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Reincarnation was Censored from The Bible by the Roman Empire


Earlier this year the Chinese government banned the concept of reincarnation, in a political move directed at Tibetan religious identity. Of course, this political need to ban natural and inevitable truths, is illusory….
It would be as insane as if they banned winter snow and ice….All based on political machinations at the exclusion of all else.


Many modern church attendees are unaware that their religion does not preach reincarnation because of the wily machinations of a Roman Emperor, rather than because this concept or doctrine is invalid...

Indeed, in ancient times, including Europe, such a notion was taken for granted as true and natural.

Reincarnation is an esoteric truism, as inevitable as the changing of the seasons...It relates to the law of Cause and Effect and allows a soul to burn of the karma of misquaified energies, by re-entering the third density world, to make amends. Indeed, this would explain the massive disparities between individual lives expressed......why one man is born a blind and impoverished cripple, and in stark contrast, another is born a wealthy and successful scholar......only on the basis of reincarnation can Prime Creator's perfect justice be seen at work, in the lives of the many types of people incarnated.


In Europe, the “christian” church banned reincarnation back in 553 AD, at the ecumenical council of Nicea. This was at the prompting of the nefarious Roman Emperor Justinius, who ordered the Pope to ban reincarnation and censor reference to it in the Bible, which existed before the ban…
The Pope did not want to co-operate, knowing that reincarnation is a divine principle and enables the proper function of the law of Cause and Effect…


How else would karma be burned off, if human souls had no right to re-enter this dark material world and experience lives of great variance…?

Of course, karma is not a doctrine, as religionists think, but an esoteric truism.

So another political stunt that, this time, the Chinese government have demonstrated.

Of course, like Justinius, this is all politics and oppression and nothing good will come from it, for the Tibetans.

I wonder if there are many modern church christians who realise that they don’t follow the truism of reincarnation, simply because of the political will of an evil Roman Emperor and his wife..??

Maybe the churches will admit this folly before the world, one day....


In Light, Drekx Omega

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Fortunately, most priests that perform baptism have no real knowledge of the occult, so I would agree Jon....

Nevertheless, glad that Louise mentioned it, as a concept it seems like the kind of thing that the church would seek to achieve....

Remember also, how much effort they put into catching and burning/hanging witches all over Europe...??


Thanks guys, your thoughts are always welcome...   ;-)

Pure rubbish it is then Jon :) However it does seem the type of thing they would do so can see why that would have been assumed by some. Thankfully my father wanted us to choose for ourselves and never did anything involving religion to us as children. He always thought we came from the E.T's ;)...

My grandmother always read cards as well very accurately, even though it was still very much frowned upon. Glad my roots were open minded in most ways it's been a big help for me :) 

Yes Anita, they knew from the village gossip who the witches were...and of course, many non-psychics were also "named and shamed" by this policy...accused of witchcraft for simply owning a pet cat, for example...

They even used professional "witchfinders," such as the notorious Matthew Hopkins, of 17th century East Anglia...

In those days blood was thought to be the way genes were passed, as DNA was unknown...of course, our modern elites know about DNA changes, thus their obsession with creating and retaining huge databases to monitor the population with...

Regards, Drekx

It's OK on this blog Anita, because we were discussing the way churches have long persecuted witches and concluded that they fear psychic potential within human blood and understood now as DNA, as do the Illuminoids who give the orders for database collation to governments....

Also, great to see the interest that this topic has generated...  :-)

Hi, Drekx Omega, thanks for the post!


The council of Nicea was a MASSIVE turning point in Christianity; it is where the fundamental creed of the religion was established, where it was decided that Jesus was divine in nature, where they decided when Easter and other religious holidays would be, etc...


Have you read the Law of One series? There is a section in which Ra discusses Jesus (or "Jehoshua") and talks about events early in his life. There was SO MUCH that was censored from the Bible at the council of Nicea; books that didn't fit in with the formulated idea of a divine Christ were kept out, supposedly including a book of Mary Magdalene, among others. Odds are they are stored in the vaults of the Vatican.


Any historian would give their right arm to be allowed access!

Peace and love!

Thanks for posting the additional data, Achilles.....Yes that council of Nicea of the 5th century was the "crossing the Rubicon" moment for them...The church went downhill, ever after...

Another interesting discussion :-)

I was bought up catholic, christened, confession, confirmation the whole nine yards, catholic schools.  Firstly I would like to say that I agree the catholic church is responsible for the censoring of information, I believe they hold much more than what we know about spiritual gifts and connecting with God.

As a child I loved church, the music, the prayer, the social side, speaking in front of the congregation (something i was singled out to do as a real youngster of about 6-16) it wasnt until i got older and left school that i found out things we had been sheltered from that i decided the church wasnt for me.  I have always held onto the faith though.  Faith in God that is.  In my darkest times that is who i have called out too, and in my happiest times that is who i thank - so in many ways i am grateful for my experience with the catholics.  

Apparently I got the wrong message from them though, from the start i thought they said that "God lives inside you" which isnt what they say at all :-o

Religion simply separates and divides, at the end of the day we are all playing for the same team, i guess it makes us easier to control if we are fighting each other :-)


On the baptism thing, they do actually put the sign of the cross in the middle of the forehead, and i agree that they inventors of the religion probably had a different agenda with this gesture.  It hasnt worked on me though ;-)


Cheers Karen


Yes I can see it hasn't worked on you dear Karen...You have retained that connection which they sought to hide...

And I don't mean consciously, but rather the institution of religion, especially the Roman Catholic, seems to consider humanity to be lowly sinners who deserve nothing from God, unless they are obedient to the Pope and prostrated upon the floor in supine submission...

The spirit of such unfortunate converts and believers is most low in contrast have managed to avoid their fate, I feel...which is great......The moral of the story being, if you want to connect with spirit, go within, but never go to church...  ;-)

Since the entire Bible (and ALL god damn relgions out there) is a product of the Annunaki it doesn't really matter what's in there and what's not. None of it could ever be trusted anyway. ;)

What would be the meaning of the acashic field if the meaning of life could fit in a book? ;)

Yup Like the Post. I heard a while back that Reincarnation was withheld.

Man behaves like Man. Some with do what is right. Others will bury you as you gasp for air, because he/she doesn't think you should be breathing thier air.

So why wouldn't they re-write what was to suit thier needs. Oddly enough copies were untouched in the Tibet Monistaries, from a show I seen concerning Discovery channal. The Flood and the pole shifts that were recorded. I should look for that link.

Good example is above ..Earlier this year the Chinese government banned the concept of reincarnation, in a political move directed at Tibetan religious identity. (used from this Post below) 

Read more:

Control. Do as we tell you. Not as we do.


Thank-you for the Post.

Glad you enjoyed it, friend.....!!

One imagines that corrupt Roman Emperors, in particular, would fear the occult truism of re-incarnation, as it forces them to be responsible with their incarnational footprints upon the aethers...and that would go against the grain of their innate desire for unbridled irresponsibility...Maybe we can say the same for modern dictators, too...??

Reincarnation is logical when one observes the law of cause and effect....



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