Sananda Spills Secrets:  "Mass Landings" - Why Ships Are Not Perceived is Directly Linked to Human Veil Filters = Critical Mass [Mass Consciousness] is Blind To the Realization of Off-Worlders Until ***WE*** Change Reality (Thought Provoking)


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By Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ, Ascended)

Through the body of Rev. Deb Wright

In a Public Channeling


Part of a message from the Galactic Federation indicated that their next step, which has already been planned by the Creator, is that they are poised and ready to make their appearance in the skies on a worldwide scale.

Well, we’ve always been [ready]. You have to come to the understanding that freewill choice within humans has to follow the Law of Critical Mass. When the Law of Critical Mass does not believe in life off this world [i.e. ships], then we have to remain out of sight.

The Law of Critical Mass CANNOT prevent us from saving the innocents in time of dire distress, and that is our job. f human freewill choice in the hands of a few individuals were to put the peoples of this planet in peril, then we can override the Law of Critical Mass and come in at anytime and remove the innocent so they do not have to suffer. So that has been a priority for us since your First World War. And it has become IMPERATIVE for us since your Second World War.

We remain ever vigilant for that need to come in, however, what you are referring to in that information is the fact that critical mass is at the point of change, and the point of change being, the critical mass exactly thinking"There MAY be those that live off-world". That’s why you see more of what you refer to as ‘sightings’ in certain areas because the areas that the sightings usually take place in are areas of high concentration of the critical mass that DO believe.

Now, you may wonder why the majority of those sightings are seen near your military bases. Well, that because they HAVE to believe <grin> Do you understand? So… are we ready to just blanket the planet with a mass landing? No, because there is no ‘need’ to yet. We do have a few dry runs here and there to liven things up a bit. <grin>

That’s what I want, so that it can’t be covered up anymore. Not enough to scare the wits out of every living soul on the planet, those that don’t believe, but enough so that it can’t be covered up no matter what.


That has already taken place, but it’s still been covered up. And the reason it’s been covered up is because of the critical mass equation. The majority of people refuse to believe, so the majority of human brains simply cannot get out of their veiled programming to see any evidence of offworld life, such as ships.

I can guarantee you something. Those that choose to believe that there is NOT life off of this planet -- are the ones in which a ship with a non-human alien being can land in their front yard -- and they’re STILL not going to believe. They will refuse to believe. And the reason they will refuse to believe is because of their conditioning of their brain. Their brain will see it [a ship] as a ‘strange tree that just grew in the middle of the yard’ or something.


Or a big eagle. <laughing>


Exactly! You have to understand how the human mind works. The brain is a complicated computer, and you have spent your lifetime programming your brain to belief certain specific things. And if it sees something that is not of those certain specific things, THE BRAIN WILL REFUSE TO SEE IT, and see something else instead.

You can only equate your occurance of seeing flying ships as an equasion of what you know. The term ‘Sananda’s Eagles’ has been around longer than any of you have been alive, probably than any of you have been alive in the past four or five lifetimes. The ships that you see or hear about have been perceived as ‘eagles’ long before I walked this planet as your Jesus. They were ‘big birds’, because there was NO comprehension of how they could be perceived otherwise. And I guarantee you, the brains of the people that saw them and perceived them as birds, did not see them as ‘ships’. They saw BIRDS… with the wings, the feathers, the claws, the beaks, the whole shebang. They saw birds.


We have giving A GREAT DEAL OF information to lightworkers about perceiving and seeing ships in order to change critical mass. We shall see what happens.



Can you spare a mere 15 minutes per day to send out intentions to light up the grids for the ASCENSION of GAIA, and all of her inhabitants? If so, we would love to have you be a member of our PROJECT: EAGLE TRIAD family. Write to us at janisel(@) 
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    your team.. please further advise how i can join with you. WITH ALL MY HEART/SOUL/BEINGNESS





  • But what about those of us that DO believe in 'off Earth' life and yet still do not see anything?!! I'm so frustrated with that. I have been watching the skies for over a decade and still I see nothing. Why? I completely believe that Earth is being visited by other life forms/peoples and yet I see nothing. I don't understand. What can I do so that I can SEE!!! I never doubt the existence of others because there is too much evidence, and much evidence from reputable people too! I completely believe, because for Earth to be the only planet in the entire universe with 'intelligent' life is just beyond ridiculous. HELP!!! I WANT TO SEE WITH MY OWN EYES!!! What can I do to change this? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Peace, love and light. 

