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Fri. March 27 2020 9:01 pm EST nvflemingjr: Our Military Intel Contact reported:

1. He said he was sorry for all of us who were exhausted and on the edge, tired of the wait. Behind the scenes Elders, the Department of Defense, US Treasury, Trump & decision-makers have been moving liquidity release out as fast as legally and logistically possible after Trump signed the stimulus bill at 4:30 pm EDT Fri. 27 March.

2. He said THIS IS REALLY THE END FOR US IN T4B (and all tiers) because Trump etc have the needed COVER STORY for RV monies flooding the economy in the stimulus bill. As Trump tweeted today, this $2.2 trillion stimulus bill is the LARGEST EVER in USA history and the RV/GCR liquidity release is the LARGEST MOST COMPLICATED release in HUMAN HISTORY.

3. Many parts and pieces globally were now moving globally, like Zurich Isaac's ZIM being processed. "Please keep practicing continued patience because you all are going in now to receive funds to help those in need and heal the planet."

4. The Deep State has fought the RV/GCR tooth and nail up to Pelosi's stunts this past week, but they have lost.

5. Continued prayers were appreciated. Deep State agents continued to be contained during this final roll out underway right now.

6. This release progress would stay on course because Trump, China and the world were desperate for the RV funds now.

7. The IMF wanted to start the public (T5) by Wed. 15 April.

8. Tier4b redemption would be in the intervening days from now through next week – that would be a week of fulfillment for us and all Tiers.

9. He confirmed the PM contact’s Intel that the Dubai 1 funds transferred a couple of weeks ago into holding accounts (to be followed at a particular point by Dubai 2 funds in holding accounts) began being released at 5:15 pm EDT today Fri 27 March and within hours of the Stimulus Bill being passed and signed.

10. This afternoon of Fri. 27 March the US Treasury started an adjudicated legal order of liquidity release.

11. He said that the release was underway right now. The US Treasury was making final distributions to the Fines & Penalties and the sovereign accounts of the adjudicated settlements, taking holds off accounts and adjusting all the many accounts at the current locked-in rates from the Forex updated at 2 am EDT this morning Fri. 27 March. Then they would move to T1-3 accounts and T4A/B.

12. He confirmed that to make sure that transactions processed in the Quantum Financial System under the USN, earlier this week they started the conversion of fiat USD to gold-backed USN.

13. He also confirmed that earlier this afternoon Fri 27 March the Admiral was waiting at the bank to complete that conversion of fiat USD to gold-backed USN.

14. He confirmed your Reno contact being gagged and planned to get to Reno for the payout action starting NOW.

15. He said that since our T4B ZIM redemptions would create liquidity in the whole system, they could start T4B redemption at any time going forward. This was being kept quiet for security and for our protection.

16. He confirmed that the Department of Defense sources were "hugely buoyant" for notifications as early as today Fri 27 March.

17. For security reasons he could not say when T4B notifications were coming out, but to be ready to start at any time between now and Mon-Tue 30, 31 March. They could start us tomorrow Sat. 28 March.

18. The delays of the past week were (1) primarily Pelosi and Deep State interference in getting the bill passed; and (2) the Corona Virus CDC protocol delays in redemption centers.

19. The banks were closed Tue-Wed-Thu 24-26 March because of CDC & other preparations for RV release & redemptions.

20. The banks were fully expecting to start us today Fri 27 March with the new international rates as updated on the Forex at 2 am EDT and were angry at Pelosi & Massie for delaying the Stimulus Bill and delaying our start today Fri. 27 March.

21. CDC health safety redemption protocols were in place in the Redemption Centers and banks to keep exchange personnel and currency holders safe from infection.

22. In the last 2-3 days banks and redemption centers have had a long list of 50+ items from CDC that they have had to implement (checking temp's, swabbing, surface sterilization, minimizing spread of viruses, social distance standing 6 ft apart, etc).

