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Reiki cured HIV!

I didn't say it. It was disclosed here

I'm wondering why the media knows nothing about this amazing miracle cure.

Edit: Actually, the claim in the linked thread was that art cured HIV. Figured it better to adjust the title in case a few believed it without actually taking the time to read the discussion on the linked thread (it happens more than you realize :/).


Either way, if things as such really are healing medical issues and not merely tricks of the mind, it should be more well known. Don't you think?


People, you have a DUTY to observe and report such things with as much evidence as you can obtain! Or you can just keep the information to yourselves and leave the rest of the world in the dark and die because they didn't realize there were alternative methods of healing that actually worked.

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No, I haven't heard of bloodroot/black salve but I looked it up and so far what I found was not pretty. I don't think the risk is worth it considering all the horror stories. But let me guess... you probably think those stories were planted there to keep people from the truth, don't you?

Now who is being negative?  "Not pretty",  "Horror stories"?  You take everything that is good and decent and turn it upside down.  I have attempted to track "this beast" of your negativity down to its lair, but apparently, thus far, with limited success.  There are indeed many shills for the Cabal (either paid or just matrix programmed) in many areas of our political, cultural and media life.  I have not yet made up my mind about you but some folks here have and I can't blame them.  If it "walks like a duck and quacks like a duck....."  As regard your comment about "conspiracy movie", apparently you have turned a blind eye to the recently released (by Edward Snowden) information that the NSA is potentially tracking every email and phone call, etc. including this.  Like David Icke and Alex Jones and Dr. Steven Greer, I am more interested in conspiracy fact than" conspiracy theory", which latter is thrown at folks by Cabal apologizers in order to dismiss the truth.  Wake up! 

You know, that provided a good opening for you to provide success stories about it... but the direction you took speaks volumes. Specially after you said to me recently that you don't reply to me to change my views (because you feel I'm so close minded), but to give viewers more sides the subject matter.

If your agenda is to inform and educate people about matters that are important to you, you're doing it wrong. You can either be mad at that statement and have a tantrum about it, or consider that it's a possibility and figure out what it is that could use improvement.

The few people you are referring to who have "made up their mind" are mentally ill in varying degrees, between the ages of 40-70 and believe that if you're not with them, you're against them... and think I'm some sort of paid disinfo agent or of the like (I don't mention ages to be an ageist, but to point out I know exactly who you're talking about). Considering the people you're referring to... it says a lot about your reasoning skills. -- Unless you're referring to gossip you do behind closed doors with people who are too afraid or anxious to speak their mind directly to me. In that case, there should be more interesting things to talk about than little ol' me but whatever floats your boat. ;P

Do you ever notice that right out of the gate you insist on talking about the speaker and your opinions on their personality and intellect instead of focusing on the facts, details and information about the subject matter at hand? If you didn't behave in such a way I wouldn't be mirroring back your behavior.

You're free to take up any questions, comments or concerns directly to my profile. This thread isn't intended to be a discussion about me. But I guess if you can't help yourself but put the focus on me, I guess someone's got a little crush. Project, deflect, and insist to the contrary all you want, but I'd like to see you hold a conversation without making your ad hominem statements. I know you like to have the last word so it'll be interesting to see if your next comment will be void of ad hominem.

Do you have something useful to contribute to the bloodroot/black salve subject or do you insist on talking about me?

The same ad hominem attacks that you give out above? Mentally ill?  Indeed that fits your condition since you're projecting that onto others.  Sorry, I never have crushes on demoniac/vampirish photos.  I have a friend who has cured her skin cancer with black salve and she has a friend that was cured of breast cancer with it.  Anecdotal accounts, no doubt, but more valid than the fake "testing" that the pharmaceutical companies do (think Vioxx).  The FDA may be against black salve but then they're for GMOs (without labeling), Aspartame, MSG, fluoride in bottled water, red, yellow,and blue artificial dyes in food, etc. etc. It was the FDA that put Dr. Wilhelm Reich in Lewisburg Prison (where he died/murdered?) in the early 1950s and seized his orgone boxes and burned his books.  And likewise have confiscated Rife machines, persecuted Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, and many others over the past century.  You have no way of knowing whether or not Reiki cured HIV or not.  Even placebos can work if folks have faith in them, why not Reiki?  So called "spontaneous remissions" happen from time to time; so who knows what happened in this case?  You don't, but you are content to spew your negative/downer opinions everywhere on this site.     

lol... you think my photo is demonic/vampirish? lol... that's very funny to me. Specially because I make fun of that genre.

At least I'm not afraid to provide a picture of myself.

I told you already, I'm only mirroring your behavior.

That would be really awesome if your friends really did get healed with blackroot/salve. Too bad it's so unpredictable that it completely screws up people randomly. It looks like it eats peoples' skin off like an acid at times.

