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Project Camelot interview with Robert Sales

This has only just been released but filmed in 2005


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..the one u posted Ann, has Great interviews...Ralph Ring one of my favorites and highly recommended...thnx... :)
ohh my i was just chekking this out at work, i work in an isurance company in Norway and the acsess was blocked that has to mean something !! same thing ahappens when i go to ashtar command sites and galactic ruondtabel to ! !! wow
Intresting can you clarifiy what the nature of the acess is?
Are you saying the computers where you work are blocking information of a specific
Topics or anything relating to these types of storeys?
yes they are a while ago it was open but the axess is blocked now.
clearly the words ashtar galactic and specific words are blocked !
i think this is not random but planed things :(
Think we have to focus on what we are here to do spead love light and peace !
i focus on going within and let the iluminati do what they always have done the light will hit them annytime soon now :) :)
Yes I do think that this is the case; there are so many things to distract from
The magnificent things that are happening at this time, I feel fortunate to have had some interesting things happen to me over the years and this time now is the final act that we have all come to be a part off, I am grateful to be here on the Earth to be a player of this great Experiment.
Please forgive me here is the link I forgot to include:!

US military Nuclear missiles are being shut down by Extraterrestrial forces
UFOs and Nuclear Base Shut Down 1 of 5

Thanx fore sharing Nice to see some good photage :) 
I Welcome them In to My space :) 
UFO synopsis

For your intrest......
Yes that could be the case but come the day that no missile or other nuclear threat will
cease to exist will be a fine day. I know we have ways of producing power for free and
Not producing any pollution, but the people involved have had so much grief and
threats against them that I welcome the day that a greater force for good closes down
all destructive technologies that cause unbalance. I suspect that the other scenario is
to create a threat to use as the excuse to unite the world in an attempts to fight of this
threat by creating there New World Order. The only way to know that which is real and
that which is not is threw our very own Hart where we must discern what is real by communing
With our divinity directly.





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