Questions about the astral body!

Hello! As usual I ponder many things and often end up in a bump where I would like an explanation :).

My wonderings touch the nature of our etheric/astral body or whatever it is called. Firstly, how long do you have a body up in dimensions before it get's just pure energy? And I also wonder about the nature of conciousness, we are used to using our 5 senses, how will it be when we have no body in percieving things?

For example, let's take the eyes, we use them right now to decode vibrations in a certain spectrum. We can only see in front of us and not 360*. But in dreams or in the astral we still have a body, that is not physical, but still has eyes? Like we can only see in front of us there as well? It's no physical eyes, but they decode like our physical eyes do?

Where I am getting is at the nature of conciousness to our bodies, when do we start percieve things 360* and will it be very different from what we can now imagine with our 5 senses?

It may be hard to answer, but speculations is fine too :)

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