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Also posting the update version below. Nov 5, 2013.

Dear friends,

Thank you for your wholehearted response: we have received over 80 electronic applications which are currently being reviewed by our star friends. More applications are invited.


You are invited to visit human colonies in outer space. Currently there are 2 colonies on friendly extraterrestrial ships in our solar system and one colony on a remote planet housing are over 70 human volunteers. The ETs are primarily of friendly Yahyel and Erran races. These civilizations are of  “service to others” type and committed to helping humans.

They are not landing yet because they are waiting for our collective invitation and this invitation is slow to come. So they started developing the contact by inviting us to their ships. When our celebrities and elected officials volunteer and visit the colonies, the contact will enter the mainstream consciousness. Our long-lasting quarantine will be over. We will start developing diplomatic relationships with our galactic friends. Yahyel and Errans are in friendly relationship and coordination with Ashtar command.

Errans are very similar to humans. Their planet Erra is in Taygeta system in Pleiades. Their technologies are wonderful. Their ships and towns are alive. They can speak vocally and telepathically.  They speak human languages in the colony. Shorter Pleiadians could easily pass for tall humans. But most of their adults are about 8 feet. They look like beautiful tall humans.  

Yahyel are also similar to humans, but they look more alien because they have some of Grey DNA, on average 50%. They are different from the Greys in many ways and are eager to help us. They communicate telepathically but can easily vocalize using technological means. Both Yahyel and Pleiadians are kind and enlightened. They truly want to help us. Yahyel have been selected and authorized by positive galactic civilizations to be the first to establish open official contact with us. Developing the contact off planet allows them to start the dialogue in a friendly unintrusive way.

They established the human colonies and invite volunteers to apply. After you apply electronically, the aliens do preliminary background check and select only about 20% of applicants for in-person interviews. If you are selected, you will be interviewed by friendly-looking and friendly-minded Pleiadians in your fully conscious awake state. The interviews are done via a spiritual projection and are vibrant uplifting spiritual experiences. You will be asked to choose time and place from where you wish to be beamed up. Your commitment will be verified and you may change your mind or adjust the timing at any time. If you go, you will be absent physically from the ground only for 5-10 minutes and this will allow you to spend 2 weeks at one of the colonies. The alien technologies allow such manipulations with time. Currently all volunteers at the colonies are taking turns, no one stays longer than 2 weeks, but some visit often. By Nov 5, 2013 over 190 volunteers have visited the colonies. The colonies are located in our reality and in our dimension, but  the beaming up and down transportation uses transdimensional technology. It requires normal health and feels like going briefly through a void and feeling dizzy afterwards, at the extent similar to moderate alcohol dizziness. Upon the return, you will retain your memories and it is up to you whether you like to share your experiences.

The humans at the colonies are given to use some of alien gadgets, such as communicators and replicators. The quarters were designed by the Errans and Earthans to be spacey and comfortable.

Most needed at the colonies are people with telepathic talents since telepathy facilitates the contact. Families with talented children are welcome too. The questions about global issues are discussed in the colonies so people who are able to think globally, creatively and positively are also needed. You may outline your ideas in the application.  The colonies will grow and multiply, so many volunteers with different skills will be needed. You may outline your ideas what colonies could do and how you could help.

You can write an application in a free form and any length. Contrary to common beliefs Errans and Yahyel cannot read minds of humans, so please spell out what you want to say. You can always write again and update your application.  The review of the application starts few days after you submit it. You can provide your name, but you don’t have to.

The aliens don’t respond by email. If you haven’t been contacted, don’t worry, you may be contacted later.

To apply fill a web form at or send an email to

Join our discussion and watch our webinars at

See you in the sky!

The Ground Team

 “Tell them Tekkrr would want them to apply.” Tekkrr, the Lyran

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  • Yes, I totally agree with you Avatar....I tend to believe, especially from my own experiences with being abducted repeatedly and learning about them quite a bit, that humanity should be VERY cautious about whom we trust and give our power away to.  As the old saying goes..."all that glitters is NOT gold".  I am sure also that there are space kin that have good and loving intentions towards the humanity of earth...but I also know firsthand that there are also predators amongst us who feed on our emotions and bodily fluids as well and corrupt humans who think nothing of handing innocents over to them if they think it in any way benefits them...The Allies of Humanity information resonates with me very much actually.  I think humanity as a whole and especially members of the new age community seem to wear rose colored glasses and think that all off worlders are benevolent, and I know that to not be true...but nobody wants to think about that an offworlder may have an agenda and it may not be nice at all....

