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Sheldon, Salusa, many are just re-writing from 29,000 years ago, that still has not happend yet...... and you today think its new and ready to happen// think again ,, its a eternal loop.

Houston Anthropologist Reveals Irrefutable Proof that Recorded History Is Wrong

Tuesday 19th November 2013 at 09:39 By David Icke

‘Houston anthropologist, Dr. Semir Osmanagich, founder of the Bosnian
Archaeology Park, the most active archaeology site in the world, declares that
irrefutable scientific evidence exists of ancient civilizations with advanced
technology that leaves us no choice but to change our recorded history. An
examination of the age of structures across the earth reveals conclusively that they
were built by advanced civilizations from over 29,000 years ago.

“Acknowledging that we are witness to fundamental proof of advanced civilizations
dating back over 29,000 years and an examination of their societal structures
forces the World to reconsider its understanding of the development of civilization
and history,” explains Dr. Semir Osmanagich. “Conclusive data at the Bosnian
Pyramid site revealed in 2008 and confirmed this year by several independent labs
who conducted radio carbon testing dates the site at 29,400 +/-400 years

Read more: Houston Anthropologist Reveals Irrefutable Proof that Recorded History Is Wrong



The Emerald Tablets of Thoth


TABLET 11 below if you want to follow, what they are reading...

Hear ye and list ye, O children of Khem,
to the words that I give that shall bring ye to the Light.
Ye know, O men, that I knew your fathers,
aye, your fathers in a time long ago.
Deathless have I been through all the ages,
living among ye since your knowledge began.

Leading ye upward to the Light of the Great Soul
have I ever striven,
drawing ye from out of the darkness of night.

Know ye, O people amongst whom I walk,
that I, Thoth, have all of the knowledge
and all of the wisdom known, to man since the ancient days.
Keeper have I been of the secrets of the great race,
holder of the key that leads into life.
Bringer up have I been to ye, O my children,
even from the darkness of the Ancient of Days.
List ye now to the words of my wisdom.
List ye now to the message I bring.
Hear ye now the words I give thee, and
ye shall be raised from the darkness to Light.

Far in the past, when first I came to thee,
found I thee in caves of rocks.
Lifted I thee by my power and wisdom
until thou didst shine as men among men.
Aye, found I thee without any knowing.
Only a little were ye raised beyond beasts.
Fanned I ever the spark of thy consciousness
until at last ye flamed as men.

Now shall I speak to thee knowledge ancient
beyond the thought of thy race.
Know ye that we of the Great Race
had and have knowledge that is more than man's.
Wisdom we gained from the star-born races,
wisdom and knowledge far beyond man.
Down to us had descended the masters of wisdom
as far beyond us as I am from thee.
List ye now while I give ye wisdom.
Use it and free thou shalt be.

Know ye that in the pyramid I builded are the Keys
that shall show ye the Way into life.
Aye, draw ye a line from the great image I builded,
to the apex of the pyramid, built as a gateway.
Draw ye another opposite in the same angle and direction.
Dig ye and find that which I have hidden.
There shall ye find the underground entrance to
the secrets hidden before ye were men.

Tell ye I now of the mystery of cycles
that move in movements that are strange to the finite,
for infinite are they beyond knowledge of man.
Know ye that there are nine of the cycles;
aye, nine above and fourteen below,
moving in harmony to the place of joining
that shall exist in the future of time.
Know ye that the Lords of the Cycles
are units of consciousness sent from the others to unify
This with the All.
Highest are They of the consciousness
of all the Cycles, working in harmony with the Law.
Know They that in time all will be perfected,
having none above and none below, but all One
in a perfected Infinity, a harmony of all in the Oneness of All.

Deep neath the Earth surface in the Halls of Amenti
sit the Seven, the Lords of the Cycles,
aye, and another, the Lord from below.
Yet know thee that in Infinity there is
neither above nor below.
But ever there is and ever shall be
Oneness of All when all is complete.
Oft have I stood before the Lords of the All.
Oft at the fount of their wisdom have drunken and
filled both my body and Soul with their Light.

Spake they to me and told me of cycles
and the Law that gives them the means to exist.
Aye, spake to me the Lord of the Nine saying:
O, Thoth, great are ye among Earth children,
but mysteries exist of which ye know not.
Ye know that ye came from a space-time below
this and know ye shall travel to a space-time beyond.
But little ye know of the mysteries within them,
little ye know of the wisdom beyond. Know ye that
ye as a whole in this consciousness
are only a cell in the process of growth.

