This Part One of the Business Astrology series will focus on The Beatles. Part Two (next week) will focus on the incorporation charts of Microsoft Corporation and Apple Corporation. Part Two will also focus on the possible antitrust issues proposed for Apple (at this time), and thus the current astrology climate will be analyzed for clues relevant to this dilemma for Apple. Now on to business astrology analysis of The Beatles...






The Beatles Horoscope

The date and time selected is based on the date and time that drummer Pete Best was fired from The Beatles by manager Brian Epstein (and replaced with Richard Starkey (a.k.a. Ringo Starr)). The official time of the meeting was August 16, 1962, 10:30 AM, in Brian Epstein's office.




The Ed Sullivan Show

This performance was viewed by 43% of the U.S. population, and was viewed as a business success for the group in terms of public exposure. Drawn in red below, this is clearly seen with transiting Moon Opposition N. Node ("connections with the public or the customers") forming a T-Square with the natal Venus Conjunct Ascendant placement ("art in the environment"). Drawn in green below, Uranus represents "television." The placement of transiting Uranus over the natal Opposition plane of Mercury Conjunct Pluto ("mainstream media that transforms others") and Jupiter Conjunct Chiron in the 5th House ("success with advanced technologies involved in entertainment") showcased The Beatles in a very powerful way and to a very large audience.


The Beatles Get Stoned With Bob Dylan, And Their Music Will Never Be The Same Again

Bob Dylan was certain that The Beatles smoked pot based on the line from "I Want To Hold Your Hand"  where they sang "I can't have, I can't have, I can't have" (which Dylan mistook for "I get high, I get high, I get high"). The truth is that they didn't; Lennon once tried very weak grade pot in Germany with disappointing results. Dylan reportedly had "the good stuff," and met with The Beatles and Brian Epstein at The Delmonico Hotel in New York City "sometime in the late afternoon to early evening" on August 28, 1964. There was much conversation about music, touring, and favorite cities. Finally, Dylan broke out his stash and everybody smoked was reported to be high grade marijuana. Brian Epstein was most impressed, stating "I am high as the ceiling." Dylan reportedly gave The Beatles a sizable stash (of which he reportedly told them would "help them" during their times that required isolation from the public) and The Beatles took it with them during their recording of the movie "Help!" Marijuana would have a huge effect on the music of The Beatles; the differences between "Beatles '65" and "Help!" were very noticeable as The Beatles started to abandon their "bubblegum rock and roll sound" and develop a more worldly refined sound. The chart below uses 5:15 pm as a possible start time for the meeting between Dylan and The Beatles; I chose this time due to Neptune (which rules "intoxicants") crossing the Midheaven. The time when The Beatles and Dylan actually fired up is a mystery, but since it was stated "late afternoon to early evening," this is a reasonable speculation.


The Shea Stadium Performance

This performance would set two major records: the largest attendance for any musical entertainment venue or any open air concert (55,000) and the largest gross profit for any entertainment concert ($305,000.00). Drawn in red below, the transiting T-square of Jupiter squaring transiting Venus and the transiting Ascendant crosses over the natal Mars position. This defines "incredible success regarding art in the environment." And if you remember the role of transiting Uranus ("television") with the Ed Sullivan Show, note the transiting N. Node ("media publicity;" drawn in green below) forming a T-square to the same natal placement of Mercury Conjunct Pluto Opposition Jupiter Conjunct Chiron placement. The media strikes again to help elevate The Beatles to become the #1 act in show business at that time. 


John Lennon's Famous Comment To The Press That "The Beatles Are More Popular Than Jesus" (oops...bad idea)

Below is the time the newspapers hit the street with Lennon's statement as the headline. The Beatles would suffer financially from this, despite Lennon's public apology about the manner. Mars Square Mars (drawn in red below) definitely defines "a sharp conflict" about to surface, especially with transiting Mars in the 6th House. Drawn in green below, Neptune Square Sun defines "a great deception or disappointment regarding the personality of the organization," and it is also possible that this placement may define that Lennon was stoned during the interview. Drawn in blue below, the N. Node ("media publicity") affected the employees and customers of the organization in a negative way; fans would stop buying records and burning of Beatles records became common-place (especially in the deep south of the U.S.A.)


Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles Biggest Selling Product Of All Time

The fascinating aspect of this chart is transiting Saturn forming a yod ("finger of God") to natal Neptune and the natal Mercury Conjunct Pluto placement (while forming an Opposition with natal Venus. Saturn aspects to Venus can define "artwork creations," along with the traditional astrology definitions of "older lovers" and "separation from friends"). This Saturn transit may also define an interest in The Beatles music by older people; "A Day In The Life" and "When I'm 64" were reportedly well-liked by an older generation that had chastised The Beatles for years and suddenly became fans of the group with this new sound.   The transiting Moon Square Venus placement may indicate the great isolation of the band members from the public at that time; 1966 was that last year they would perform in public due to the attacks they received in lieu of Lennon's Jesus statement.


Brian Epstein Dies

The chart below is the date and time that Brian Epstein was found dead due to drug overdose. The Sun can represent "the C.E.O. or manager of the organization" (in addition to "the personality of the organization"), and the transiting Opposition of the Moon in the 8th House ("public personnel or company employees involved with financial or secretive investigations") with transiting Mars Conjunct Neptune ("disappointing or deceptive actions") forms a T-square to the natal Sun position ("the C.E.O. or manager") to suggest that a lot of investigation and analysis was going on by both company employees and outside investigators to determine if any malice was involved in Brian Epstein's death. 


The Beatles Rooftop Concert (Last Public Performance By The Beatles)

The idea to perform on the rooftop at Apple Corps headquarters came from a Beatles roadie and Ringo Starr during the filming of the documentary "Let It Be." The Beatles knew it would cause a public commotion, but it proved to work out well and was a major highlight in the movie "Let It Be." The most noteworthy transit (in red below) is retrograde Mercury ("public communications") Conjunct Saturn in the 4th House ("the office building"). Talk about a self-explanatory transit! The Venus Square Mars transit (drawn in green below) represented "public love for the action, but criticism by police" (since Mars rules the police; the police were very gracious but firm with telling The Beatles they had to stop playing). Interestingly, The Beatles reportedly were hoping that the police would forcibly stop the band and get video of the police dragging Ringo off his drums (which never happened. They played for 44 minutes and stopped).


The Beatles Break Up: Part One

This is part one of two parts (of the same date. There were a lot of transits going on relative to The Beatles natal chart). The story goes something like this: The Beatles were suppose to quietly dissolve their business relationship with each other due to fear of public uproar of the break-up of the band. Paul McCartney would violate this agreement by telling The Daily Mirror that he will never write with Lennon again, and was leaving the band. Drawn in red below, the transiting Moon in Gemini (in the 9th House of publishing) appears to represent media reporters going viral with this story as it forms a T-Square with the natal Mercury Conjunct Pluto Opposition Jupiter Conjunct Chiron plane. Drawn in green below, transiting Mars (in the 8th House) Square Sun represents great conflict regarding finances, notably between new manager Allen Klein and Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney reportedly had many conflicts and disagreements with both the new manager (Allen Klein) and his new producer Phil Spector, who produced and added his "wall of sound" to songs from the "Let It Be" sessions (notably "Across the Universe" and "The Long And Winding Road" (which McCartney wanted to be a simple piano ballad with minor percussion)). Drawn in blue below is transiting Pluto Square Mars...."crisis affecting the ability to compete against others."


The Beatles Break Up: Part Two (same chart)

Drawn in red below, the massive transiting lineup of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury (in the 8th House of finances and banking) is forming a Square to natal Saturn in the 4th House and an Opposition to natal Neptune in the 2nd House. This clearly represents a business liquidation is about to take place, along with the termination of certain financial and banking accounts. Drawn in green below, transiting Neptune ("disappointments") is forming a T-Square to the natal Moon Opposition Uranus placement ("rebellious employees and customers (fans) of the organization"). This transit indicates the  huge disappointment of the break-up on a world-wide basis. It has been reported that many people constantly badgered the ex-members of The Beatles with the question of a reunion to the point where screaming matches and fist fights almost started.


NEXT WEEK: Business Astrology Part Two; Microsoft Corporation and Apple Computer Corporation (incorporation charts).

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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