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12 19 2014 ~There is nothing you cannot be, because you are everything and from everything. You are part of all that is. You have devised a veil which keeps you from remembering our true history. It keeps you from remembering your true origin of who you are and where you came from. The true power of humanity is so great that it was necessary to create this reality full of limitations and duality. Otherwise, it would not be a game at all. We would all realize our true power and the game would be over. So why do we persist with this illusion?

To experience. To have a human experience we must attach to at least one emotion here on Earth. It could be love, fear, anger, greed, lust and many others. It could be one emotion or all of the above. But without attaching to at least one emotional base, we could not stay here on Earth. We would realize our true power and the game would be over. So we must experience limitation the its fullest to remind us that we are human.

Humanity is very much like the elephants that are tied to a rope from birth. As the elephant ages, it could easily break free from that rope at any time, but it doesn’t. It accepts the restriction because it does not realize as it ages that its strength exceeds what it perceives as a limitation to its freedom. It is conditioning that keeps elephant from understanding its power...

All Experiences Lead Us To Higher Learning

We are collecting a wide variety of experiences, some painful, some pleasurable and some in the middle of both extremes. Every single one of those experiences is extremely valuable to the soul and collective of humanity. In the depths of darkness, fear and pain comes incredible learning for the soul. On the other side we understand why this pain must be experienced. When we are finished learning, we will know because we will no longer be here.

The goal here is not be become 100% positive and fluffy in all our endeavors. We are human. We will experience anger, pain and suffering, but the key is to change our perspective of those experiences and integrate their purpose. When we face our pain and fear head on, only then will we see what we are made of. We do not evolve when we bury our past as this only causes more turmoil within ourselves. We evolve when we integrate all past experiences into learning for the present moment. It makes us who we are and defines almost every experience we have from that point forward.

The polarity of love and fear is slowly descending. The options are ascending with our vibrational alignment. We will see things from much larger perspectives and positions more closely connected to our source energy where more transparency is available. Simply put, perception is changing. At this moment, the grand scale that humanity is embarking on from a spiritual perspective is unrealized. We can’t fully see it for what it is because there is far too much chaos. But out of the chaos comes creativity and change…

Your Perspective In The Next Year Is Paramount

The difference right now is how will you interpret crisis? Will you step into fear or into love. Fear of the unknown still divides the planet by a significant margin. The planet is slowly dividing into those who cannot escape their realization of fear and those who can and realize its purpose. Where do you want to be? You can be absorbed by war, violence, political instability, economic collapse, climate, Earth changes, disasters, etc, or you can be at peace that everything needs to change for a new Earth to be born and it is all part of the process.

Start connecting more with not only other human beings, but other life forms. You are beginning to see the connection of everything and everyone to your growth. Your heart will soon function much better than your brain. The magnetic field of the heart is increasing and emotions are taking on a new meaning. This in turn is moving humanity into a place of accepting all life as equal and as one to fulfill our hearts desire.

There is a reason you feel as you do at this very moment. You may not have felt as connected as you could be, or as disciplined as you should be in the past few months. That is normal because the energy that is coming is paramount to your current state of being…

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  • Said I was gonna stay here on earth, inside this lineal contraption, so far away from my heart, my dreams and reality...

    It took all the angelic knowledge and guidance I was given, put it into my heart. Trying so very hard, did I try. Sharing the light of her memories upon it, like reminders of far better places. And all that divine wisdom fell apart.

    A lie never last for too long inside your heart, or so they say.
    This reality has been no exception for me. Growing tired so early on, of predictable stories and repetitive time-lines, of playing the warden and the lost sheep. Feeding an alien creation, in the sense that it never felt mine. Never felt like my heart, almost like it did its best to keep me away from being myself, from becoming my dreams.

    It's weird, isn't it? The road to home.
    I tried to experience life as anybody else, despite many conditions. But it leads back to her, it always does, and then my heart wakes up with life imploding like beautiful colors, faster and brighter than any angels, way beyond gods and stories from this reality on earth.

    Almost like it's pointing me out a place far away from here. Outside the box of manufactured dreams some people call life. Chasing dreams to feel alive.

    Oh, there it's again, another one... 8:55

    The "angels" try, even harder "Wait, we're gonna make it right this time"

    Almost desperate. How is that even possible? Don't know. Twenty-five or so messages and little miracles in less than a few hours. Feeling calm right now, packing up my things, to go the place my heart belongs. Like turning off a bad movie, shooting down the storyteller at the middle of the book. Smacking it about, just a little bit. They never expect a shotgun.

    Almost taunting with everything that has been taken away from me. My heart cries, my ego doesn't even wanna look. So resentful, couldn't blame him. Like there's much chance to experience childhood once again, after it has been taken away.

    Somehow dissapointed at your creation.

    So every so often, I hear about earth being an illusion, a matrix-like reality, a chaotic conjuction of many timelines and dreams interacting all together! And then rain comes down like hope on my eyes, beyond the skies. A resonance beyond belief.

    Sometimes it sounds like self-delusion of people that was denied the chance to BE in life, either by experience, dissapointment or fear itself. Either way it's still there, despite all my different glasses.

