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Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

This morning when Shel and I were chatting about what we had planned for the day, one of Sheldan's guides, Amatura, came in with a message he wanted to share with you today. Needless to say, Shel and I were thrilled to receive this message.

"Keep your eyes to the sky. The GF is commencing a program entitled "no doubt about it sightings". It is nice to see lights in the sky, however it is time to unveil our ships in greater numbers. People who witness these sightings will be able to draw the craft or take pictures with their smartphones to share with the world. Much is to unfold in the coming months leading to full disclosure. You can count on it."

WhooHoo! I'm so excited. We will see what Patricia Cori has to add to this message during Sunday's webinar. Join us.

Selamat Ja!


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The Galactic New Year is just around the corner, on July 26, I believe.  
Selamat Ja, folks, be in joy! :)

Galactic Greetings: How to say hello in 6 galactic languages:
Lyran: Shama'an - Pronunciation: shah-mah-aahn
Centaurian: Zamaya - Pronunciation: zah-maah-yah
Pleiadian: Shala'am - Pronunciation: shah-lah-aahm
Sirian: Selamat Ja - Pronunciation: seh-lah-maht  djaah
Herculean: Selama'at Jara - Pronunciation: seh-lah-mah-aht  djah-rah
Andromedan: Acharaya - Pronunciation: ah-chah-rah-yah 

this is great ET Hugger, thank you :)

You're welcome :) 

Here you can find a Galactic Dictionary

you can read about the Ag Arthans as well :) 

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Treaty" -- July 23, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The US Army recently revealed details about an ongoing classified military operation in D.C.

Rumors suggest this military operation is a cover for preparations to initiate mass arrests.

In addition, photos of GITMO were recently published.

Meanwhile on the economic front, President Trump stated that he is "looking at Zimbabwe".

Deutsche Bank (DB) is melting down and continues to progress toward an implosion.

The implosion of DB is expected to trigger a stock market crash and quicken the dismantlement of the fiat financial system.

Also, Iran plans to launch a gold-backed cryptocurrency.

After the Quantum Financial System (QFS) officially replaces the fiat financial system and all countries undergo GESARA compliance reforms; all currencies will become digital and will eventually be phased out as advanced self-sustaining technologies are released.

However, there will still be a digital credit system to purchase things such as property and other miscellaneous things.

Trump's Space Force was created in order acquire classified technologies from secret government programs for future public disclosure.

The QFS has secretly been in operation for 2 months, connected to 193 countries.

A Flat Tax Law is expected to be enacted in the near future which will abolish the IRS.

Meanwhile, the return of the gold-standard will abolish the Federal Reserve.

According to source(s), the RV launched as of this midnight 00:00 AM for 26 core groups.

The launch is scheduled in the only time window compatible with 4 RV-zones: Reno, London, Zurich and Hong Kong.

T4a will be fully liquid from now until July 26th.

There have been no delays, the RV was waiting for the document on the new International Tax Treaty.

This document was signed behind closed doors by the member countries of the G20 in Japan; supplemented by the signature of the other countries 2 days later, sent to the International Court of the Hague for ratification, and returned to two treasuries (USA and China).

This treaty kicks off the implementation of GESARA in 193 compliant countries.

T4b will have to wait a little longer.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Radical" -- July 24, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

A new international tax treaty has been ratified which means all countries must now conform to GESARA compliance.

The purpose of the RV and the implementation of the QFS (Quantum Financial System) is to transition to a fair global economy and a GESARA compliant world.

Boris Johnson has been named the new Prime Minister of the UK which means Brexit is now imminent.

The UK will begin GESARA compliant reforms post-Brexit.

Jeffrey Epstein's case is the linchpin to expose high profile Cabalists involved in human trafficking.

Meanwhile, the US Treasury is in the process of issuing a new gold-standard currency.

The first gold-backed $20 bill is currently in the works.

The emerging scandal in Iraq is expected to trigger the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar.

The fiat financial system is expected to end and be replaced by the QFS in mid-August.

All Central Banks are being forced to align with the QFS.

The implementation of the QFS will reset all countries economically which also result in debt forgiveness and the elimination of poverty.

Radical change is imminent.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Completion" -- July 27, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The reinstatement of Federal executions by the Department of Justice is in preparation for the upcoming criminal charges of various high profile individuals.

Deep State Cabalists who participated in Satanic Rituals that involved human sacrifice will now be given the death penalty.

The RV began as of midnight on July 22 for core groups and T4A.

T4A is now fully liquid as of yesterday, July 26.

T4B is expected to be processed by the end of the month.

The bank(s) chosen by the Earth Alliance to process currency redeemers have been given notice that the private currency redemption event is now imminent.

Instructions will be published once the green light is given for T4B.

Redemption funds will be withheld until the Quantum Financial System is implemented.

The QFS will be implemented by mid-August after the completion of the private currency redemption event.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Launched" -- July 29, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

DECLAS is being prepared to occur as the death penalty was timely reinstated while both the Epstein case and Mueller charade continues.

Most sources are currently remaining silent in regards to the RV.

The private currency redemption phase is expected to begin by the end of the month as the RV was launched on July 22nd.

Meanwhile, the deadline for Zimbabwe to launch a new currency is on August 1st.

The QFS (Quantum Financial System) is expected to be implemented by mid-August.

The restoration of the Republic (of the united States of America) is expected to be completed by September.

Been waiting for the RV and currency reset for 15 FRICKEN YEARS. Where is it. Are these dark ones so unscrupulous, they can't be taken out, even though they number in not even the thousands. Just whenever the silly humans decide to get off their a**** and get this thing done, I'll be as jolly as a rancher lol

declas tomorrow. be ready to expand consciousness in the belated crop of golden humanity. be in unison for a greater harvest of physical angels [solar.] wwg1wga

thank you drekx

when will we be abel to visit the GFL ships?


post-polarization phase, 6-months into g.e.s.a.r.a. lighted governance of the nations [sovereign beings.] prosperity for all humans, a pre-cursor.

really hope they are not gonna drag this out till near or after the 2020 election like some are saying we got almost everything we need to end the cabal not gonna lie the waiting for the cabal to be gone is taking its toll on me ive been wanting to leave this planet and not come back till all this is over alot as of late it sucks down here right now nesara/gesara is needed badly right now and it would be nice to finally reunite with our galactic families



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