The consciousness below thee is ever-expanding
in different ways from those known to thee.
Aye, it, though in space-time below thee,
is ever growing in ways that are different from
those that were part of the ways of thine own.
For know that it grows as a result of thy growth
but not in the same way that thou didst grow.
The growth that thou had and have in the present
have brought into being a cause and effect.
No consciousness follows the path of those before it,
else all would be repetition and vain.
Each consciousness in the cycle it exists in
follows its own path to the ultimate goal.
Each plays its part in the Plan of the Cosmos.
Each plays its part in the ultimate end.
The farther the cycle, the greater its
knowledge and ability to blend the Law of the whole.

Know ye, that ye in the cycles below us
are working the minor parts of the Law,
while we of the cycle that extends to Infinity
take of the striving and build greater Law.

Each has his own part to play in the cycles.
Each has his work to complete in his way.
The cycle below thee is yet not below thee
but only formed for a need that exists.
For know ye that the fountain of wisdom
that sends forth the cycles is eternally
seeking new powers to gain.
Ye know that knowledge is gained only by practice,
and wisdom comes forth only from knowledge,
and thus are the cycles created by Law.
Means are they for the gaining of knowledge
for the Plane of Law that is the Source of the All.

The cycle below is not truly below but only
different in space and in time.
The consciousness there is working and
testing lesser things than those ye are.
And know, just as ye are working on greater,
so above ye are those who are also working
as ye are on yet other laws.
The difference that exists between the cycles
is only in ability to work with the Law.
We, who have being in cycles beyond thee,
are those who first came forth from the
Source and have in the passage through
time-space gained ability to use
Laws of the Greater that are far beyond
the conception of man.
Nothing there is that is really below thee
but only a different operation of Law.

Look thee above or look thee below,
the same shall ye find.
For all is but part of the Oneness
that is at the Source of the Law.
The consciousness below thee is
part thine own as we are a part of thine.

Ye, as a child had not the knowledge
that came to ye when ye became a man.
Compare ye the cycles to man in his journey
from birth unto death,
and see in the cycle below thee the child
with the knowledge he has;
and see ye yourself as the child grown older,
advancing in knowledge as time passes on.
See ye, We, also, the child grown to manhood
with the knowledge and wisdom that came
with the years.
So also, O Thoth, are the cycles of consciousness,
children in different stages of growth,
yet all from the one Source, the Wisdom,
and all to the Wisdom returning again.

Ceased then He from speaking and sat
in the silence that comes to the Lords.
Then again spake He unto me, saying:
Oh Thoth, long have We sat in Amenti,
guarding the flame of life in the Halls.
Yet know, we are still part of our
Cycles with our Vision reaching unto them and beyond.
Aye, know we that of all,
nothing else matters excepting the growth
we can gain with our Soul.
Know we the flesh is fleeting.
The things men count great are nothing to us.
The things we seek are not of the body
but are only the perfected state of the Soul.
When ye as men can learn that nothing but
progress of Soul can count in the end,
then truly ye are free from all bondage,
free to work in a harmony of Law.

Know, O man, ye should aim at perfection,
for only thus can ye attain to the goal.
Though ye should know that nothing is perfect,
yet it should be thy aim and thy goal.
Ceased again the voice of the Nine,
and into my consciousness the words had sunk.
Now, seek I ever more wisdom
that I may be perfect in Law with the All.

Soon go I down to the Halls of Amenti
to live beneath the cold flower of life.
Ye whom I have taught shall nevermore see me.
Yet live I forever in the wisdom I taught.

All that man is is because of his wisdom.
All that he shall be is the result of his cause.

List ye, now to my voice and become
greater than common man.
Lift thine eyes upward,
let Light fill thy being,
be thou ever Children of Light.
Only by effort shall ye grow upward to
the plane where Light is the All of the All.
Be ye the master of all that surrounds thee.
Never be mastered by the effects of thy life.
Create then ever more perfect causes
and in time shalt thou be a Sun of the Light

Free, let thine soul soar ever upward,
free from the bondage and fetters of night.
Lift thine eyes to the Sun in the sky-space.
For thee, let it be a symbol of life.
Know that thou art the Greater Light,
perfect in thine own sphere,
when thou art free.
Look not ever into the blackness.
Lift up thine eyes to the space above.
Free let thine Light flame upward
and shalt thou be a Child of the Light.

