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SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP DISCUSSION, 05/13/2018: "Individual Houses Interpretation. Defining Afflicted And Non-Afflicted Rulers Of The 12 Houses Of The Horoscope." Marilyn Monroe is the test case.

The first book that I've read on defining house rulerships was "Principles of Astrology" by British astrologer Charles E.O. Carter (published in 1963). I read the book in early 1987, and used the astrology examples and explanations in the book with personnel at San Francisco General Hospital (after being allowed permission to look at their horoscopes) in 1987. This was my first official attempt to experiment with astrology; some readings were spectacular and others were not. Defined aspects of the book that I never understood was "the allicted ruler" or "the afflicted lord" of the "house of deposition." Essentially this defined if the ruler of the cusp of the house was afflicted or non-afflicted. If afflicted, this defined potential problems that may arise that are related to defined principles of the house. If non-afflicted, the defined principles of the house were of low probability of problems that may arise related to definitions of the house. But please note that this was also subject to planets contained in the houses, and whether or not they are afflicted or non-afflicted as well. Marilyn Monroe's horoscope was chosen for this task of individual houses interpretation. Her chart is straightforward and seemed to include almost all of the criteria needed to define afflicted rulers and non-afflicted rulers of the houses of the horoscope. Rules from European Renaissance Astrology will be used. The only aspects used are Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine, and Opposition. Eight degree orbs are allowed for aspects involving the Sun and Moon, and five degree orbs are allowed for all other planets. The big differences that "mess up" the Renaissance affliction/non-affliction formula will be the inclusion of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (since these planets would be discovered after the European Renaissance). To be fair, the inclusion of traditional night rulerships for Scorpio (Mars), Pisces (Jupiter), and Aquarius (Saturn) will be included for defining Essential Dignities (as part of the process of elimination to define affliction or non-affliction of the planets). HOWEVER, these sign placements will not be used to define house rulership once affliction or non-affliction is determined. For purposes of applying house rulership, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (not Mars), Pisces is ruled by Neptune (not Jupiter), and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (not Saturn). 

Horoscope of Marilyn Monroe


Calculate Essential Debilities And Essential Dignities And Mark Them On A Tally Sheet

For purposes of defining (+) and (-), red will be the color for debility (-), and green will be the color for dignity (+). Marilyn has Mercury in Gemini (Essential Dignity) and Venus in Aries (Essential Debility). For retrogrades, she has Saturn (Essential Debility). For  Peregrine planets (NO ASPECTS) we have Uranus and Pluto for Essential Debilities.


Calculate Accidental Debilities And Accidental Dignities And Mark Them On A Tally Sheet

The definitions of compatibility are my own. The big argument I get regards Sun and Pluto; it is my opinion that these two are not compatible. In addition to the pair defining "water versus fire," also note that Pluto tends to force changes on the Sun, and the Sun tends to like solidarity (or being at "the center of attention" on one's own terms). Marilyn has her natal Sun and natal Mercury "getting along" (+) with their conjunction, and this gives both of them a (+). The Moon has two (-) aspects and one (+) aspect (with the Conjunction with Jupiter) per aspects, and this defines one (-) as the net result. Venus has one (+) aspect with Jupiter. Mars does not get along with Saturn (-), but is in a Trine (+) formation with Saturn. These two thus cancel each other out to yield neither (+) or (-); this is defined as non-afflicted for this analysis (BUT DOES NOT GET A (+) OR A (-)). Jupiter has two (+) for aspects (including the Conjunction with the Moon and a Sextile with Venus) and one (-) aspect (which is the Opposition with Neptune). Saturn has four (-) per compatibilities, but also has two Trines (+) with these aspects. This results in a net two (-); please ignore the four (-) below. Saturn has two (-) net, overall. Uranus and Pluto are unaspected (no (+) or (-), and Neptune has three (-).

Here's what we have so far:

Now tally them up!

Now place them on the horoscope:

Let's define Marilyn's houses now!

1st House - ruled by Sun, non-afflicted. This house rules the health, and with an afflicted Neptune there it is easy to define drugs as a possible danger to health. On a positive side, Marilyn Monroe was an exceptional actress, and Neptune in the 1st House is the classic indicator for an actor or actress.

2nd House - ruled by Mercury, non-afflicted. Making money and involvement with work via communications is a big possibility with this placement, and it would work out well. Marilyn's first "job" was the school newspaper, and she would later work for a military communications company during WWII. With no planets in the 2nd House, Marilyn went into work occupations that centered on communications in some way, and would eventually allow her to get discovered for stardom.

