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Hi ,  I’m John a Photo realist painter.   Acrylic on plywood,--- the one in my living room with two bangle tigers is latex on drywall.  14x14 ft.  The rest arre on plywood as wood last longer than canvas.  The frame’s around the paintings are painted on the flat surface to look like 3d frames. The frame around the astronaut took me 3 week to paint and is also flat. 

All ACC member’s are welcome to join in to help create a museum of our combined talent, regardless of medium or craft, --- if its art.  Please show us your work. 

My web page with a small Bio.  http://ljwheat.home.mindspring.com/


Walt Disney World “Epcot Center”  4X6 sheet of plywood.


Crater lake “Northern Exposure”  4X6 sheet of plywood.


“An afternoon in India”   4X8 sheet of plywood.


“River boat in fall”   4X8 sheet of plywood.


“Door Gunner’s view”  4X6 sheet of plywood


“Old Grain mill” on the Erie Canal    4X8 sheet of plywood


“Moonscape”  4X4 sheet of plywood


“Neuschwanstein Castle“  4X6 ft. sheet of plywood


“Bangle tigers” 14 X 14 ft. on Drywall

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  • John, your artworks are actually fabulous....I know we have fallen out in the past, over various personal and trivial antagonisms, but I just wanted to say, keep up your great artworks...They are really good.....


    Yes it's me, that (and I quote) "upturned and  lighted toilet seat...." hehe...!! LOL ;-)


    Sorry about any previous conflicts we've had....Sorry about the frog comment....I try to put it all behind me now....Hope you can too...Anyway, I appologize to you and your family...


    My regards brother and I hope I can make it up with you, in some small way......


    BTW, my mind is mostly scientific, but I do have an English O-level, grade B, in art, so can't be all bad... :-)

    Cheers mate, Drekxy

    • Totally acceptable, I have learned to live in the moment, where i can practice neutrality and the art work that's been my passion for years.   It takes tremendous focus and peasants, months, 4 to 10 hours per day, gives room for meditation, and time seems to vanish. that to me is bliss.   No worry's M8.   John x

  • WANNA SEE MALCOLM ATTEMPT TO DO HENDRIX? Check out this video of me doing "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix, and try not to laugh too hard.

    Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=fY5pJ...

    • Nice If only you had a stage, lights and a little more room to really swing your self around, but the core of the jam you've got down perfect is this the only one you've done?     John X

      • Thanks John. I've been a guitar poser for 25 years now. When time permits and school lets out, I plan on doing some more video of Hendrix attempts, such as "Stone Free," "Foxey Lady," and "Machine Gun."  I also would like to do Robert Johnson's "Crossroads" per Eric Clapton and Cream; I have that one down pretty well.  The one song that I still want to do badly (and I simply do not have the chops for) is Chuck Berry's classic "Johnny B. Goode" done by Hendrix in May 1970 at Berkeley, California. This was the video that made me a Hendrix junkie, and I tried in crazy ways to  learn to play as a result of that performance (I used to get run out of guitar stores in the early 1970's because I would walk in and try out high-priced guitars and amplifiers (and learn how to play via use of their equipment) and not buy anything),

        Here's the video of Jimi Hendrix doing "Johnny B. Goode" in Berkeley that had a profound change on me with wanting to play guitar. And don't forget to check out the marijuana joint near the tuning knobs  of Hendrix's guitar (LOL). Click  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ss_rk... for video.

  • Here are some drawings of entities I have seen during astral projection.  I occasionally see the same ones over and over.  I use binaural rhythms for background music for relaxation, and the crystals of amethyst, moldavite, quartz, san benitoite, neptunite, and turquiose for assistance.






    • Have you spoken to them, when you encounter these beings?  very interesting in deed.      John x

      • Never outright spoken to any of them.  It was weird; communication was sort of a vibration thing involving color and intensity of colors.  I get the same communications vibrations from people; I remember once a very attractive young woman that I was hitting on after a long college class, and I was seeing and feeling vibrations of red color (which usually indicates anger).  I said goodbye, and she practically ran to the bathroom.  She didn't want to talk with anyone at that time; she needed to use the rest room and badly at that. 

  • C_nebula.jpgA watercolor-nebula painting of my fiancee, Kira :)

    C_Floating_Being.jpgA photopshop painting i did some some month ago


    This is a video on our YT-channel of me trying a cel-shading technique in photoshop.

    There is so much more but if I post every artwork it would take way too much time haha

    For those who are interested in more, I would kindly ask you to visit our facebook page

    and our homepage http://spiritiscolorful.com/ :)

    We are starting a business on art and we need all help and support we can get ^__^
    So if you like our facebook page, subscribe to our yt-channel this would mean a lot to us :)


    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • Kira,  WOW  Very nice presentation,  the hard work shows, and the passion how many hours do you spend doing these grate peaces of art...   I'm impressed   John x 

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