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What do you think is happening with you and all of us as a collective?.. after 21st Dec 2012 ?

So, in your opinion, what happened on the Solstice, in terms of your own growth as a spiritual being and what do you feel is going on, on the planet right now as a collective?  .. since the 21st Dec and inwards ? .. in the present moment continuous, the eternal NOW.

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Thanks Custos .. I appreciate it .. and thank you for the video.. 

much Love to you sister always,


I really cant say that much happened to me other than extreme disapointment. I know the Galactics exist, I have seen them but am wondering if they are really going to help us or we completly on our own. If that is the case and the cabal is still running things, it will be a long time before we will see change and the suffering in the world will end. This makes me sad and wondering why. I know I am a starseed and have never really wanted to be here but the hope of the big shift and all the promises the channellers would have us believe were coming kept me going and waiting for the promises to become real. Now I think it was all pipe dreams and it appears we are not getting anything that was promised. I am going to have to pick myself up and get back into the life I thought we were leaving. I know we are surrounded by the spirit world I have also seen this. Maybe prayer to those around me can offer hope. I am grateful for all I have but am so sad for those with nothing but pain and sadness. Sorry I dont want to bring anyone down but just being honest.

Love and light to all

Thank you Lori, I do know they are around. I have seen them, I will try now to move on and see what happens. I still believe they will come to welcome us back into the family. Just have to keep my heart open. Thank you for your kindness and love. 

Hi Lori .. who is the eh.. babe .. with the golden wings ? .. I'm looking at her waist in proportion to her.. eh.. ..

sorry.. its a lovely picture of course :)

Lori .. I hope you recover your booty and boobies .. maybe you should paste a wanted sign and offer a reward..

Wanted .. the safe return of my booty and my boobies, stolen by a digital woman with no name and sporting a pair of golden wings .. .. last seen wearing white underwear in Luke Skywalkers thread .. lol ..

Hey orb seeker .. no worries.. we got this far.. 

I'm sure there are great things going on .. although I do understand how you feel .. 

we just have to press on.. and there must be someway that the Cabal will collapse.. it seems as though they have a cast iron grip on humanity .. it cannot go on forever .. 

I am just as frustrated with them and the fact that millions of people are still asleep and many people are still suffering ... 

its weird isn't it.. you feel you have thrown the towel in ages ago.. as far as letting go and letting God is concerned.. yet still here we all are .. and not much visible change apparently .. someone may try to correct me on that .. and say its not about visible change etc .. I know that .. but still.. it would be nice to SEE something happen in the world around us, like everyone awakened.. rather than just words on a screen .. 

oh well .. we just gotta keep our vibrations up .. and carry on .. 

Love to you..

oh .. and of course.. what is within us is what we create outside of us .. so I can SEE everyone awake .. well.. at least I am doing that much .. 

Dear Orb Seeker,

I am with you on all you said...but I feel a deep sorrow which I know is not good for my vibrational level.

My intuitions have let me down. I was sure that on the 21st we would be WHOMMMMMPED with a wave of galactic power. I was so excited to experience being whomped. I have had my life on hold so to speak, knowing that by Christmas we would all be awakened and life a completely new era of freedom. I keep speaking to the Galactic brethren asking them to visit me. Reading Steven Greer's book HIDDEN TRUTH, FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, has kept me grounded. He has suffered greatly to bring about disclosure and his story is very heroic and makes one appreciate him more than ever. A good holiday diversion.

I too have to pick myself up off the floor and get back to the tedious life I thought I was leaving as well.

don't worry some one will think of something else -some other kookie end of the world scenario

I had an amazing amazing breakthrough. Amazing amazing. That's all I'm gonna say :)  I am soooooooo ready to spend my time doing what I came here for :D

Great to hear somesayimnot ... 

much love to you and glad you are feeling good .. may it continue forever  :)

that's what my intention is...sometimes its easy to catch something...but so much harder to hold on!


And /I must say Luke....don't know you but I like you energy :)  Happy Transition!



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