  • Sorry about the typo calling you travis, lol...I really should wear my glasses when I am reading on line...and also I am sorry for going on the defensive like I did...I see now much better what you are saying....and your explanation now makes a lot of sense to me....I feel silly now for downloading on you like I did...guess I am still too touchy when it comes to my experiences...I have been put down so much over the years.....I am glad you clarified for me because I totally misunderstood, Traxiss. Guess I proved my own point about not being a very trusting person, lol...defense mechanism on my part, having been betrayed all the way around in the past. I am beginning to realize that like any species there are good and there are self serving...I am just totally cautious till I can figure out what I am dealing with...I never assume that something in benevolent till I have much knowledge and time to figure it out...I never believe anything just on someone's say so, or from something I have read...Have to figure it out on my you say, you can feel energies and tell...

  • Thank you for your comment Travis....I missed it when you replied....I see merit in what you are saying and the only point I have to dispute you on is the part about abduction....I was abducted starting in my childhood by the grays and it continued most of my life until menopause, when thankfully it all stopped.  It colored my life with paranoia and total depression because it was against my will, and my body was assaulted and harmed and there was not dam thing that I could do to make the takings stop. People did not believe me mostly and I was shamed, ridiculed and shunned for the most part, except by my family who would find me missing and then reappear...for them it was a reality, and they lived in fear of being taken as well.  It started in the 1950s and went on till the 1990s.  I never really understood the process but the devastation to my life I understood.  So much confusion .....was it psyops or was it grays, I will never now for sure....All I do know was damage to my psyche, my reproductive parts, the paralyzing of my arm that I sustained when I tried once to get free and the spinal operations that I had to get the use of my arm back.  Those facts I know for sure....everything else is collateral damage.  So yes I have fears, and yes I admit it......But do not say to me that if they wanted to abduct me that would have....because they did again and again and again.....and don't tell me that I know nothing about what I am talking about when I talk about being leary of alien species and humans.  I was sold out by humans to the zeta grays, and physically harmed by them, or was it psyops or the grays...I will never know for sure even after years of hypnosis therapy, physical therapy and years and years for searching for answers that humans do not want you to find out.  I have every right to have reservations about aliens and humans and trusting.  Don't tell me I don't know anything about anything....You assume wrong....I am an intelligent enough person to have the good sense that God gave me to be cautious of situations when having been burned before...You call it foolish I call it learning from one's life circumstances and being careful not to put oneself in harms way....Perhaps if you have lived the life I had then your viewpoint would be different...I look at things differently....and there is nothing to be judging me about because your differences in your life experiences color your thoughts as much as my life's events have lead me to be wary and cautious.  I am happy that you have never experienced what I did, but don't judge me because I did, ok?

  • Mr. Ed

    I have got some specifics on GFL.

  • I have got some specifics on GFL.

  • My take on that is that Obama is just a president... I will ask though... I don't expect any revelations here, they usually refuse to comment on such hot topics.

  • deleted

  • i would be up for this but idk if this is for real or not if it is i would love to be apart of this

  • Thanks Mr. Ed, 

    I have followed Sheldan until about Dec 2012. I am familiar with his previous descriptions of fleets and this one is more detailed. From what I know from other sources and from my direct channeled contacts, some of this is true but numbers are greatly exaggerated. 

    This is not unusual, it is often that different channeled sources contradict each other. I wish to know more and have independent confirmation one way or another.

    Here I will copy my answer why to write emails:

    Why to write emails? Why can not they talk to us telepathically?

    I am talking to a Yahyel, a Pleiadian, a Blue and a Lyran via a channeler. They and their peers talk to each other telepathically but have real trouble reading human minds. They are able to talk to very few talented humans but the minds of over 99% of humans are inaccessible to them. They can read physiology, emotions, and health and they can talk to the human’s higher self but they can not speak to over 99% humans telepathically – neither remotely nor face to face. This is why the colonies are working primarily on development of telepathic abilities of volunteers. 


  • I am talking to a Yahyel, a Pleiadian, a blue and a Lyran. They and their peers talk to each other telepathically but they have real trouble reading human minds. They are able to talk to very few talented humans but the minds of over 99% of humans are inaccessible to them. They can read physiology, emotions, and health and they can talk to the human's higher self but they can not speak to over 99% humans telepathically - neither remotely nor face to face. This is why the colonies are working primarily on development of telepathy in humans.

This reply was deleted.

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