We are looking for people who wants to arrange Recurring Ashtar Command Physical Meetups in their Country/Area. Where people can get to know
eachother better. Just Go here and post your idea.


If your submission is accepted, youll be added as an Event organizer, to add your Local Meetups....
You are now the "host" of a wonderful Event and will also be able to meet wonderful people, in REAL LIFE! =) And you will be able to share pictures from your event on the website also.Which will inspire more people to create their local Recurring "AC Meetup groups".

It can be a simple idea like hosting a Monthly meditation at your place or maybe Meetup at a beautiful cafe, take a cup of tea and just talk, once per month, sharing ideas etc.
This would be a miracle to people, because now they will have a place to meet likeminded every month in their city, which will create a positive ripple effect.

Youll get all the latest meet ups worldwide, organized by worldwide Ashtar Command Crew members by visiting:


It will be small in the beginning but it will grow.

We will have a Meetup in Stockholm, February 23:rd 2011 called "Cosmic Chill out"
And I will be there =) This will be the "first" of all coming worldwide Meetups.
This will be the first one of many I will host here in Sweden.

I hope you will follow and create your own, where you live.



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  • Ah Yes we so need one in Melbourne Australia better on the south eastern board side.
  • Hi Ben,

    This is a really great idea....

    I am from Mumbai, India ... if anything is possible here please let me know... as I have not seen many from Mumbai here.. But still will love to start something like this...

    And is it possible for something like a web-meeting or web-seminar with cam and audio facility, where many can attend regardless where they are....

    I know this will be difficult as thousands will like to join in regardless it is day or night which will affect the bandwidth and can make it slower but I feel there will be thousands and thousands who will love it...

    Also we can discuss and elaborate many spiritual topics ....

    What do you think....

    Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all ....................
    • Thanks for the ideas =))
      What is possible is up to you, because you could host your own thing where you live =)
      Just join http://www.meetup.com/ashtarcommand/ and see where the Energy Flows.

      About Video Meetings etc im sure that I will manage this over time, actually there is possibilities

      to implement these things now and it will not effect bandwidht etc.
      Its not at the "schedule" at the moment, but hopefully later on. =)

  • Top Idea! 
  • I could organise meetings in London and a venue is no problem....but what is holding up is that out of over 5000 members there are only about 122 Vegetarians according to Vegetarian and Vegan Group and you can add another 100 who do not belong to the group but may be Vegetarians. I already hold a lot of meetings with spiritual groups but we are all like devotees and strict Vegetarians. I could arrange a meeting every month in London including nice venue and food and drink but only for members who are Vegetarians.
    Secondly as Ashtar Command crew is increasing all over the World why don't you come up with an Ashtar Command online Shop selling Ashtar Command Badges, tee shirts, jackets, caps, post cards , pictures, posters, videos etc so members can wear badges, clothing and at the same time let other people know about Ashtar Command. You could have the slogan like ...Have you visited www.ashtarcommandcrew.net ...yet or just website printed so people take note and join in. There is a lot they can learn from Ashtar Command site that will help them to get a passport to 5th Dimension
    BE IN JOY.......LIVE IN JOY.......and SPREAD JOY
    • But, if you made it an "official" commercial organization, with logos and symbols, I fear that that would slowly turn this place into just a place where people say, "I'm part of Ashtar Command and I'm Spiritual" instead of the community it is now; I don't want make this the sort of thing where you join to be part of the "AC Crowd".  I suppose my fear is unwarranted, but by making T-shirts and logos and such, it would adapt to be "advertised and sold" as opposed to being a really neat experience   It becomes an ideology, almost, instead of just a loose spiritual forum where "most anything can and will go".

      I feel like that makes me anti-growth.

      But other than that, yeah, it's a great idea in my opinion, even a London vegetarian group would get at least 20-30 people together, you know?

      • This is an excellent point. Thank you.

        I thinks that exactly the right people will gravitate or be drawn towards the group of their choice.

        I'm really quite sure that we do not require uniform. Ascended humans still wear normal clothing of their choice.

        The white robes come later when one gets fed up of all the washing and ironing.

        Heaven forbid we should ever be seen as 'advertising' a religion.

        So yes it's nice to identify with your brothers and sisters but we do this with our hearts and do not really need logos or badges. In fact it has been the 'misuse' of much sacred geometry (symbols) that has been causing many of the tribulations in the world.



      • Yes, but in a World of Brands "people will See what they Want to see" no matter how it looks or not =)
        But I agree, there cannot be TO MUCH HYSTERIA of Branding, the Message is within the people and members hearts, and im sure it will reach many. But its a fun thing to do, actually there is a Few "shirts" to buy here: http://ashtarcommandcrew.spreadshirt.com/


    • This is great Ravinder - however I don't really approve that it should be only vegetarians that can only meet-up. Most meat-eaters would be willing to eat only vegetarian food once a month (or whenever the meet ups are). My husband and I have vegan friends and we don't mind only going to vegetarian and vegan restaurants when we meet up.


      Just food for thought :)


      Love, Light & Blessings ~ Asara

      • I Agree. All are welcome, people have different "needs" and we cant "close" ourselves because of what they eat. Its better to share the benefits in a humble way and they may take small steps at a time =)

        Its not a "sin" to eat meat. People who meet people is the topic and important thing within this idea.

        If we want to start a Vegeterian Movement thats ok to, but it should be called "VEGETERIAN Meetup" or something and you are Free to host that Ravinder =)

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