So, in your opinion, what happened on the Solstice, in terms of your own growth as a spiritual being and what do you feel is going on, on the planet right now as a collective?  .. since the 21st Dec and inwards ? .. in the present moment continuous, the eternal NOW.

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  • for Lori .. the trouser snake ..


  • Hi folks, Hi tentinyturtles, if that date you say is correct, the disney movie, 'Herby', the car had the number 53 on it.

    peace love light

  • Lori .. just thinking.. I also feel that something big did happen on 21st Dec.. now I know it isnt visible and life seems as normal as every other day sinse that day.. whatever normal means, but considering it was the most anticipated date in human history then something happened alright .. but the hype leading up to it built up such an expectation in people, not me though.. that it is understandable to feel like a deflated ballon.. I can see how easy it is to think it was a big scam or a lie or a very big fake promise but I never expected anything .. although I admit I was curious but that was because it had been spoken about for 26 thousand years, at least by the Mayans.. and then all the hype, in books, documentries, videos, word of mouth passed down the generations all over the globe.. and we were all right in eye of it when that moment arrived and then passed..

    now is being curious the same as having an expectation? .. I dont think so .. I dont feel much different than I did before .. I was certainly not expecting an enormous light show to take place in the sky on that day.. and I was right not to expect anything .. because there was no light show.. no UFO .. no parting of the seas.. etc etc etc etc.. so .. whatever did happen was most certainly not visible.. at least not to me or you .. but I agree with you that something happened.. but its like my subconcious mind telling me to continue to be a believer .. like there are some invisible angels giving me the wink and saying that Im doing well and just hang in there .. at times though, I have to admit, your faith gets tested

    anyway.. all good.. just ranting .. lol ..

  • yeah well said indeed indigo .. I find I'm waiting for critical mass overflow ! .. its like waiting for paint to dry ...

  • Rise in vides and frequency of Planet Earth and all living entities
    • Damn right Krishna 

  • Lori .. I understand, but the moment of mourning for the loss of connection is sometimes a blessing .. because for me, I would rather not be near some folk.. I think, they don't deserve me .. LOLOL.. 

    but seriously, take for example, some of the folks in this website who have given you the bird, so to speak.. the Ones who have been rude to you or purpousfully tried to bring your energy down .. I say stuff em..  so there aint no sadness in me when it comes to missing out an opportunity to connect with a detractor.. water off a ducks back always..  and let em float away.. in life and in this website .. 

    as the old saying goes.. if its meant to be, it will be.. 

  • Hey Lori ... 

    its strange, people are strange.. that's for sure .. I was in cafe the other day paying for my coffee and the waitress was just standing there with a real serious look on her face.. a real expectant stance.. and so I payed for my cofee and as I was putting my jacket on to leave, I went over to her and offered her an extra 2euros as a tip, I handed her the money and I smiled and I said.. this is for you.. she just took the money from me and walked away without saying a word... she didn't smile, nothing .. it was as though she had no connection.. no heart connection to herself.. I thought.. what a rude bitch .. lol .. 

    but I have seen her there many times.. she looks like she has a bee in her bonnet ..

    In fact, I have always been nice to her.. but she blanks me every time.. 

    I have learned to stay real close to myself.. if that makes any sense.. you get a sense of people by experience.. or their energy should I say .. it would be ideal if everyone was nice and pleasant to one another.. but it just aint happening.. unfortunately.. 

    but when it does happen, it makes it all worth while.. the whole of our lives are spent trying to sort out the difficulties of getting along with each other .. when all the while, the answer is so simple.. 

    its easy to speak about it here .. but I bet tommorow will be just like any other day .. with everyone no really paying much attention to anyone else ..

    the Ascension ... it sure is a long, drawn out and very gradual process ..


  • love this ball Lori .. trying to figure out what the thing is inside it .. something to do with a bird, perhaps?

  • Hey Luke...and everybody...I hope everyone's having a good 2013 so far...even if it's only 3 days old lol

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