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Steve Beckow: I haven’t had the chance to listen to the whole of Russell Brand’s interview with Alex Jones but what I heard is about as thought-provoking as … well, as Russell Brand always is. Russell is precise, deep, and amusing. Here he is on Syria and the mainstream media’s manipulation of the news. Thanks to Lucinda.

Note from Wes: I highly recommend this interview. Both Russel and Alex were spot on with what they were saying. I've honestly gained a newfound respect for Alex Jones after this. 

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  • ~here's some more Multidimensional food for thought... despite the poor video quality, this discussion with Russel, Daniel Pinchbeck & Graham Hancock is well worth the time.



    • Haven't watched it yet, Stick, but it seems very interesting to me that Brand and Hancock appear in the same video. It also makes sense, though.

      Much Love! 

      Wes :) 

  • Avatar....

    Just so you know that I know what is happening in the United States even though I live in Canada....

    My hubby is American. He served his country for over 19 years. He talks daily to old friends who hold high positions now in the Military...he also talks to those who are serving now...and also in touch with a few different countries intelligent agencies.... I probably have more information at my disposal that most average Americans...if I so wanted it.

    I also have friends and family who are American....both Liberal and Conservative....talking with them gives me both sides of the story. I also have been on political blogs for the past five years... is not a fringe element that know that Saudi Arabia is controlling your President. If you dig deep enough you can find the clues to actually figure this out.

    Not all Americans will know this though..... some still believe that folks don't like President Obama cuz of his skin color.....but not "all" dislike him for that reason.

    I know that you might not like it when a "Person from another country" know what is happening to your place of residence....just remember though that what happens in your country inevitably impacts my it is in my best interest to research everything I can so I know what is coming down the pipe.

    wishing you all love and Peace....


  • Nancy...

    We have classes for learning how Gov't.s operate....they aren't called civics classes though. It's in a Social Studies class.


  • Couldn't of said it better, Feather! We're all coming together and dissolving instated separation in this age. 

    Much Love! 

    Wes :) 

  • Yeah Peekay, the rest of the world's view of Americans has been one of assuming we're all complacent to our government. 

    More Americans are awakening every day and holding the PTW responsible for what they've done, and I too experience Love and a sense of community in this country (though admittedly that sense of community still has a lot of growing to do) 

    The United States is a beautiful land that was once untainted by greed and desire for profit, and it's people are awakening en masse. Perhaps the rest of the world will have a slightly different viewpoint when seeing just how awakened some here in the states have become....

    Much Love! 

    Wes :)

  • Indeed, Peekay. I only wish we still had Hicks, Lennon and Carlin too! 

    Much Love, 

    Wes :)

  • Certainly understandable, Avatar. One definitely has to be of a certain vibration to "take" all of Alex Jones' material, and I'll admit to following his updates little beyond this interview with Russell Brand. 

    Much Love! 

    Wes :) 

  • he like to wear hugo boss jackets

  • Thank you Russell and that is just amazing how many many people awakening more and more in every day...

    much love to every ONE


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