3rd House - ruled by Venus, non-afflicted. Because communications with others was no problem due to Marilyn's strong Gemini placement, being able to relate with anyone via Venusian charm would be a double bonus with Venus ruling an empty 3rd House. The fact that Marilyn was a Gemini (with a ruling Mercury in Gemini nearby) defines that her communications (along with her Venus charm) would surely be helpful with winning others over or to let her point of view be known. But wait...there's more to this story, especially regarding authority figures (see 6th House).

4th House - ruled by Pluto, afflicted. This could indicate problems in early childhood or with one's roots. Marilyn's childhood and roots were horrible. Her stepfather (which may be represented by heavily afflicted Saturn in the 4th House) reportedly sexually abused her (possibly Pluto-related), and government authorities (which may also be represented by Saturn) separated her from her mother.

5th House - ruled by Jupiter, non-afflicted. Entertainment (involvement with and obtaining) and romance would be no problem with this placement. And yes, because the 5th House rules theater and stage, entertaining others would certainly not be a problem. With no planets in this house, a splendid time is almost guaranteed in areas involving entertainment and romance. But wait...we have to see how romance may play out with the 7th House.

6th House - ruled by Saturn, strongly afflicted. Despite Marilyn's great communication skills, she would be subject to (and also create) much 6th House open criticism regarding application of her work skills in the workplace. Actor Tony Curtis once claimed that his role in "Some Like It Hot" required him to kiss her; he claimed that kissing Marilyn on the movie set was "like kissing Hitler" due to her constant demands for retakes to "get it right" (and making an argumentative scene when the director disagreed with her). Added were her demands to executives to stop playing "the dumb blonde," and these demands were never met. She was in frequent conflict with authority figures on the working movie screen set, and this may define the role of a strongly afflicted Saturn ("authority figures") ruling her 6th House.

7th House - ruled by Uranus, afflicted. With Moon Conjunction Jupiter in the 7th, one would expect no problems for Marilyn with marriage. But Uranus brings forth surprises and shocking changes, and this would be included with her important partnerships ruled by the 7th House. She had no problems finding romance (5th House), but she was subject to many surprises with demands that took place with important legal partnerships, such as marriage and independent contractor requirements of a movie set.

8th House - ruled by Neptune, strongly afflicted. With Mars and Uranus in the 8th House, her s** life would be intense, active, and full of many surprises. The problem is that deception-prone Neptune rules the 8th House. Also note that Mars and Uranus usually don't operate well in the 8th House outside of sexual activity, as these placements may bring on other energies that are Scorpio related and not related to s**. Thus, in addition to Neptune-style disappointment and deception, there may be other areas that concern 8th House activities (and yes, death traditionally rules the 8th House). These areas may be outside the course of such sexual activity, and may present aspects such as surprises (ruled by Uranus) and accidents (ruled by Mars). Also note that Marilyn Monroe kept a diary of "secrets," and secrets are ruled by the 8th House. And this secret diary may be what got her killed, in lieu of her relationship with John F. Kennedy. See below; there is mention of "things from outer space" (i.e. Roswell aliens) and "President's plan to kill Castro" :

9th House - ruled by Mars, afflicted. Marilyn would have problems with legal aspects in her career, particularly with her contracts with movie production companies. She reportedly had contracts revoked for her refusal with certain contract compliances (i.e. "playing the dumb blonde") and she would have new legal contracts that penalized her for past refusals to do certain roles. Also note that she wasn't very religious and didn't view religion as important; she changed her religion from Christianity to Judaism at one point only because it was required for a marriage.

10th House - ruled by Venus, non- afflicted. Career looks very promising with involvement in art with Venus ruling the 10th House. With Sun and Mercury in Gemini in the 10th House, career should focus on communications in areas that involve art in some way. This would offer Marilyn a strong probability of success (and it did).

11th House - ruled by Mercury, non-afflicted. Making friendship and forming alliances with important associates would be no problem for Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, Pluto is in the 11th House, and is afflicted. This may define possible crisis in lieu of certain associations, especially powerful and transforming associates (which is reflective of Pluto). Marilyn's friendship with the Kennedys comes to mind with this; it's possible that the Kennedys shared a little too much information with Marilyn Monroe, possibly as a means to get next to her sexually.

12th House -  ruled by the Moon, afflicted. Marilyn Monroe was heavily neglected by her mother due to her mother being institutionalized for mental illness during Monroe's early childhood. This clearly defines the mother (the Moon) to be much involved in mandatory government committment into a psychiatric hospital (12th House). And with the Moon afflicted, this afflicted 12th House (along with the afflicted 4th House) would have a negative psychological effect on Marilyn Monroe in terms of forming important relationships and bonds needed for successful starting of a family.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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Thank you Malcolm!  We all love Marilyn Monroe!



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