SCRIPTED: New human vaccines are already developed and stockpiled for a pandemic flu that doesn’t even exist yet
05/26/2024 // Lance D Johnson // 5.8K Views
New vaccines for pandemic bird flu have already been developed and stockpiled by the U.S. government. These new vaccines were not designed for birds and other animals, where the current strain of bird flu is spreading. Even though this strain of bird flu has not even been transmitted from human-to-human, there is already a new supply of H5N1 vaccines and other mRNA "bird flu" vaccines in the works.


These vaccines introduce a genetically-specific antigen from the most recent strain of influenza A virus sub-type H5N1. According to the traditional definition of vaccine science, this antigen is intended to activate human immune cells and spur long term immune memory of the target antigen -- potentially protecting the individual when they are exposed to the specific strain later on.


But how do the vaccine companies know that this specific strain is going to be responsible for a pandemic flu? In order for scientists to produce an efficacious vaccine, (which they believe they already have) there must be a concerted effort to manipulate the genetic code of the H5N1 virus to prepare a line of efficacious vaccines.


Historically, scientists have not been able to guess the genetic mutations of upcoming flu strains and crossover viruses. Hence, the failure of flu vaccines, year after year. In order to have vaccines manufactured and stockpiled with certainty of their effectiveness, there must have been some gain-of-function research at play. This gain of function research allows the vaccine industry to narrow in on the specific genetics of the target antigen so they can stockpile and prepare for mass vaccination for an impending man-made pandemic influenza.


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There are already common-sense signs that the bird flu has been engineered

Because the current bird flu strain is already mutating to infect various animals, it appears that genetic alterations have already been made to the current H5N1 strain.


In fact, bird flu has spread from poultry to mallard ducks to cattle, and even to a dolphin. Dr. Peter McCullough rang the alarm about this strange trail of viral crossover. He said these are signs that this strain of bird flu is man-made, and “it looks like it’s coming out of the US Poultry Research Centre in Athens, Georgia.”


They already have vaccines prepared should bird flu spread to humans. How do they already have a vaccine? It’s all based on genetic code and they know the genetic code,” Dr. McCullough said.


While the current risk of transmission to humans is extremely low, the very existence of a bird flu vaccine stockpile should make anyone wonder whether a specific strain of the bird flu has already been developed or is currently being worked on for mass release into the population. Bioweapon development and predatory vaccine research has not ceased, even after SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 vaccines were tested out on the population with deleterious results.


WHO clamoring to implement "pandemic treaty" to gain back control and implement vaccine passports

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield warned earlier this year, that in order for bird flu to jump to humans, it must have been developed from gain-of-function research. All the conditions for a new pandemic are in place again, and the interests that seek to profit from a new pandemic are already clamoring for control -- starting with predatory vaccine programs and “pandemic treaties” that give more power to globalists, enriching their multi-national businesses interests.


World Health Organization (WHO) Chief Scientist Jeremy Farrar, who was implicated in the coverup of SARS-CoV-2, is already telling the world that the bird flu will evolve and “develop the ability to infect humans.” WHO is currently trying to pass a pandemic treaty that will dissolve national sovereignty and individual autonomy on a global scale, forcing populations to submit to WHO's global controls, their bioweapons development and coverups, their predatory vaccine research and passport systems, among many other horrifying systems of surveillance and abuse.


Since a vaccine is already developed and stockpiled for a bird flu strain that hasn’t even evolved yet, the economic and societal pressure to unleash a new pandemic is imminent. These pressures include ramping up a profitable new PCR testing platform which will unleash a barrage of positive test results for a sick and immune-compromised population. This will further justify governmental controls and money laundering schemes that will ultimately be used to advance the global vaccine passport system, complete with central bank digital currency, more technocratic controls, surveillance and social credit scores for compliance.


While it’s smart not to fear a potential H5N1 pandemic bird flu this year and submit to totalitarian controls and restrictions, it is still wise to prepare your household mentally for the upcoming propaganda and cowardice that is to ensue. Obtain early treatment protocols and preparedness items in the event these predatory forces unleash their next wave of bioweapons, destructive vaccine programs and outright totalitarianism.

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  • One of my customers has , I mean had, an employee that was gung ho about the covid nonsense and he couldn't wait to put that fever to your head and pull the trigger-he and the others took the jab and all the boosters-his heart stopped while driving and he caused a 3 car pile up. Another has developed hives all over his body-or leisons-he showed me the ones on his legs and they all scabs. Terrible-his doctor can't figure it out
  • You know, these deep state jokers are actually making fools of themselves, under the gaze of an increasing awakening public...
    2020, pandemic......Ah, also a US election year...
    2024, pandemic (they hope)....Ah, another US election year.

    They are getting desperate, it seems....However, knowing now, what the public didn't know, in 2020, is bound to cause a lowering of the susceptibility to dark propaganda...Another reason that several nations rejected the recent WHO treaty....My own nation even petitioned for a Parliamentary debate on the matter...

    Even governments are now seeing through all this WHO balloney..The people are ahead of them though, in not fooling for a new scamdemic...
    And all the publicity surrounding "sudden deaths," etc, caused by mRNA vaxx......People will not go along with this, even if forced at gunpoint..

    So many victims of mRNA vaccines are speaking out....The WHO wanted to own the narrative and failed to do so.....Truth is mightier..
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