And yes they're mentally ill. I didn't make that statement in light or in jest. It's a very serious accusation and I understand that completely. Note: I don't accuse everyone who disagrees with me of being mentally ill (and note, viewers are smart enough to make their own opinion on the matter and you'd be surprised how many people agree with me without me mentioning the matter). There are actually several very sane people who engage in discussion with me so please don't think I've made a blanket statement against everyone. I partake in intense 1 on 1 with certain people who frequently disagree with me and we're on friendly terms despite our disagreements. I actually commend them and respect them more for taking the time to learn more about me and why I feel the way I do.

You only think I'm being negative/downer because that's what you choose to see. If you actually saw everything I've posted you'd realize it's quite the contrary. Although I can understand why someone who feels like they're being argued against would think that way.

It's k. The more you talk about me the more I know it's just a latent attempt to get to know more about me because of your infatuation. Keep it up. I'll respect what you bring to the table more when you're able to provide an entire comment with the same length that you do without talking about me. But please, talk about me in a more appropriate place like my profile (free for everyone) instead of places that are irrelevant. Your factoids are buried underneath your attempt to paint me as a disinfo agent or "painted matrix agent" or whatever you want to call it.

Cheerio until then.

P.S. notice how I admit when you tell me something I don't know. And oh how I love it when someone does that. I love learning.

     Of course you would make fun of that genre (vampires/demons) so as to deflect the truth from your own awareness.  You flatter yourself as most narcissists do.  I am less infatuated with you than I would be with a lamp post.  However, unlike you, I try to more than just mirror others.  Rather prefer to "kaleidoscope" them, meaning to refract and reflect at deeper levels, aspects of their own noumenal being.  Here you are dissing a gentleman who is offering free reiki healing while at the same time you are advertising (thru posting) his services.  Strange.  You need not accuse others of being mentally ill until you've healed your own soul sickness that insists on trampling on the beautiful flowers that others are expressing and demonstrating.  You ma'am are demon-strating!

Donald, I have not dissed Michael anywhere on this thread. Any issues between Michael and I are being dealt with directly. To dis Michael during conversation with you would be passive aggressive and I find that to be a cowards way. I prefer to be direct. Don't worry about what's happening between Michael and I. We've been in conversation sorting things out... unlike those that I was actually referring to as mentally ill in varying degrees (who've "made up their mind" about me) who are too scared to confront me about why I feel the way I do and would rather just remain in their bubble of ignorance.

And wtf? Deflecting my own awareness? Are you calling me a demon? LOL. Well it must be true if someone on the internet said it! Wow, I must've really pissed you off to make such a statement. Or you have a demon/vampire fetish.... that makes more sense considering how much time and energy you've spent so far talking about me. Well if that's how you get your jollies, to each their own.

I'm not trampling on anything! The point of this post was to point out the claims of curing (that's CURING, not treating) HIV, with spiritual methods (I dunno, is art considered spiritual?) none the less, and how bizarre it is that it's not more publically known.

And now when people google reiki and hiv, acc is on the first page. You're welcome. However, it's a shame you've filled this thread with your fan mail towards me instead of sticking to the topic... even AFTER I told you to take it to my profile. ;P

If I'm a narcissist, you're an enabler. Love ya Donny! xoxo

You may not be trying to do this, but you come off as very rude dream.
Like just then you said you can't insult me because you have to stoop to an apparent low.

How is that not a conflicting perspective?

Is this what you are referring to?

"To dis Michael during conversation with you would be passive aggressive and I  find that to be a cowards way. I prefer to be direct."

Why is this still dragging on?

What do you want from me Michael?

I would like for you to emanate a more loving attitude on a site that is directed toward that kind of vibration, but your defensiveness seems to make that seem unreachable.

Well, I would love it if people would stick to the conversation and not resort to ad hominem attacks... but I guess we can't all get what we want now can we?

I wouldn't have to spend ANY time defending myself if people didn't start right off the bat with their insinuating remarks and jabs at trying to insult me.

Also, if your idea of a loving vibration consists of fear porn and ostracizing, you won't see me conforming to those standards.

I'm real. I'm not going to put on a fake "I love you even though I don't know you" face just to appeal to those who can't handle otherwise.

I don't coddle. I'm tough love. But that's only when you're on the seemingly opposing side of the fence. So just because my approach doesn't compute as loving in your eyes, doesn't mean it's not there. Not everyone gets subjected to my tough love approach. Only when the situation calls for it.

Notice how the direction of this thread was perfectly fine until a certain someone came on here discussing me (a calling card of theirs, something this person does a lot, and not just with me; it was about time they got called out on it... and now that they were, if they do it again, people who may have been all but oblivious to it before will notice now). And all attempts to relocate the off topic discussion to a more appropriate place failed utterly.



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