question for the Masters

Just a cpl of issues with some of the teachings -

in the St Germaine book 'Twin Flame', you say 'the Divine allows'.  It's something I've heard a cpl of times, and my (inner/unspoken) response has always been 'not the Divine I know', esp in terms of cruelty, pain and suffering.  So I guess I've come from a different reality, and my perception was that Divine energy was too far away to prevent the pain and suffering - not part of Divine Will, esp if we consider the command/prayer (?) of the Angels for 'Peace on the Earth, Goodwill to all men (humanity)'.

Then the Aquarian Gospel quotes a saying of humanity 'no pain, no gain'.  Many of us are throwing out old/outdated sayings such as this.  I prefer the 'live and let live' of the '70's.  And then these days, there's 'don't judge because you don't know the journey'.  But there's far too much cruelty of humanity toward itself and the animal world.  I hope there's enough allowance for Divine Intervention.  I'm sure Mother Gaia is not happy atm. 

The Book of Enoch says we're not allowed to love angels - pls explain?

Hopefully you all allow us to follow our own beliefs, even tho beliefs are so divisive. 

And then there's the Goddess creed - do no harm. 

And Free Will - does that give one the right to take away the Free Will of another?

And again, apparently the true meaning of 'turn the other cheek' was to turn away from abuse, i.e. not accept abuse. 

Hopefully those of us who remain or wish to stay lost can find sanctuary in our own beliefs,


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  • the basic tenets of all religion 2,000 yrs ago was to 'treat others as you wish to be treated', or in other words as they themselves wish to be treated, and wish for others the good things you have ( I think that comes from Buddhism).  If there was a call for an end to suffering back then, there's an even greater need now and it was extremely disappointing to find such a thing as 'no pain, no gain' in the Aquarian Gospel. 

    I came in or have remained as part of the crew to facilitate ascension, not to suffer again.  I personally don't see the value in karma and don't consider that it achieves very much constructive, but I'd rather have compassion on both those that suffer and those that have broken the balance of good and evil or unconditional love, i.e. the perpetrators of suffering if I can, rather than the tendency of some to blame the victim and use the term victim consciousness and repudiate all negative beings.  Divine energy and will are compromised where Compassion is neglected - a major component of Christ Consciousness.  Negative beings only need healing, plus I thought co-creation of Heaven on Earth was part of the agenda, and the ushering in of the New Heaven and New Earth.    Namaste

  • pain and suffering are things we choose in order to pay debt from past life mistakes-stop desiring experiences in this 3d and try not to misuse your will power against others(except to defend yourself) ask Spirit for a service and work it out -no more re-incarnation into this nutty hell

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