Secondary Progressions analysis is an astrology technique used for prediction of future events. Many people involved in astrology swear by it; others claim it is not always accurate. The concept involves astrology placements of the luminaries and planets (and other points that pertain to one's horoscope) on each day of the year to represent one year in a person's life. Hence, if you were born on January 1, 2001, and you want to see possible future events via your Secondary Progressions at age 30, you would go to January 30, 2001 (per ephemeris).8111252669?profile=original

In the example above; the Secondary Progressed Mercury (at age 30) would be very close to Conjunction with the natal placement of Venus. I would not consider it significant, because the Secondary Progressed Mercury is greater than one degree for the Conjunction with the natal Venus. Below is an article on Secondary Progressions by Lynn Holt. It is recommended reading for this subject.



The charts below will be viewed two ways: Secondary Progressions that have a positive effect for the future event involved (+) and Secondary Progressions that may prove to indicate weakness in the Secondary Progressions method OR may strengthen the interpretation of the Secondary Progression future event in some way.

Bill Gates & The Incorporation Of Microsoft

On the (+) side, the Secondary Progressed chart of the date of Microsoft's incorporation reveals Bill Gate's natal Mercury placement ("communication with others") to be within one degree of the Secondary Progressed midpoint HARD square of Sun/Jupiter ("very fortunate success"). Microsoft was the first operating system for computers to "get it's foot in the door" regarding use of the internet and office communications, starting  in the late 1980's. Apple's operating systems would eventually overtake Microsoft in terms of hand-held communication devices, but not before Bill Gates would earn a significant financial fortune with his operating system. This system was originally called DOS ("disk operating system") and became MS-DOS ("Microsoft DOS") after the Bill Gates purchase. Gates reportedly paid $50,000.00 for complete ownership rights for DOS, which was considered to be a "novelty operating system" for computers at the time. On the (-) side, the Secondary Progressed Black Moon Lilith Trine natal Pluto placement may define the harmonious relationship that Bill Gates (and Microsoft) would have with the military industrial complex.


LBJ & The JFK Assassination

The JFK Assassination remains one of the greatest conspiracies of all time. It is still claimed that LBJ was a key part of it; I remember bartenders in Austin, Texas claim they heard from aging owners of their business about how a retired President Lyndon Johnson would come in, buy drinks for local Texas politicians, and later on (in a drunken state) brag about how he blew John F. Kennedy's head off. The obvious factor on the chart in the (+) column is the Secondary Progressed Black Moon Lilith Conjunct the natal Mars (in the 12th House of Secret Enemies). This defines "actions involving sinister forces behind the scenes." LBJ reportedly had a strong desire to kill JFK in Texas political circles; some claim he blackmailed his way into being JFK's 1960 running-mate with the goal of killing him so that he could then become President. On the (-) side is Secondary Progressed Neptune Semi-Square natal Mars (EXACT). This can define "disappointment with actions" BUT can also define "deceptive actions."


Charles Manson & Helter Skelter

On the (+) side, Manson has a Secondary Progressed Sun in the 8th House (which rules "death; crisis") forming a Trine with the natal Pluto placement. This may represent a successful involvement with death in some way. But what really stands out is the Secondary Progressed Neptune forming a Conjunction with the natal Mars position in the 5th House ("speculation") while forming a Sextile to the Secondary Progressed Jupiter in the 7th House ("success with friends"). Similar to LBJ's Neptune Semi-Square Mars placement previously described, Manson was able to commit "an act of deception" via the use of his friends (known as "the family"). This deception involved Manson and his friends (a.k.a. "family") trying to start a race war, much like groups such as ANTIFA are trying to do today. On the (-) side, Mars Trine Moon may define arguments with this "family." This was evident; Manson was reportedly upset with the "sloppiness" of the how the murders were committed.


