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SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP 03/03/19 - "Basic Astrology Analysis Of Five Famous & Hated Rivalries. Crawford v. Davis, Ness v. Capone, Kennedy v. Hoffa, Harding v. Kerrigan, & Garrett v. Billy The Kid."

This report will concern the use of basic astrology and will use Solar Fire's Bi-Wheel Function to analyze two horoscopes at the same time. The rivalries for analysis will be Joan Crawford v. Bette Davis, Elliot Ness v. Al Capone, Robert Kennedy v. Jimmy Hoffa, Tonya Harding v. Nancy Kerrigan, and Pat Garrett v. Billy The Kid.

Joan Crawford vs. Bette Davis

These two actresses hated each others' guts all the way up to their deaths. The origin of the feud goes back to 1935, in which Joan Crawford took away the man Bette Davis loved. The feud got worst; it was reported that Joan Crawford once told the press that "Bette Davis has slept with every MGM employee except Lassie."

Indicated via the color red above, Joan Crawford has Sun Square Neptune (with the Sun in the 5th House of entertainment), and this favors acting. Circled in green is the Black Moon forming a T-square with the North and South Nodes. This may be the rather illicit s@x life Joan Crawford had; Crawford reportedly liked women and men, and Bette Davis thinks Crawford had a sexual attraction to her. Circled in blue above is Moon Conjunct Saturn in the 3rd House. This may define Crawford having had a very unhappy childhood, and this may have defined the unhappiness within her own family. Crawford had a daughter that wrote a book called "Mommy Dearest," in which the book described the abuses of Joan Crawford with her family.

Circled in red above, Bette Davis HAS THE SAME SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE PLACEMENT, complete with Sun in Aries (in the 5th House) and Neptune in Cancer (in the 8th House). And yes, both have Scorpio Rising. And in a similar placement to Joan Crawford, sexual activity as being a significant part of one's reputation is well-defined with Bette's Venus Conjunct Mars (circled in green above) forming a Square with her Midheaven.... Crawford may just be correct about Bette Davis sleeping with every MGM employee except Lassie...

The Vertex (Vx) defines "a fated encounter," and both Joan and Bette have Neptune Conjunct Vertex (or Vertex Conjunct Neptune). These are circled in red above. Neptune rules "disappointments and deception," and thus both women had fated encounters with each other that would be disappointing. Circled in black above, Crawford's Mars Squares Davis's North and South Node .... this indicates "a connection with and conflict with the ego of another." Finally, check out the placement above circled in green. Crawford's North and South Nodes (with Crawford's South Node Conjunct Davis's Sun) forms a Square with Crawford's Black Moon Conjunct Davis's Uranus placement. This may just be the sexual curiosity that Davis complained about with regards to Crawford. But dirty tricks with each other may just be another way to define this placement.

Elliot Ness vs. Al Capone

This is revered as one of the greatest police investigations and arrests in law enforcement history. And it was the result of a key component of Capone's chart below: Jupiter in the 8th House; the 8th House rules taxation (and similar private financial matters, such as insurance, wills, and estates). Capone was busted for not paying his Federal taxes, and he did this via creative accounting. The key to busting Capone was the arrest of Capone's bookkeeper. This portrayed scene of this arrest was the most memorable scene from the movie "The Untouchables," which featured Kevin Costner playing Elliot Ness and Andy Garcia playing Untouchable Agent Stone. To watch this scene, click this 9 minute intense scene from "The Untouchables." Click 

Circled in red above, Capone's chart above features Saturn near the Midheaven (like JFK, like Hitler, and like Lucky Luciano). This placement usually indicates "spectacular rise to power followed by spectacular fall from power."  Circled in green above, the T-square of the 1st House Moon ("the public") with Sun Opposition Mars placement (with the Black Moon near Mars) indicates that Capone imposed his actions (which may be sinister due to the Black Moon near Mars) on the public, and anyone who objected were met with conflict (but note that Capone was reportedly well-liked by the Chicago public, and the Chicago police were very well paid-off for looking the other direction from his prohibition era crimes). Finally, circled in black above, Capone's Pluto Conjunct Part of Fortune defines two aspects of Pluto and career: "either the analyst (Capone was a trained accountant before he moved to Chicago) or the gangster (which he became as a result of his expertise in accounting)."  Uranian astrologer Hans Niggemann wrote that Pluto can be "the analyst or the gangster, depending on which direction one wants to go." And in Capone's case, he went one way and then the other direction (per professional development, as defined by the Part of Fortune).

