I am not surprised about the strong responses I got by daring to say Obama is Jesus Christ reincarnated. Although I don’t think it is a big deal but apparently many does. So I realised two things: first, some do not understand how creation works; second, some have not truly claimed their divinity.

To understand reincarnation, it is important to first understand Creation.  Creation is about consciousness and its manifestation. It would be more helpful to do some research on quantum physics than lost in religion myth. When I say Obama is Jesus reincarnated, it is from a 3D point of view. In truth, all the lifetimes of that soul in this cycle are simultaneous exist in different time/space realities in the moment of NOW from a higher perspective.

From 3D point of view, people often imagine that perhaps a soul looks like a ball of light and it gets into one body and then it comes out and gets into another one in a time sequence. Therefore you have re-incarnation. And Jesus’ soul would either get into another body or go back to heaven and reunited with his father as religion story tells.

However, from a higher perspective, souls do not incarnate all its energy/essence to a body. There is only a portion being projected into the physical even for a less evolved human soul.  Jesus’ soul is from a higher dimension. To understand the contrast of different level of frequencies and intensity of consciousness between different dimensions, we just need to compare knife and stick with nuclear power. It is impossible to incarnate that soul (or any soul) completely into a 3D body. It would be like plug your home appliance directly to the high voltage power socket. Souls send portions of their energies into different personality selves in different time/space realities and all of these personality selves connect with the higher part of the soul self.

 To be more visual, you can image that a power socket supplies electricity to a number of light bulbs simultaneously. They are all connected although the light bulbs (the 3d personality self called Jesus, Obama and others, sorry using this example again, but you get the picture) may not consciously aware of this connection. And because they are all connected and as one soul, you can say the soul who “was” Jesus is also Obama (or say Abraham Lincoln if you feel more comfortable with him) and call it “re-incarnation” from 3D point of view. Given the light frequency of this soul, it is fair to say that all these individual personalities it embodies work for the light. From my perspective, although many star seed souls don’t need to have as many life times as normal human whose purpose of incarnation is to evolve, they would still need enough human experience to achieve what need to be achieved in the end of this cycle. By connecting with their higher Self, each personality self can access all the wisdom the soul acquired through the experiences of other personality selves.

Now we can expand this to include the whole creation with Source being the ultimate “power supply”, projecting “down” and connecting through archangels, angels and other divine beings of different frequencies/realms like a huge power network. Then one can truly understand that all creations are equally divine and all are connected as ONE. And you cannot help laughing when you read something like, Jesus sits next to God. How exactly can Jesus sit NEXT to God when he is actually PART of God?

By refusing relating a “normal” human being with Jesus, many are subconsciously refusing their very own divinity.  Some dear friends might believe Jesus incarnated somewhere in the mountains but not in public’s eye. But Jesus was in public eye in his time. A lover in the dream seems always more beautiful and perfect than the one in the real life. Some cannot believe anyone alive in this world can be as holy as Jesus. Having trouble to see divine in ordinary, we refuse our own divine potential. You cannot ascend without seeing yourself as divine being. You must not only hope but also EXPECT your ascension. And no one can ascend without accepting their divinity and seek not to beat themselves up with their imperfections but embrace and amplify their divinity till their divine light are so strong that all the shadows gone.

Yes. I made a statement which touched many people’s nerves. But THE TIME IS NOW. STOP PLAYING SMALL. WE ARE ALL DIVINE BEINGS.

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  • It just amazes me that anyone would put a politican on such a pedestal.  He does nothing for the poor, likes to hang around with the wealthy socialites and movie stars and attends a church whose pastor says God Damn America and other such hate speech.  If anyone would have been the reincarnation of Jesus it would have been someone like Ghandi.

    • Your picture is cute. It brings a simle to my face. So do your words. I feel your innocence and respect your view although I do not agree. Bless you.

      • What in his actions do you see even remotely jesus-like?  I am not political at all but even I can see he is just a wealthy snob.  Democrats and Republicans are both corrupt and only think about pitting one party against each other. 

        Obama supports abortion, including infanticide (making it illegal to provide
        medical aid to a baby who has survived a failed abortion).  Despite their strong
        will to survive, these babies must be left to die.  Massive governmental
        controls hidden in ObamaCare include forcing Christian institutions to fund
        abortion services against the teachings of their faith. [...] Indisputable facts
        are available everywhere exposing Obama to be the most anti-Christian president
        in U.S. history.


        • Basically most of the discussions I posted here are to do with Obama or election. My stand is clear but I do not want to repeat them all here. If you wonder, you are welcome to check them.

          Religions are against abortion because they stick to their dogma and can not see life as its essense. There are soul contracts and agreements. Nothing happens for no reason. Physical bodies are instruments for souls' 3D experience. A soul will not get killed because of a body. But all the karma will need to be balanced. Conscousness is the reality. Do not lost in illusions.

        • this sums up obama quite well i think


          • By sharing this, you show us what you resonate with.

            It is not a piece of art from an enlightened soul. People of light do not engage in attacking and condeaming. I think all should agree with this.

            Bless you.

  • God forgives all who shall seek repentance, even OBAMA.........get over it people.  I hate politics and the dogmatic approaches of today's modern day religions.  I am a registered voter, but refused to vote deliberately because that was my way of showing that I am a conscientious objector.  Ever wonder why Democrats are represented by the donkey and the repluplicans are represented by the elephants.  It is because the donkeys were called jackasses for letting the elephants shit on them.

  • Nobody here knows the absolute Truth about Jesus and/or his incarnations (at least at a conscious - 3D level).  It's all speculation and/or personal opinions.  I do believe you have explained creation well, at least to my beliefs.

    • I respect your truth from 3D point of view.

      I have no intention to say my truth which is from a different frequency should be everyone's and it can not be. You can take whatever resonate with you and leave the rest.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and appreciate your understanding.

  • Also jesus ascended with his body so he can't be reincarnated because he didn't die. He was one of the first documented ascended masters.
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