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Here in lies the smoking gun, that almost 30,000 years later, we are yet-- still listening to prophets, voyeurs in thoughts long past.    Yet nothing happens,, nothing.  Wake up your life is short,-----

the spirit in this avatar, is not of this world, eternal yet the world holds your entire attention to what is of this world.  Look for what is not of this world, and enlightenment is the term the world uses to keep us all enslaved to this world of smoke and mirror. 

Spirit is not of this or any world definition.    Wizard of Oz  is all that has ever been shown in this world.. Look behind the Curtin’s of this world, for what is not.  And it will set you free from this world of deceptions.   You are in this world but not of it.  This is what sets you free.  Not the truths of this world that We are not of…………

There all one John.. It's called time travel or time healing if you will. -Tiamacious

I agree with you Peekay.  I used to get angry and now I laugh and move on too....Got tired of slamming my head against immovable objects and opinions.

changes are happening for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.... 
i'm seeing many changes just here in iran, let alone the core of the darkness,(cia, vatican, pentagon..) can't u really see the conflict between the white house and israel these days? cant u really see more media are performing more freely, (like RT, PRESSTV, ALALAM), and other changes.... i wonder you as a lightworker saying "nothing has happened yet". it's right that we shouldn't be so dependent on channelings and stuff and do nothing about it and be just in "waiting mode",  if you are trying to wake them to the spirit of beingness, to make them understand the meaning of "moment",  that's not the way mate. that's mere manipulation, though you may not have this intention in the heart....

The great author Graham Hancock discusses the ancient site of Gobekli Tepe and
ancient Egypt with Joe Rogan. From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #360

From top article....

Gobekli Tepe in Eastern Turkey

Results clearly indicate that similar advanced civilizations of humans were present
all across the globe at that time in history. For example, Gobekli Tepe located in
Eastern Turkey, is a vast complex of enormous megalithic stone circles with a
radius of between 10 and 20 meters, much larger than the well-known Stonehenge
in Great Britain. Excavations at Gobekli Tepe that began there in 1995 revealed
radio carbon dating at least 11,600 years. German archaeologist Dr. Klaus Schmidt
from the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, Germany, with the support of
ArchaeoNova Institute from Heidelberg, Germany, has led the excavation of these
recently-discovered pre-historic megalithic circles at the Turkey location.

“Gobekli Tepe is one of the most fascinating Neolithic locations in the world,” Dr.
Klaus Schmidt claims. But as he explains in a recent report, to understand the new
finds, archaeologists need to work closely with specialists in comparative religion,
architectural and art theory, cognitive and evolutionary psychology, sociologists
using social network theory, and others.

“It is the complex story of the earliest, large settled communities, their extensive
networking, and their communal understanding of their world, perhaps even the
first organized religions and their symbolic representations of the cosmos,” as
reported by Klaus Schmidt.
In addition to the megalithic structures, figures and carvings have been discovered,
depicting animals of pre historic nature such as dinosaurs and other wild life. Since
excavations started in 1995, four of the circles have been partially cleaned, but it is
thought that there are a total of up to 50 circles hidden underground. These vast
monoliths, soaring seven meters in height and 25 tons in mass at Gobekli Tepe, are
situated right in the heart of what we perceive as the origin of civilization. This find
offers new guidance to the true history of earth and our ancient civilizations.

“Our archaeological research goal is not to simply uncover all of the megalithic
circles but to try to figure out their purpose,” adds Schmidt.

Just like the song..."When I think back of all the CRAP I learned in high school..."  - Cronachrome

I remember that song...used to sing it all the time...very appropriate!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you John for this post and all your comments. "If I were God and I AM, I would have said the same exact message." We are All Everything, Everywhere present at all times, past, present and future.

Much love to All God/Goddess on Mother Gaia right NOW!

Love & Hugs

~Alveta of light~



Know we the flesh is fleeting. 
The things men count great are nothing to us. 
The things we seek are not of the body 
but are only the perfected state of the Soul. 
When ye as men can learn that nothing but 
progress of Soul can count in the end, 
then truly ye are free from all bondage, 
free to work in a harmony of Law.

Know, O man, ye should aim at perfection, 
for only thus can ye attain to the goal. 
Though ye should know that nothing is perfect, 
yet it should be thy aim and thy goal.

Love this.



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