Circled in red above, Elliot Ness had Mars (6th House) equal to the World Points (five minutes away). Mars rules "police, firearms, military, automobiles, and athletics."  With this World Points Mars placement in the 6th House (which rules "work skills"), Ness was destined to do police work with the possibility of having some impact on the world. The Mars Square Neptune placement (circled in red above) may be defined as "conflict involving police work and intoxicants or drugs." Yes, Ness was a U.S. Treasury Officer and U.S. Prohibition officer, and yes, he was in conflict with those who were making liquor that was being brought to Chicago. But Ness would also eventually become an alcoholic, which is another meaning of this Mars Square Neptune placement. Ness's drinking problem would cause a divorce and a severe automobile accident. And the weak square of the Mars / Neptune midpoint with the Ascendant (circled in green above) indicated that this issue would be prominent in Ness's environment, for good and for bad. Finally, circled in orange above, is what I think defines "The Untouchables." The 9th House rules "the law," the Moon can represent "employees," Chiron can represent "advanced technology," and the Black Moon can represent "sinister activities." All are together in the sign of Capricorn, which rules "the government" or "authority." Thus, this placement can be defined as "government employees involved in the law with advanced technology and involved with sinister activities." Or, "The Untouchables."

Circled in red above, Ness's Sun falls right smack on Capone's Moon ("the public") and forms a hard T-Square with Capone's Sun and Mars..... THESE TWO WERE MEANT TO BATTLE EACH OTHER. AND THE PUBLIC (The Moon) WAS EITHER HELPING OR NOT HELPING THE CAUSE OF NESS AND HIS UNTOUCHABLES, AS THEY WERE AN INDIRECT PART (some helping and some not helping) WITH THIS CONFLICT BETWEEN NESS AND CAPONE. Circled in green above, note that Ness's Saturn strongly Squares Capone's Jupiter in the 8th House... WITH THE 8th HOUSE RULING TAXES, THIS SQUARE REPRESENTS NESS BUSTING CAPONE FOR TAX AVOIDANCE AND SHRINKING HIS SECRETIVE BANK ACCOUNT (and Capone made LOTS of money while avoiding the I.R.S.) Circled in black above, check out Ness's Uranus Opposition Capone's Neptune (and please note we will see this Uranus/ Neptune combination with RFK vs. Hoffa and also with Pat Garrett vs. Billy The Kid). This defines that both men used dirty tricks to deceive the other, and "shocking surprises" to get back at each other.

Robert Kennedy vs. Jimmy Hoffa

Robert Kennedy (RFK) became attorney general with a goal of going after U.S. organized crime. Organized crime had profited very well in the 1950's, and many claim it was due to the Mafia black mailing J. Edgar Hoover (over his homosexuality) and forcing Hoover to look the other direction, preferably at communists. One of the first people RFK went after was the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union, Jimmy Hoffa. RFK's famous quote regarding Hoffa was "I didn't like him the moment I first met him." Hoffa had cost LOTS of money to U.S. industry with his formation of unions within the trucking industry. But he also revolutionized mediation between unions and corporate America, and Hoffa was reportedly somewhat easy to work with from a union bargaining perspective ... But RFK didn't like Hoffa at all, and wanted him behind bars. Check out the level of hostility between Hoffa and RFK from the movie "Hoffa," with Jack Nicholson playing Jimmy Hoffa. Click

Circled in red above, RFK has Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven, with Jupiter in the 10th House of careers. This indicates careers in religion, law, philosophy, and teaching. Circled in green above is Mars Conjunct Descendant, which is "the area of open enemies."  This placement indicates a need for conflict with others, but is also legendary for being lethal (note: Malcolm X and legendary baseball manager Billy Martin (who loved to argue with umpires) both had this placement. Malcolm X was killed by gunfire, and Billy Martin was killed in an automobile crash. And firearms and automobiles are ruled by Mars). In the case of RFK, his high school principal once said that out of all the Kennedys attending catholic high school, RFK was "the most religious and also the dirtiest fighter." This fits both descriptions of his Jupiter and Mars placements very well. Finally, the T-square of the Vertex (Vx, which defines a "fated encounter") with the Venus Opposition Pluto placement ("powerful or transforming love affair") may have something to do with his affair with Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe has the midpoint of Pluto / North Node ("powerful or transforming connection with a potential for crisis") equal to 15 degrees 48 minutes of the cardinal signs, and this is less than 40 minutes from being equal with RFK's Vertex placement. And the scandals go beyond RFK simply having a love affair with Marilyn Monroe. It has been reported by a few sources that RFK was trying to conduct the Bay of Pigs invasion in the Oval Office (while Marilyn Monroe was there, and JFK not there), possibly to show off that he was his brothers equal (and he wasn't. Anybody with military experience knows that if you're going to conduct a sea to land invasion against huge numbers, you need air support. And RFK didn't have military experience, unlike JFK. If this story of RFK messing up Bay of Pigs is true (and I think it is), it would have been the #1 scandal of the 20th Century, beyond the scandal of LBJ killing JFK).

