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Being in the position of “channeler” cannot always be the easiest task. Yes, the messages and inspiration from spirit and all of the entities who assist are wonderful to receive but the role it requires can garner one much more attention and potential difficulty than one would perhaps expect.


Of course, I’m not trying to discourage anybody who wants to become a channeler but at the same time, I’d want them to know what they are signing up for. Channeling can be the greatest role to fulfill and at times, the most difficult.


We can all open up and begin to receive the messages and inspiration from spirit; from the Galactics, the Ascended Masters or maybe even the entire Ascended Collective as a whole. We all have the ability to find this connection and at times, I worry that some may not be fashioning it. I worry about this because of the volume of widespread exposure and focus every channeled message is given.


At times, it is as if some wish to put channelers up on a pedestal that, speaking for myself at least, we do not tend to enjoy being on. I should state that I have no idea when the Galactics will make themselves known, when the Ascended Masters will be offering their assistance, or when the Company of Heaven will finally get matters off the ground.


I rely simply on the messages I’m being given (information-wise), and I’m waiting just like the rest of you for a significant development that will at least help to begin validating what some still seem to need validated.


Personally, I don’t need the validation that everything we’re working toward is real; my multiple UFO sightings (as well as being able to telepathically interact with the ships and their crews) and a plethora of other experiences have shown me that this ascension is every bit as real as the sources helping us to bring it about.


Something I’m beginning to learn, however, is that they want us to do the work ourselves. They want us to turn inward and find their messages for ourselves. They want us to recognize the condition our world is in and begin to change it. They do not want us to look solely toward them, those who have found a connection with them, or anybody else but ourselves and each other – and by that I mean all of us.


They want us Lightworkers to begin introducing and initiating in any ways we can, peace and collective prosperity on this world. You may be reading this and thinking – how in the world can I possibly do that? I’m only one person facing a world of people who don’t want change….


Stop right there. You’re holding yourself back. Do you feel it?


Yes, it could seem pertinent to follow a channel or spiritual writer with all of oneself but truly, we are not supposed to. We can begin addressing the “unworkability” of this world as it has been called, together as a sentient Lightworker collective. Eventually, the rest of humanity will begin to catch on and from what we’ve heard about the increasing energy levels this year; it seems that they could catch on quite quickly.


Whether they do or not, this is our work to be done and our world to repair. As I’ve said in the past, I do think that some people’s focus should be changed from solely relying on outside sources and updates about where this world is headed, to turning within and finding such sources for oneself as well as beginning to work ourselves to repair this world, as we know we can.


Watching the negativity continue to be expressed surrounding the 21st, it is disheartening to know that so many people did not feel what I was able to. I also see the focus of some people and note what they expected to occur on the 21st, and it too is disheartening because truly, so very much happened and so many people felt this, but those who expected much more than was delivered have certainly expressed themselves and their disappointment.


Everything is being questioned at present and again, it is not quite easy to be a channeler or to have to answer for souls who I have indeed devoted myself to assisting and serving, but whose perspective I simply do not have.


We can ignore for the moment, the fact that there is a dedicated group of detractors who will take anything they can and use it to discredit or smear me or others in a similar position as me.


Recently, there was a person telling people I use drugs to channel and that I channel fake entities because of it. Something I write in this article that could be seen as offensive or unacceptable in any way, could be pounced on by five people if I post it on the right website. The same goes with the messages coming through me but again, we can ignore this for a moment.


If just one fellow awakening person who has not fashioned their inner-connection has had enough with predictions and discussions of a glorious New Age they have not yet felt, I or someone channeling similar entities to me will hear about it.


Of course, I am happy to assist anyone who may be struggling but the problem is that some naturally assume because of my position as a channeler, that I have some kind of esoteric knowledge or heightened perspective that I do not express regularly in my writings or that my sources do not express in theirs.


My perspective is the same as yours from an Earthly standpoint; it is simply that I have attuned within to the messages of spirit, the same messages they will give you if you attune to them, and utilized such messages to help benefit fellow travelers. I have also recently discovered one of the most important facets of my mission here at this time which is namely, to assist and motivate.


Undergoing this role of helping the Earth to evolve entails naturally taking on the Earth’s densities. I face so many things about this world on a day to day basis that I know simply cannot survive in the higher vibrations and, like you, I have previously allowed myself to accept the density manufactured on this world and I still continue to deal with situations and people that are rooted in the very density we’re all ready to get away from.


I’m a person, just like you are. However, I do understand and accept that my role requires a bit more attention (someone will attack me for saying that) but it is simply that I cannot provide all of the answers, nor can I turn toward the sources coming through me to. We must find the answers and begin working to repair this world, and I will still be here to help and offer the messages coming through me, because so many of you have told me how helpful they are and I simply cannot ignore the call to serve.


If we see no manifestations and 2013 begins to draw to a close with nothing unique having been gained, I will refocus my goal and continue to work to repair this world in whatever ways are pertinent to do so.


Having been given the validations I have however, I know that this is all real and I will continue to remain dedicated to it, in the face of possibly being put up on a pedestal and of course, in the face of continued detraction, disbelief and sheer lies being spread about me. I’ve already allowed my name to be dragged through the mud before, and will continue to happily fulfill this role.


