension. It's very, very rare...that both will be together during journeys. One can never be oneself (term understood only on 3D level). We're all both male and female - on Planet Earth - one can't function without the other - very delicate balancing.

Psychics who say that they can help you find your soulmate is 'untrue'...please don't fall for it. Soul mates are special beings who've 'volunteered' to journey with you different lifetimes so that you can learn ....(and also they can learn from you) to be more than who are you. The wind beneath your the song goes...
thank you everyone for your posts, Im glad I can relate concisely somewhere in this circus.

Amor y Paz
Hmm well, it could be true.... I'm open to the "possibilities" of what can be :)

One part of me questions if we "just" have one "Twin Flame" or if perhaps we have several flames that we are "one" with.

I'm sure I will find out someday, I am sure we all will :)

~ :-) ~



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