Circled in red above, Jimmy Hoffa has an exact Conjunction of Moon and Saturn in the 3rd House. Similar to Joan Crawford, this strongly implies an intense childhood, and possibly filled with much argument and debate due to the Square with Mercury in the 12th House. This may actually have benefited Hoffa in the sense of knowledge of mediation of disputes; while Hoffa had connections with organized crime (Black Moon Conjunct Ascendant) he was reportedly good at mediating union disputes (which may be represented by his Venus Trine Midheaven placement, which is circled in blue above). Finally, the Mars Opposition Neptune placement (circled in green above, with Neptune in the 5th House of speculation) indicates that financial gambling or speculation may be hazardous. Hoffa reportedly lost money by investing in Cuba casinos (right before Castro came in) and he would speculate greatly by writing down his plan to skim the Teamster Union's pension fund and getting caught (which may be Mercury Conjunction Black Moon Conjunction Ascendant, circled in red above). This may also be reflective with Black Moon Square Part of Fortune, which indicates "career involving sinister activities" (circled in black above).

Circled in red above, RFK's Sun position Squares Hoffa's Black Moon Conjunct Ascendant position, and forms an Opposition with Hoffa's Moon Conjunct Saturn. RFK was going to be in the environment of Hoffa's illicit activities, plain and simple. The most interesting aspect with this Mercury Conjunct Black Moon aspect of Hoffa is that he explained a plan to a co-conspirator for his "sinister activities" (Black Moon) by writing down his method (Mercury) to skim money from the Teamster Union's pension fund. He wrote this plan on a hunting license (in front of other co-conspirators) during a hunting trip, and this act of writing would be remembered by a future arrested subject willing to make a deal with RFK. This hunting license would be later retrieved from storage at the hunting lodge, with the written accounting method intact and unerased. Hoffa's Mars Opposition Neptune above (circled in green above) features RFK's Moon Conjunct Hoffa's Mars. This indicates many arguments over Hoffa's financial speculations, including the one he wrote on a hunting license that did him in. Finally, circled in blue is RFK's Uranus Trine Hoffa's Neptune. We saw this similar combination with Ness vs. Capone, and we will see it again with Garrett vs. Billy The Kid. The definition is still the same; "shocking acts of deception and disappointment" used by both individuals involved in their rivalry.

Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan

This rivalry in skating will go down as one of the most remembered due to the introduction of assault on one skater in an effort to favor another skater. Tonya Harding was heavily favored to enter the Olympics via ice skating. She had a huge fan club from Oregon and had a very attentive family, especially her mother (who may have been too attentive and too aggressive with Harding achieving success in ice skating. Harding claims her mother once spanked her with a hairbrush in the bathroom at a skating rink). Nancy Kerrigan was a bronze medalist ice skater from the 1992 Olympics, and was clearly a serious competitor of Tonya Harding. In an effort to favor Harding, Kerrigan was attacked with a club in January of 1994, with an injury to the knee. The assailant was Harding's ex-husband. Harding would plead guilty to hindering the prosecution of Kerrigan, but would claim no part in the attack. Harding was fined $100,000, forced to resign from the U.S. Figure Skaters Association, and placed on three years probation. Kerrigan would recover from her injury, and go on to win the silver medal.