  • One more thing Dreamsicle. . .
    Since I wrote that I wanted to add, my gratitude to you for what I learned of my unhealed stuff. Not until I was writing about
    The influences of my sensitivities did it become more clear to me why.
    Now I know what to do. Until right then I had not made the connection because I sure thought I had cleared and moved through all the stuff from those intense days.
    At any rate, I am severely handicapped in the technology deptment right now and the last reply was a mess because I lost the reply 3 times trying to do this on a very challenged cell phone.
    Thanks for showing me where I needed to look.
    Oke doke artichokee
    Onward & Upward
    • I am overjoyed to see the amount of growth{in us all} since my first encounters with you, DS and myself.

      I humbly bow to you in honor faith. It took great courage to publicly admit a shortcoming then admit your "offender" taught you a lesson. Now that this veil has lifted, this is a cross you no longer have to bear...your choice.

  • The all and sundry writings and recorded lectures emitted by the many humans who claim to ‘channel’ the teachings of incorporeal and dimensional beings, ET’s, visitors ascended masters, Jesus Gaia, etc… who reside on other planes/dimensions and of other existence that seem fit to grace the many internet sites, blog pages, seminars etc….etc…many welcome all that is to be said as truths, enlighten wisdom….and consult as scripture!...

    Personally I feel that if said ‘channelling’ has come from, higher dimensional beings, ET, visitors, ascended masters, e.t.c. That the ‘work’ dialogue and info, should be imparted uncorrupted by the human individual, that these ‘beings’, from where ever place they supposedly reside should be sufficiently capable of giving their host full understanding of applicable and correct accurate wisdom, that is free from individual innuendo, speculation and ambiguities and of course ego.

     By its very nature, channellings tends to elude proof—and disproof—and of course the field is as rife with fraud as are some manifestations of religiosity and alternatives thereof. Still, channellings in their various forms are so widespread, that the use of discernment and of individual thought can be marred by the myriad of near similar dialogue that seek to convince they are truer than another.

    But at the end of the day, as with any spiritual belief systems, any who consult channelled material, it must be judged on its own merits. That is, does the channelling of a particular person or the channelled source’s advice make one happier, or feel better, or contribute to healthier concepts, or at least help in some way, or perhaps for one to score better points over another.

     As with any spiritual phenomena, your mileage may vary….. And initially…… the only real authorities on how helpful or how believable any channelled material really are……..ultimately is the individual...... whether it is right, wrong or otherwise they chose their own direction, and follow which ever path that at that time may seem the best way to go. That is their free will…..

    • Much of the channeled information that I read (especially in the "Sedona Journal of Emergence" magazine) is more about ideas and consciousness expanding as well as practical tips, rather than predictions.  As such, I find it "food for thought" and enjoy most all of it.  Much of the information and understanding that has been given to the planet through channeling (perhaps starting with the Seth books of Jane Roberts, although, of course, the field had its antecedents in Edgar Cayce, Alice Bailey, Theosophy, etc.) was just not available through the restricted MSM venues.  Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniack (which came out in the early 90s) channeled by the Pleiadians, was a groundbreaking book for me (as were the Seth Books) and referred to channeling as bypassing the traditional Cabal controlled publishing establishment.  As in any genre of reading (whether a newspaper or a scientific exposition or any other) one needs to always use utmost discernment and discover that which resonates in the moment, for oneself.  The soul wears paradigms and bodies of ideas like our physical body wears clothes.  We should feel free to don and doff (archaic contractions for "do on" and "do off") our concepts as we see fit.  As we are learning and unlearning all through life.  Or as the Pleiadians (thru Marciniack) said:  "Be prepared to spin on a dime" in each moment of accelerated consciousness.

    • Very well said! Hence Joseph's coat of many colors.

      We must remember ALL spiritual concepts are MANMADE.

      • Agreed...

    • Agreed LB.
      Thank you
      Happy trails . . .
  • Because we have knowledge of them we can't see them? (that doesn't make any sense)

    What about the tribes and old civilizations visited by this beings, they didn't even have consciousness of their existence...

This reply was deleted.

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