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Hello every one amor y paz,

           Im an artist and i want to integrate sacred geometry into my artwork. Ive been looking around on the net but cant find great reference yet. I would like to find out more specific info on the meanings of the shapes and the multiplication powers. I love art/science and math, and would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me become a more complete artist.

On a side note, i had past life visions when i was 3 years old and i used to say i was a High Priest. I also drew a symbol multiple times ...

It was a simple 3 sided pyramid, in each corner of the pyramid there was an eye, and in each eye there was a different symbol in the pupil, the bottom left eye had a vertical line through it, the bottom right eye had a horizontal line through it(like a minus sign), and the top eye had a plus symbol or cross symbol.

My mother was astounded, i was very insistent about these visions, and i drew the symbol alot anyway i have looked for info but havent found far I think the symbol has something to do with the unification of mind and soul and completion...but ive never seen it represented that way PLEASE HELP


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3x eyes, Eye of Ra see only truth, Eye of Thoth sees only dream/illusion, and together they form the third, The all seeing eye of Horus. Just one map.
Dear Leoganro,

If you care to join AGC net site you will find a group under Sacred Geometry.

Please browse and may you gather more light in your journey.


If you love art, science and math, have you considered any work with fractals? Very quantum and, in my opinion, a form of sacred geometry. There is an artist's website where you can view examples of what she's done combining fractal theory with sacred geometrical form. Very beautiful stuff:
Hi Oscar,

One name that comes to mind instantly is that of Drunvalo Melchizedek and his work on the "the flower of life" as a diagram. There are others who've explored the "golden mean", "Vitruvian man" (da vinci), "metatrons cube", "vessica piscis", "tree of life", the labryinths, the arabesque and a whole horde of diagrams from the kabbalah that explain the cosmology of the Western esoteric universe.

In the eastern and particularly Hindu/Buddhist context - there are the Yantras, the mandalas and the symbols like the "Bindu".

In the contemporary context you have the "crop circles", "bush barrow", "ley lines", "San Gaku", etc.

Enjoy your exploration among these realms. They are sure to open up new avenues of magical pathways to you.


with intent,
much love, light and laughter



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