Jimi Hendrix & The 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival

"If I have to follow you, then I'm going to pull all the stops"..... statement of Jimi Hendrix to Who guitarist Pete Townsend after losing a coin toss to see who would go on first (at the Monterey International Pop Festival, June 18, 1967)....... The performance of the Jimi Hendrix Experience at the Monterey International Pop Festival ranks among the top ten musical performances of the 20th Century. It immediately made Hendrix a rock and roll superstar, and it reportedly took fifteen minutes to quiet the audience down before the star attraction (The Mamas & The Papas) took the stage to close the festival. The highlight of the Hendrix performance was the famous burning of his guitar at the end of "Wild Thing" (and on a more twisted note, it was reported that a majority of the audience was intoxicated on Owsley purple passion LSD while Hendrix set his guitar on fire). To see this part of rock and roll history, click On the (+) side, Secondary Progressed Mars Conjunct The Sun is strong and definitely brought out the "competitive Mars nature" of Hendrix. He was reportedly determined to destroy The Who after their successful performance; he was reportedly seen back stage looking "mad as hell" as Who guitarist Pete Townsend smashed his guitar on the stage (which was the topic of their big argument earlier that lead to the coin toss; it was going to be either Jimi or Pete to be the first to smash their guitar on the stage in the United States). Also note with this progression of Mars to the natal Sun was the energy of Hendrix and his group; their performance was very tight and very elaborate...many couldn't believe it was only three people on stage; it sounded like 4-5. The Secondary Progressed Jupiter (in the 7th House of "friends") Sesquiquadrate natal Venus not only won a whole new set of friends for Jimi (especially in the musical profession) but it immediately revealed great recognition for his art (since Venus rules "art"). This is in contrast with the (-) column of Secondary Progressed Venus Quincunx Saturn. This placement may have defined the big arguments that the group's management had with authorities at the festival with Hendrix setting his guitar on fire and knocking over mike stands.


Death Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's death is the subject of much controversy. It was reported that Robert Kennedy and a man "carrying a doctor's bag" was seen entering her apartment before she died. And also note that the claimed report of a needle mark seen behind the ear was never entered in the final autopsy report. The (+) column reveals Secondary Progressed Uranus (in the 8th House of "death; crisis") forming a Quincunx to the Black Moon Lilith. This definitely defines "crisis or death involving a friend or associate and for sinister reasons." Also note that the Secondary Progressed Moon in the 11th House of "associates; partners" is forming a Square the natal Mars in the 8th House. This may have defined a big argument with an important partner prior to her death. The big negatives that question Secondary Progressions (in the case of Marilyn Monroe) are in the (-) column. Secondary Progressions of Jupiter Conjunct Jupiter and Venus Conjunct Sun strongly suggest success in a relationship, and for all we know, it may have been an important relationship that murdered her.


The 2016 Presidential Election: Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump

This election reveals more disparities with the use of Secondary Progressions. We will start with Hillary Clinton. Hillary has a Secondary Progressed Jupiter Trine natal Pluto. This usually defines "successful transformation," but not in this case. One alternative interpretation for this may be the phenomenal amount of money she was able to raise for this election (which was $1.6 billion), but also note that 9th House Secondary Progressed Saturn was within one degree of natal Saturn. And while it is unwise to use slow moving planets for interpretations with Secondary Progressions; this Saturn placement may have defined a role with her defeat since Saturn placements near the MC tend to define spectacular rises to power that are followed by spectacular crashes from power (i.e. JFK, Hitler). The Secondary Progressed Moon Semi-Square Jupiter may define the dispute over the popular vote she reportedly had. But the (-) column reveals a hard Secondary Progressed Sun Square natal Neptune ("major deception or disappointment") and a Secondary Progressed Uranus Square natal Moon ("shock or surprise involving the public"). It was reported that Hillary Clinton did not get the huge numbers of African Americans to vote for her as she expected, and this may also have played a role in her defeat.


Donald Trump's Secondary Progressions reveal similar conflicts for interpretation purposes (as was the case with Hillary's Secondary Progressions). Nevertheless, Trump has the Secondary Progressed Sun Conjunct the natal Ascendant (which is also Conjunct the Royal Star of Regulus, which is possibly the most fortunate star in the sky). It is my opinion that this Secondary Progression of the Sun played a HUGE role with Trump's victory in 2016. However, the (-) column reveals a Secondary Progressed Jupiter Square natal Saturn and a Secondary Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Saturn. This is an almost certain definition for defeat in a political election due to the Moon's role of representing "the public," Jupiter's role representing "luck," and Saturn's role representing "restrictions." Trump has a Secondary Progressed Jupiter Trine Sun ("incredible personal success"), but this Secondary Progression of Jupiter Trine Sun placement is greater that one degree for orb specifications. Again, as was the case with Hillary Clinton, this calls into question about the reliability of Secondary Progressions as a useful tool for prediction.



Secondary Progressions have a place in the astrology tool box in regards to prediction of future events. BUT BE CAREFUL.... sometimes Secondary Progression events can be very inaccurate in terms of traditional interpretations, as we saw with Marilyn Monroe, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.... and this can make the astrologer look very foolish.... hence, be careful.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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