Circled in red above, Kerrigan's Midheaven is close to the World Points and Squares the midpoint of Uranus and Pluto (which is near the Descendant (Dsc)). In addition to "reputation," the Midheaven definition also defines that what she may be remembered for the most (her "legacy"). In Kerrigan's case, it will concern something "shocking and transforming" .... beyond the Olympics and hosting ABC's "Dancing With The Stars." Circled in green above is the possible "key" to Kerrigan's assault. The North Node Trine Black Moon placement represents "connection with sinister activity," and the midpoint of this equals Kerrigan's natal Moon. This is significant; the Moon represents "a woman, the family, the public, employees" may be responsible for some sort of sinister act in her lifetime.

Circled in red above, Harding's Mercury Conjunct Neptune placement ("disappointing news") forms a T-Square with the North and South Nodes. This represents "a connection with disappointing news." Circled in green above is the massive 5th House placement of Venus Conjunct Jupiter Conjunct Sun placement forming a Trine with the Ascendant. This may represent the huge fan base that Harding had while involved in 5th House ruling sports and entertainment. The Trine of Moon Conjunct Saturn with the Part of Fortune (circled in black above) takes place with the Part of Fortune near the Descendant ("the area of open enemies"). I view this as Harding's family playing a role in her professional development (represented by the Part of Fortune), but at the same time, her family would also be her "worst open enemy" in the course of such professional development. 

Circled in red above, Harding's Pluto Conjuncts Kerrigan's Descendant (and also Conjuncts Kerrigan's midpoint of Uranus / Pluto, which also forms a Square with Kerrigan's Midheaven). Pluto can represent "the gangster," and near the Descendant this is the probable direction Harding (or her family) may have gone in terms of doing something shocking to Harding's competition that will be remembered by many. Circled in green above, Harding's Sun position is Conjunct with Kerrigan's Moon. The Sun can often act as a "flashlight," and thus this Sun position may represent "the activator" of Kerrigan's "connection with sinister activity" (represented by North Node Trine Black Moon), along with Harding's Saturn ("father figure, older person") in Opposition with Kerrigan's Moon (which is circled in blue above). This Saturn position may represent Harding's ex-husband who attacked Kerrigan. 

Pat Garrett vs. Billy The Kid 

The legend of Pat Garrett versus Billy The Kid (William H. Bonney) is still one of the best kept secrets of American Wild West history. And unfortunately at the present time, the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque (which was "the citadel" of knowledge that concerned the famous rift between Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid) is presently focused on racial issues that took place in the early part of New Mexico's history, as opposed to the significant power struggles in the early part of New Mexico's history. And this is the same U.N.M. Albuquerque that now excludes the history portions that concern early New Mexico bankers (with many of these bankers having Union Army and Freemason connections) and their theft of lands from Mexican sheep herders in the New Mexico territory via banking tricks (but racism is never discussed in the context of this part of New Mexico's history). In addition to banking practices of the old U.S. west being declared the electrical third rail of New Mexico history (unlike the confiscation of firearms from U.S. citizens in a town called Tombstone), this absence of New Mexico history may also be due to descendants and heirs of these criminal bankers still living in New Mexico today, and in powerful positions. And these same individuals still lie about what really happened in New Mexico in the late 1800's, including the famous rift between Pat Garrett versus Billy The Kid. This is evident with the way New Mexico high schools currently teach U.S. history: New Mexico high schools currently teach their students that Billy The Kid was "a cop killer (and nothing else)and that Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri was "killed by a racist cop (and nothing else)." And discussions of the backgrounds of these named individuals are not allowed, along with the types of crime that took place in the environments of these same named individuals.

Circled in red above is Neptune Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune. I view this as a significant component of the horoscope of Billy The Kid, because he survived and made his living by deceiving others. Bonney escaped from three jails in his short life, and he did it by making others believe he was insignificant and harmless. Bonney also made his living by gambling via Three Card Monty in his mid teens, and was reportedly good at it. He also wore a gamblers ring on his pinky finger that was reportedly shined to a mirror finish. This allowed Bonney to see the cards he was dealing to others via reflection off the ring. Bonney became very good at card gambling; he would eventually purchase a pistol and endless amounts of ammunition (which he used for both pistol practice and transactions; bullets were often used as currency in the U.S. wild west). And gambling is further well-pronounced on Bonney's chart with Jupiter Trine Neptune (circled in orange above), along with the Sun placement in the 5th House. This Jupiter Trine Neptune Placement is often seen in charts of financial speculators. Circled in green above, the Uranus Opposition Vertex placement indicates "fated encounters with revolutionary or rebellious associates." Circled in black above, Mars (which rules firearms) Trines Chiron (with Chiron in the 8th House, which rules death). This placement may define the legendary gun skill of Billy The Kid, especially with killing others in gunfights. The Square of Mars with the Ascendant (circled in blue above) indicates the many "gunfights in the environment" that Bonney had to endure in his short lifetime.