    Specially when looking at this "experience" all together. Like you actually poured too much colors and all you got was this greyish-brown paste, not so good, isn't it?

    Not for everybody, anyway.

    Reminds me the day she met me here, inside the box, that surprised look on her eyes. She caught me on the middle of nowhere and taught me to dream like nobody else ever did, with such a misterious silence. Unconditional dreams, beyond everything, despite everything.

    Wonder who is she? Feeling like something has to change, another entire new Reality.

    Who am I? Knowing that after all that happened on my life, this experience might not fulfill me ever again.

    Looking at happy people and wondering what would happen if I swap our experience, taking everything away from them, from the beginning.

    Would they still smile? So when my angels tell me not to excuse(excuse) myself with the past. It feels like insult to injury, it really does.

    Would we be having this conversation, had it been otherwise? Probably not.

    Multidimensional resonance, like a distress call. Like being put to test, and the answer is far away from earth and myself.

    And again... 9:55

    It fell apart, the illusion. It feels good to dream outside this place, where my heart resides, specially when reality doesn't meet your life's desires.

    This might be the last time. Feeling light inside.


  • We sometimes get through many experiences on life, many times traumatic, which serve us with learning purposes. Bit by bit, pouring the light from our hearts over such wounds, with love and compassion, we start to feel someone else's pain.

    This means to open ourselves up towards this feeling, this emotions, like they're truly ours. In doing so, we pour ourselves, discovering a divine alchemy which brings up reactions like emotional answers, by which one becomes wiser in treating such problems, as we start to understand the true reasons behind them. Without blaming nor judging anymore.

    Suddenly there aren't as much enemies as there are victims. Not to look upon with shame or pity, but to understand and share help, given our heart says so.

    Many times we'll be put to test. It's important to remember that we're being guided through, as we're also being expected to take one step further in the way to master ourselves.

    And even then, sometimes it looks so irrational and unfair on the hardest experiences. It has been traumatic for me.
    This last months, a constant back and forth between my earthly self and my higher self. Lighter, warm, beautiful, fragile yet eternal child. There's less personality and more heart now. Like I'm healing my experience, being true to love.

    Suddenly I'm using less, yet more meaningful words. Sharing knowledge with people, as my guides keep encouraging me to be natural, to be true to my light, to be light. It comes with so much ease helping someone else to heal now, and it also means my hapiness.

    It's also peaceful, since I'm becoming more sensitive and wiser everyday. It's clearer, and it brings me pain to watch people hurt each other, like I'm being hurt myself, more than ever.
    I feel like it's time to take everything to heart, while offering the other cheek, instead of just shielding myself behind my ego. Because even while it might be the hardest way, it's also my learning experience.

    Like making Earth more like my home. They've also said that I'll be sharing myself with other people more often, and openly, especially now that my ego is getting lighter, and there's less fear. But mainly that something amazing is on my way.

    Love feels closer and closer this days. I would like to find my twin soul again. I have so much to tell her, and give her my thanks. I wouldn't be here right now hasn't been for her.

    My sister manifested on earth, on a time my heart was blinded with pain. Subtly guiding me towards wisdom, with loving care and many beautiful miracles. First off I wanted just to be with her, as I was of course hurt.

    But what exactly I'd have learnt, by clinging onto her? She even gave me motherly love, hope and clarity, but without staying. So I could travel this path to master myself, knowing I wasn't alone.

    Learning how to heal myself and others in the process, and this is now showing up in my life.

    Tomorrow will be brighter every day, not always by the sun, but because of many us. This doesn't necessary mean to impose a smile, nor hide behind love. But to take our paths, while still remaining true to our hearts.

  • Born into a family related with pain and money. No mother nor father. The social environment wasn't any better, taken as a weakened prey when I was hoping for help.

    Year went off, surviving what was supposed to be my earthly family, most died, sometimes in life, sometimes inside. Many things happened in between, most of a grim nature. This experience, I wasn't always alone, there were a few, but great friends, but somehow I never managed to feel alive again.

    Barely any personality left, but a shattered mirror with multiple, little fragments from the emotional body. Incomplete, chaotic, consumed. Bare bones.

    No struggle to rise in flight anymore, no reason to stay, nor gravity. No more wings anyway. Just the relief of feeling the ground getting closer, as you let go of your self.

    About to hit the end or being sustained by the angels, as they say it's gonna happen, with so many little miracles.

    Either way I'm coming back to home, to my happiness, to my family. It's all I ever wanted and never had. To finally hug my soul Sister, and tell her how much I love and missed her.

    And that's the only thing that makes me smile deeply with light inside, like liquid life, with soul relief among tears running like rivers, with sadness and hope at the same time, burning away this heavy heart before coming back to life again.

    Besides the higher wisdom and the self that manifest when in aid of living beings that the universe puts along my journey, my human self is destroyed. It doesn't heal back.

  • 8115200267?profile=original

    Hopi Prayer of The Soul's Graduation:

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there,
    I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glints on snow.
    I am the sunlight
    On the ripened grain.
    I am the gentle Autumn's rain.
    When you awaken in the morning hush,
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry.
    I am not there.
    I did not die.
    My Spirit is still alive…

  • :-)

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