Earlier this year the Chinese government banned the concept of reincarnation, in a political move directed at Tibetan religious identity. Of course, this political need to ban natural and inevitable truths, is illusory….
It would be as insane as if they banned winter snow and ice….All based on political machinations at the exclusion of all else.


Many modern church attendees are unaware that their religion does not preach reincarnation because of the wily machinations of a Roman Emperor, rather than because this concept or doctrine is invalid...

Indeed, in ancient times, including Europe, such a notion was taken for granted as true and natural.

Reincarnation is an esoteric truism, as inevitable as the changing of the seasons...It relates to the law of Cause and Effect and allows a soul to burn of the karma of misquaified energies, by re-entering the third density world, to make amends. Indeed, this would explain the massive disparities between individual lives expressed......why one man is born a blind and impoverished cripple, and in stark contrast, another is born a wealthy and successful scholar......only on the basis of reincarnation can Prime Creator's perfect justice be seen at work, in the lives of the many types of people incarnated.


In Europe, the “christian” church banned reincarnation back in 553 AD, at the ecumenical council of Nicea. This was at the prompting of the nefarious Roman Emperor Justinius, who ordered the Pope to ban reincarnation and censor reference to it in the Bible, which existed before the ban…
The Pope did not want to co-operate, knowing that reincarnation is a divine principle and enables the proper function of the law of Cause and Effect…


How else would karma be burned off, if human souls had no right to re-enter this dark material world and experience lives of great variance…?

Of course, karma is not a doctrine, as religionists think, but an esoteric truism.

So another political stunt that, this time, the Chinese government have demonstrated.

Of course, like Justinius, this is all politics and oppression and nothing good will come from it, for the Tibetans.

I wonder if there are many modern church christians who realise that they don’t follow the truism of reincarnation, simply because of the political will of an evil Roman Emperor and his wife..??

Maybe the churches will admit this folly before the world, one day....


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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  • Hi, have you seen the latest Kryon?
    He puts all the past lives in the emerald chamber.
    It is over now.
    The Earth has a new frequenty.
  • Recently I have been praising the psychic skills of various biblical prophets and their works, predicting future events, and especially the "end times," or "latter days.." It is unfortunate that so much wisdom was censored from the bible, mainly by Roman authorities, in their ignorance and also their malevolence. However, it is good that some works were kept safe, from the "cancel culture" of the 6th century AD and secured in secret locations, to be discovered later...One thinks of works that were buried, such as the gospel of Thomas...Amazing to compare the modified words, to the original texts....The original being so much more empowering.
  • The CCP is so drunk with power, that they would ban reincarnation, as if they have that natural right to do so..The Church also banned reincarnation, for the same reason, it sits at odds with official perceptions and preference. It is inconvenient for a blood thirsty tyrant to be told that they are risking future life experiences, by being so utterly wicked to the people...Their answer is to CENSOR TRUTH...This game of human madness has been going on since the fall of Atlantis, when humanity was flung into amnesia, through genetic manipulations.....
    Reincarnation is not dogma, it is a truism...Spiritual esoteric truism....
    • That is a great point..:) Not enough people are aware that reincarnation was removed from the bible.. This proves how corrupt the Church were.. Trying to force there corrupt dogmas onto people out of fear and being in denial of truth. God=Truth. There is no fooling the creator! LOL.
      • Thanks for saying so, dear....And we can also see the many parallels with modern times, where the extreme churchianity dogmas of the past, have been replaced with secular liberal orthodoxy dogmas, instead...Same 6th ray energies, different ideals.....
        So we see CCP behaving just like the corrupt Roman Emperor, Justinian..and of course, he forced the church to follow his directions and they have remained on his course, ever since...
        • Yes, same 6th ray energies to this day.. But are now phasing out and being replaced by the incoming 7th ray of Aquarius!☺️💜
          • Yes, that is correct, Movella. ❤️ Under the law of cycles, those 6th ray energies are being phased out of incarnations...And more and more 7th ray souls are coming in...It will be noted that the establishment institutions will need to be modified, accordingly...However, we do not suggest revolution, of the French Revolution type...Instead a building on the past, much as the fibonacci sequence takes a sum of the previous two numbers, to make a third value...
            Using this spiritual method, we shall forge new institutions and new forms, more befitting the new consciousness..
  • I hope the CCP realise that banning things does not stop them being true.....

  • Reincarnation is logical when one observes the law of cause and effect....

  • Yup Like the Post. I heard a while back that Reincarnation was withheld.

    Man behaves like Man. Some with do what is right. Others will bury you as you gasp for air, because he/she doesn't think you should be breathing thier air.

    So why wouldn't they re-write what was to suit thier needs. Oddly enough copies were untouched in the Tibet Monistaries, from a show I seen concerning Discovery channal. The Flood and the pole shifts that were recorded. I should look for that link.

    Good example is above ..Earlier this year the Chinese government banned the concept of reincarnation, in a political move directed at Tibetan religious identity. (used from this Post below) 

    Read more:

    Control. Do as we tell you. Not as we do.


    Thank-you for the Post.

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