23. They will have black lights to check currencies and to neutralize viruses on currency notes, before verifying them through the De La Rue machines.

24. They were asking people to keep currency notes safe and clean and to put and keep them in denominational order.

25. On Zim redemption:

At the first appointment we would briefly describe our project plan and needed to accept the rate that we were offered at that time. If we tried to ask for higher rate beyond what we were offered, we ran the risk of appearing to be greedy. If the exchange bankers perceived us as greedy, and/or if we were belligerent and non-cooperative, they would reduce the Zim Rate offered.

Even the lowest Zim rate offered at the first appointment would give you more money than you would ever need to do projects and for your family for generations. Zim redemptions would yield almost too much money in the world post RV.

At the second appointment we could ask for a higher Zim Rate if we felt it was needed for our project. As representatives of the US Treasury, the Wealth Manager and Private Banking Team would let us know if in accordance with our project plans, our projects qualified for a higher Zim Rate. If so, the WM & team working for us would negotiate with the US Treasury for us and obtain a higher rate for us.

26. If you were a Zim holder with currencies to exchange there would be no Contract Rates offered to you. You could only ask for Contract Rates if you held currencies and no Zim.

27. Rates would be high and we would be pleased with all ZIM & currency rates.

28. He confirmed info from an anon on He said he liked the anon's anonymous posters that communicated on with QAnon - the White House insider that represented the inner circle of DoD decision-makers with Trump.

29. He confirmed that this was accurate info on Q and the Alliance: ).

30. He confirmed an Anon post that as of yesterday Thurs. 26 March that there was liquidity draining from the Federal Reserve and Wall Street banks that was beginning to publicly reveal that the Federal Reserve Bank has been folded in under the US Treasury umbrella, disempowering the Deep State (Rothschilds, etc) control of the central bank and monetary system in the USA. He said that History was happening before our eyes:

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RV/Intelligence Alert: "Evident" -- March 28, 2020

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

It is now becoming evidently clear that the GESARA agenda is being implemented worldwide.
In the last report for March 20, it was stated that GESARA events number 1, 2, 3, and 18 were in the early stages of implementation.

It is now safe to assume the implementation of event number 13 is also in progress.

"13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply."

Q Post 3904:

Patriots in Control of the Federal Reserve System
This is not another [4] year election.

The quote from the Twitter post which is sourced from a Bloomberg article posted by Yahoo Finance is as follows, "This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump."

Q Post 3903:

[infiltration instead of invasion]

More events related to GESARA are expected to occur in the coming months.

The transition to a new monetary system is now in full motion and will become a reality in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile with the CV pandemic, various public officials and/or figures have tested positive for CV.

The Deep State Cabal are behind the cause of the CV pandemic in an effort to delay the transition.

However, this plan has backfired on them and has actually accelerated the transition process.

The Earth Alliance is now using the fabricated pandemic to move in on the Deep State Cabal.

Sources are claiming that the 'storm' has officially begun.

According to a Pentagon insider via David Wilcock, the 'storm' is an event that would include mass arrests, the issuance of new currency, and the launch of the Global Currency Reset (GCR).

Most of the world has joined the Earth Alliance and Defender Europe 20 was used as a cover for covert military operations to rid Europe of Deep State Cabal strongholds.

Even Saudi Arabia has deliberately cratered the price of oil to bankrupt the Deep State Cabal.

It is evident that most of the world is working against the Deep State Cabal.

Project Looking Glass is at Q's disposal, the Deep State Cabal cannot win.

We have front row seats to the most epic show on Earth.

Watch as the Deep State Cabal comes crashing down.

New Q: End of the Fed -- Sierra (NZ)

A new Q drop indicates that the Fed has ended. The Q drop links to a financial article that describes how the Federal Reserve and Treasury are to merge into one organization. Who will be in charge of that organization? President Trump.

Q drop number 3904 on 27th March leads to a tweet by IrOnbelly...