Circled in red above, Garrett's Sun Square Jupiter (with the Sun near the Ascendant) is indicative of "one being able to make a favorable impression in the environment." Garrett was reportedly always able to find work, but he also  reportedly lost a lot of money via gambling. This may be attributed to the Neptune Trine Venus Trine Vertex (Vx) placement (circled in black above), with the Vx in the 5th House of speculation. However, this same Grand Trine may also define "a fated encounter involving deception with a relationship." We will see the significance of this Grand Trine definition in the next chart. Circled in orange above, Garrett's Neptune Square Chiron may define his atheist beliefs (but it may also define his lack of success with gambling). Finally, circled in green above, is Mars Trine Part of Fortune. Garrett would achieve professional success in Mars areas involving "police and military;" Garrett would be elected sheriff of Lincoln County and would also become a member of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough-Riders.

Similar to Ness vs. Capone and RFK vs. Hoffa, the Uranus / Neptune placement is also present with Garrett vs. Billy The Kid. Circled in red above, Bonney gets "a fated encounter" (Vx) with "shocking deception" ( Garrett's Neptune Square Bonney's Uranus). Circled in green above, Garrett's Mars Squares Bonney's Moon. This is similar to RFK's Moon Conjunct Hoffa's Marsarguments and conflict were very probable between Garrett and Bonney. Finally, circled in black above, is what I define as "the key" to Garrett defeating Billy The Kid. This is indicated by the Grand Cross (circled via black ink) that features Garrett's Sun, Garrett's midpoint of (Uranus / Pluto) / Black Moon ("very shocking act of a sinister nature"), Garrett's Jupiter, and Garrett's Descendant ("the area of open enemies"). This Grand Cross of Garrett applies hard to Bonney's Venus placement, which rules relationships. This indicates "individual success" (Sun / Jupiter) with "a shocking sinister act" ((Uranus / Pluto) / Black Moon) involving "an open enemy" (Descendant) of "a lover or important friend of Bonney" (Bonney's natal Venus). And how did Garrett achieve this successful killing of Billy The Kid? Was it possibly via a horrific sinister act involving a lover or friend as indicated by the horoscope of William H. Bonney?  Let me explain .... I am of a part of critics here in New Mexico who believes that Pat Garrett killed Billy The Kid via an ambush of him in the bedroom of lover Paulita Maxwell (a.k.a. Bonney's natal Venus, which Conjuncts Garrett's Descendant). This is opposed to Pat Garrett's written story in which he claimed he killed Billy The Kid by accidentally running into him while talking with Paulita's brother Pete Maxwell (and talking with him in Spanish) in Pete's bedroom. By the way, Pete Maxwell spoke English also. Many New Mexico historians do not buy Garrett's version of how he killed Billy The Kid. This is  especially evident when one considers that Pat Garrett killed Billy's last surviving friends (Charlie Bowdre and Tom O'Folliard) by ambush, and not by face-to-face shoot outs (which is how Garrett claimed he killed Billy The Kid). The famous grave of Bowdre, O'Folliard, and Bonney is seen below. Placed in a cage to keep souvenir hunters out, there is finally a cage that Billy The Kid could not escape from.

Finally, please note that Pat Garrett was regarded as a buffalo hunter (and a "bushwacker" who thus used ambush on his prey), and whose reported favorite weapon was a Sharps rifle (which was reportedly used to kill both Bowdre and O'Folliard, and both received direct hits to the heart). These killings of Bowdre and O'Folliard are dissonant and contrasting with Garrett's claim that he accidentally runs into Bonney (while talking Spanish with Pete Maxwell in his bedroom) and shooting The Kid down in face-to-face pistol shoot-out. I don't buy Pat Garrett's story or his accounting on how he killed Billy The Kid, and I never will. He ambushed Charlie Bowdre and Tom O'Follard, and he also ambushed Billy The Kid using his lover and friend Paulita Maxwell (a.k.a. Venus) as bait. And Garrett used a rifle in all three ambushes, because this was the weapon of choice of Pat Garrett of which he used to do what he was legendary for: ambush and killing.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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