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What a hectic 3 weeks I have endured. Yes it was 3 weeks ago (Saturday 4am, 10-6-18) that I had to rush Sheldan to the emergency room because once again he was attacked by a DEWeapon. Then again to the ER a week later. This started a new chapter of dealing with the dysfunctional medical system. Thank goodness for the many diagnostics and life saving procedures they do offer. However, the paperwork is tedious and getting appointments for follow-up care is a nightmare. And, as we all know, the pharmaceutical practices are just plain wrong. Yes, some of the pharmaceuticals are helpful but the practice of simply ordering one drug after another is not helpful or healthy. There's my rant on that.

I want to balance it with the gratitude I have for the 911 system. EMTs were at our home within 6 minutes. Amazing. The care Sheldan received was swift and good. Unfortunately, Sheldan does not do well in the hospital. He has what the nurses refer to as "sun-down syndrome". In the hospital he can't sleep at night and becomes agitated. It is no picnic for the night nurses either. He begs them to call me all night long. However, the day time nurses Loved him. Thank goodness he only stayed in the hospital 5 days this time. Once he was home he slept like a baby so he could heal.

Sheldan is bouncing back physically to almost where he was before this latest attack. It is his neurological system that needs time to heal. We still have a few hurdles to conquer and Victorious we will be. One reason Sheldan is recovering so quickly is because of the Love and healing energies all of you have showered him with (and me). With grateful hearts, we thank you. Our galactic community is awesome. ZaZuMa!

The good news is Sheldan qualified for more therapies. When the nurse, occupational therapist, physical therapist and speech/cognitive therapist came to visit, none of them could believe it was the same person they read about in his file. We had to laugh. Like I said he doesn't do well in the hospital. He doesn't qualify for very many visits with the therapists but each time he meets with a therapist, I learn more techniques on how to help him. All the therapists deem me an honorary therapist because I come up with ways to help Sheldan that they never thought of.

PAO will not be posting an update this week. Perhaps our next update will be in November but I simply don't know yet. Keep your loving, healing energies coming our way. Your generosity has also helped us in ways I cannot articulate. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Miles and I appreciate your participation in our monthly webinars as well. We are committed to continue offering informative and inspiring webinars as we introduce gifted PAO members.

I'm in the process of writing about the miracles and twists and turns that we experienced during Sheldan's stay in the hospital. Many of you have asked for more details and I'm finding it cathartic to recount the many blessings we encountered during the past three weeks. More to come....

Selamat Ja!

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tell sheldin i got that loud if he wants to heal quick



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