The other day I came across a post on here talking about how some of you have always had a sense of what's to come in the following days, months, years, etc, but drew blank after December 21st. I've been feeling the same way and spent some time thinking about what this could possibly mean. This is what I came up with and I'd love to hear what other people think as well:

Perhaps those of us who are usually intuitive to future events draw a blank after the 21st because this is when humanity starts creating it's own destiny. Right now we are seeing end of time prophesies and predictions being fulfilled in one way or another. As Earth comes of age, we've reached a right of passage. Now more than ever, we are in control of what's next. When you consider that time isn't linear, this becomes even more plausible. I believe most here, if not all, would agree that human history has been shaped by those which we now know to be multidimensional beings. Now it's our turn to join them as co-creators of the Universe. We get to decide what's next. It truly is JUST THE BEGINNING!

Love and Light

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  • An inspirational thought, Morningstar, thank you for sharing it :)

    I have a few ideas about what might be coming for me personally, post 21st - but they're just ideas. I really don't know.

    But for the first time in ages, I am buzzing with excitement!

    Namaste x

  • if we dont start creating our own destiny till after solstice, that would crap on the fairy tale of law of attraction and manifestation.  you cant have the L&L commnity saying we create our own existance, and then say on the same breath that we dont start that until friday.

    end of time prophecies being fullfilled?  oh i see is that like everyone else for the last 2000 years who thought THEIR time was the "right" time iwth all the right sings etc, heck the whole jehovas witness religion is here because THEY believed the world would end, it didnt, they changed the date, still didnt end, on and on.

    you dont KNOw time is not linear anymore than anyone else, this is just a new age belief that is ever present and with no proofs, time may not be linear, for you to say you know when it isnt even testable right now is hubris.

    human history shaped by aliens? really? are you certain? were you there? do you KNOW? the answer is plainly, no you dont know more than anyone else, so again same problem, people saying somethin they read or believe is 100% true when it isnt somethin we could even test or find out.

    humans obviously are not ready to be galactic beings, we cant even stop madmen from killing children.

    perhaps there is nothing after the 21 because there i sno more? perhaps there is nothing then because god doesnt want you to see past now, there are as many possibilities for this as there are people on earth right now.

    you all will see next week for certain, although it matters not since the gurus and shills had started a year ago preparing messages and channelings by hinting that solstice i s now only a beginning and not the final end date where everything must change by.

    just 3 years ago all the talk was how there is a serious deadline coming, now that deadline has been transferred toa beginning. 

    if you step back and look at it from the outside it is easy to see.

    • Well said One and Preparer.  I believe this to be true and could not agree more. The backpedaling has already begun as the "pivotal" date approachs, the cover ones ass syndrome has set in lol....If there were not backpedaling all the erroneous chanelled materials and stauch believers of it would begin to look far less credible and we can't have that....Oh well such is life in 3D, there is always deceptions and backpedalings.    

    • Can't argue with anything you said One, sounds dead on to me.  And you are so right about 12.21.2012 being a serious deadline 3 years ago.  Hell even 2 years ago but now its "just the beginning".  This new age garbage has become downright comical.

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