My only hopes are that the awakening collective realizes the need to turn more fully within rather than rely on a few fixed sources to deliver their spirituality to them, and that of course, the vibrations continue to lighten and we all begin to experience our wonderful New Earth.


At present, I’m seeing disappointment and for some, a loss of faith in the Galactics or other channeled sources because of brazen manifestations that have not yet come to pass. I honestly think we should not blame the Galactics or anyone else for this but ourselves. There is so much we can do and yet, we are not doing it. Do you see the problem?


I may try to take that break after all but really, I’m not sure. This may just be my vantage point and I hope it is, but the Lightworker energy at present just seems too difficult to move around in. The disbelief, disappointment and loss of faith is a bit overwhelming for someone who has experienced plentiful amazing things since this New Year began, and I hope to see the Lightworker public recalibrated and re-motivated so very soon.


Wes Annac – Expressing how I feel while others experience difficulty

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  • I enjoyed your essay. Much truth in it that I recognize and I agree with everything.

  • hey man keep the messages up

  • hey buddy i have not been on for a while thanks for sharing and sharing is caring keep it up buddy, i see ufo's almost nearly every night of my life since 2006, i don't care what others negatively think about me as mum says as long as it is true. I wish i could hug her one more time, but she passed on in november 2011, but hey thats life.

    I would like to know how to contact my buddies from up above but the clue is almost hard to get anyhow the only thing i see at night is one where the whole night sky in melbourne australia lights up like a brilliant light but it does it for about one to two seconds then it dissolves.

    I wonder what that is.

    I been seeing this phenomenon since i noticed it in 2006 onwards, plus even though i do not see the fairies since 2008 i have been hearing them fly pass my ear drums no matter what house i sit out the backyard in at night well after dark.

    I have been caring for the plant kingdom and caring for my friends dog, with lots of love and affection, been learning music on guitar, a hobby i took up on september 2012.

    Been wondering how the 21st might play out of december 2012 i guess the show is going to happen someday soon i hope.

    Keep channelling messages it is a gift i was suppose to adopt but i have not got a clue how to do this in time god said it will happen. Boredom i face because it is the when i want to know not would it happen.

    Patience and all will be well i guess.

    Peace out.

  • This is a topic that is always difficult to quantify in 3 dimensional terms.

    What AM I meant to do.

    We live on a planet that for time immemorial has relied on taking physical action to create and manifest.

    And this paradigm of action has created a number of problems.

    Problems  that we are now trying to solve by taking similar physical action.

    And it doesn't work

    You cannot solve a problem at the same logical level that it was created.

    So what do we do? How do we solve the problems facing the planet.

    What we do is we be light.

    We focus our efforts on raising our vibration so that we may claim our mastery.

    And find solutions of a quantum and metaphysical nature.

    Action of this nature requires faith.

    Because you don't have the immediacy of results that you are used to.

    In collectively channeling more light we empower Gaia to to start implementing the in built, self healing mechanisms that she has. 

    Let's not be so naive as to think that Gaia cannot look after herself.

    She has been looking after us. By not initiating the cataclysms that would cleanse her of the problems that exist on her surface.

    By channeling more light we help her to herself. 

    And as a result she is better able to look after us.

    Mankind is on the cusp of understanding the power of magnetics.

    And it is magnetics that will allow mankind to actively assist in the repair the damage that they have caused.

    For now however, as light workers, the best we can do is have faith in the process. 

    And continue to work the light.

  • peas on earth, energy should shift......................................


  • Thank you, Wes, for sharing your perspective.  I'm working on my telepathy (with some help lol) and I know it is like listening to a bunch of radio stations at the same time and trying to pick the right frequency or channel to tune into.  I have a lot of mind chatter, lol, never ends it seems.  Energetically, most of us felt the volcano of light that was Dec 21 but we are still absorbing it and the changes can't happen all at once or we would probably unbalance, so it comes in as we make room for it so to speak. 

    You are totally correct that the galactics want us to make our own choices and to live by them, they support us by empowering us.  The Hierarchy operates the same way, the stretching we have to do to grow and learn is for a reason.  It's up to us to make the changes on earth and we do that by accepting our responsibilities to this planet and each other.  If one of us suffers we all do, give to each other and support each other unconditionally, you'll find the fountain of love in your heart is boundless. 

    Sending diamond light to you, Wes, happy new year and god bless :-)

    • I could not agree with you more Kelly. This is our sacred job as Lightworkers and as citizens of this planet; to take the responsibility and the privledge of uplifting it and bringing it into the Light. Our positive vibrations will radiate our New Earth to us, and we must be willing and open to do the work if we wish to see it done.


      Many thanks and Much Love!


      Wes :)

  • Thank you so much, dearest friend! Your comment means very much to me. :) :) :)


    Indeed, some are still reacting to and feeding the old energy and that's ok, for we will all find these wonderful vibrations and in doing so, we will see the silliness of our former squabbles on this lower dimensional Earth.


    Life is to become increasingly wonderful and for many of us, it already has! :)


    Much Love friend,


    Wes :)

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