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Royal Fools Of The Century Prince Harry And Meghan Who Don't Even Know That Michelle Obama Is A Man In Disguise

Which planet do they live in as they are really fools if they don’t know that Michelle Obama is a man who is made to look like a women by 22 assistants 

Meghan met Mrs Obama backstage, in what has been dubbed a 'power meeting'. They discussed a range of topics including pregnancy and raising a family


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Prince Harry enjoys a close relationship with Mrs Obama and President Obama

It is known Michael Robinson had 22 assistants to help him get ready for each morning…. to make the transformation into Michelle Obama…. but Michael being a man, could not stop flexing his muscles and scratching what the costume was hiding… and well, at some point, every man knows, it is nice to take a day or two from shaving!

Q has dropped well over 25000 memes!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ!Xk1l0ZZI

Q featured at O.N.E. News

Now it must be so difficult to keep the illusion going… which if you have thick whiskers… it would be a constant race against time, to keep touching up the ones poking through the pancake makeup.

I also found this image from telegraph UK… not sure which one is the authentic one since mainstream media does major cover up in this matter… however there is still a sign of facial hair.

Life after no longer having 22 assistants…

Michael will likely be part of the military tribunals, and would be sent to Guantamino bay… to the men’s prison cells…. no special privileges… no more make up and dresses!… No more high heels, designer dresses paid by government… and wigs and 22 assistants helping to get ready in the morning… no sir… it will constant monitoring, and hitting the gym, and regular morning shaves…

Send love humanity to everybody and everything and don’t be fooled 

Indian On The Machine 

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Can someone please tell them that it’s a man in disguise they are talking to as they have been both fooled by him.

If you have Royals who are fools then you don’t really need them ...what a waste of time and money keeping Royal Fools 

King Of The World Speech From Inner Earth Kingdom Of Agatha 


The Hutuktu of Narabanchi related the following to me, when I visited him in his monastery in the beginning of 1921:
“When the King of the World appeared before the Lamas, favored of God, in this monastery thirty years ago he made a prophecy for the coming half century. It was as follows:
“‘More and more the people will forget their souls and care about their bodies. The greatest sin and corruption will reign on the earth. People will become as ferocious animals, thirsting for the blood and death of their brothers. The ‘Crescent’ will grow dim and its followers will descend into beggary and ceaseless war. Its conquerors will be stricken by the sun but will not progress upward and twice they will be visited with the heaviest misfortune, which will end in insult before the eye of the other peoples. The crowns of kings, great and small, will fall . . . one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. . . . There will be a terrible battle among all the peoples. The seas will become red . . . the earth and the bottom of the seas will be strewn with bones . . . kingdoms will be scattered . . . whole peoples will die . . . hunger, disease, crimes unknown to the law, never before seen in the world. The enemies of God and of the Divine Spirit in man will come. Those who take the hand of another shall also perish. The forgotten and pursued shall rise and hold the attention of the whole world. There will be fogs and storms. Bare mountains shall suddenly be covered with forests. Earthquakes will come. . . . Millions will change the fetters of slavery and humiliation for hunger, disease and death. The ancient roads will be covered with crowds wandering from one place to another. The greatest and most beautiful cities shall perish in fire . . . one, two, three. . . . Father shall rise against son, brother against brother and mother against daughter. . . . Vice, crime and the destruction of body and soul shall follow. . . . Families shall be scattered. . . . Truth and love shall disappear. . . . From ten thousand men one shall remain; he shall be nude and mad and without force and the knowledge to build him a house and find his food. . . . He will howl as the raging wolf, devour dead bodies, bite his own flesh and challenge God to fight. . . . All the earth will be emptied. God will turn away from it and over it there will be only night and death. Then I shall send a people, now unknown, which shall tear out the weeds of madness and vice with a strong hand and will lead those who still remain faithful to the spirit of man in the fight against Evil. They will found a new life on the earth purified by the death of nations. In the fiftieth year only three great kingdoms will appear, which will exist happily seventy-one years. Afterwards there will be eighteen years of war and destruction. Then the peoples of Agharti will come up from their subterranean caverns to the surface of the earth.’”

THIS IS THE BIT TO REMEMBER : The crowns of kings, great and small, will fall . . . one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. . . . So the Royals are in for chop chop anyway they are mostly meat eaters so they are what they eat not what they think they are 



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