'RIP Federal Reserve!!!
This is Huge!!!
"This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organisation. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J Trump".'

The quote in the tweet is from this financial article...

In Q drop number 2619 from 12th December 2018, an Anon asks... 'Do we have the gold?'

Q responds...

Gold shall destroy the FED.'

A perfect storm is gathering. Mass arrests...destruction of the Federal Reserve...RV/GCR....NESARA/GESARA.

It seems that a prison ship - not a 'hospital' ship, a PRISON ship - is now anchored off NYC.

Also think about it. Why would President Trump make a special trip to a naval facility in Virginia to 'kiss goodbye' to the Comfort 'hospital' ship - when it is just traveling up the coast to NYC? Unless the importance of that ship is SO GREAT to the security of the nation? Then, indeed, he would want to see it off in person.

We live in very interesting times, dear friends.

Intel is swirling around the internet about the potential for Ten Days of Darkness. President Trump may take over the Emergency Alert System in USA (and possibly world wide) to broadcast to humanity the horrendous truth about satanic child sacrifices which result in the murder of millions of children world wide every year. Yes, MILLIONS.

This devastating news will shock humanity to the core. Life on Earth/Gaia will never be the same again. Once those Ten Days of Darkness are over ('darkness' refers to the dark news being broadcast), Light will descend upon Earth in Easter Weekend. We will emerge from the horror to a beautiful new 5D world of abundance and peace.

Humanity will be free at last.

Don't believe it? Did you imagine just two months ago that a global pandemic could manifest and confine you to your home for a month, shutting down all businesses in your area?

Anything is possible - and necessary - in the war to liberate humanity.

All is well!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Rescue" -- April 2, 2020

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Rumors suggests that hospital ships Comfort and Mercy are being covertly used to care for Human Trafficking rescuees.
If true, the arrival of Comfort and Mercy is just on time with the National Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) declared by President Trump in 2017.

It is a possibility that the Earth Alliance has begun mass rescue operations for human trafficking victims while the public stays indoors during the quarantine.

Human trafficking is one of the Deep State Cabal's sources of income.

Sources are claiming that there will soon be a nationwide shutdown of phone and internet which may indicate the beginning of mass arrests.

Meanwhile, censorship is being removed from all Social Media platforms prior to the shutdown.

The Emergency Broadcast System will remain active during this shutdown.

The mass arrests are expected to last for 3 days and updates will be given via the Emergency Broadcast System.

Sources are also claiming that the CV pandemic will be used to bring forth an global economic reset.

The transition has begun.

Once the transition is over, a New Financial System is expected to be in place and with the New Financial System in place -- the long-awaited currency redemption event will begin.

"Trump may not be the hero you want, but he's the hero you got." -- David Wilcock

Out of the darkness and into the light.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Lockdown" -- April 14, 2020

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

All sources are remaining quiet, available information is currently minimal.
However, it is becoming increasingly evident that GESARA is being discretely implemented.

The entire world being on lockdown over the pandemic and has resulted in change worldwide.

Many of the elite have been stricken ill with COVID-19.

The Federal Reserve has been taken over by the US Treasury.

Illegal immigration has ceased completely.

The World Health Organization has been called out as corrupt.

Planned Parenthood has been declared non-essential and is unable to continue.

People worldwide are waking up and showing doubt toward their governments.

Social media platforms have been partially unlocked.

The idea of a vaccination for COVID-19 is being rejected by many.

The mainstream media and the US Democratic party are ousting themselves as only caring about greed and their own self-preservation.

Multiple Grand Jury subpoenas have been issued on behalf of US attorney John Durham.

Meanwhile, the US Army is training soldiers to fight underground.

Why is the US Army training to fight underground?

Could it be for rescuing children being held captive underground by the Deep State or perhaps is it soft disclosure for Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)?

A global transition of the financial system and a currency reset is expected to occur once this is all over.

The whole world is watching.



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