Question about Ascension and Negativity

I have read that only those who have let go of their negative feelings and are willing to live with love for all and forgiveness in their hearts will have the best chance or ascension, but I'm having a problem with a family member.My 19-year old nephew is extremely disrespectful, particularly towards women, even to his own mother and grandparents. He goes out of his way to intentionally aggravate those around him, family included. His aura is the only one that affects me, it feels very negative and very aggressive all the time, and it's gotten to where whenever he is around me, I start to feel very uncomfortable, sometimes nauseous, afraid, and angry. I've sat and thought about it and I've concluded that I hold no love for him at this point, when I used to. I don't like feeling this way, hateful and intolerable towards a person, let alone a member of my family. Feeling like this makes me want to cry and I can't seem to get out of it.Talking to him about this is a waste of time, we have all tried for a few years to talk to him about his behavior only to be ignored or shrugged off. My only hope is that when ascension becomes a reality, it will help him develop feelings of love and respect for others.My question is, will my feelings toward him be detrimental to my own ascension process? I really want to get over this, but I can't do it without some effort on his part, which right now is not a reality. I would also welcome any advice that would help me to become at the very least neutral.

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  • You are such a being of light. I've known you for a few years, TigerB, and I think the energy problems you have had are just a reflection of how amazing you are. You are so aware of other auras around you, and you want to help so much that you allow people to suck energy away from you because you want to help so badly! It is good and bad, I guess. You shouldn't let people take from you that are undeserving.

    You have so much positive energy and you're so willing to give it away, you want so much to share love and light. You just want to share the positive energy, that you forget that some people aren't willing, or ready, to recieve it.

    You are amazing. You are a beautiful miracle just as we all are, you spread it in all your actions and words, you only feel upset because others squander this gift of love and life. I do not doubt that other people will try to take the energy you give, you are a very bright and loving energy. I just really hope you can see you the way I see you.

    You are freaking bright, and amazing. You're just a huge bright star and you share your energy so graciously.


  • Fantastic response Lisafer :) Good on ya !
    Just to extend your advice a little - There's also the subtle but very significant issue of 'resentment'.

    This creates negative turbulence within the psyche ...


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  • Fantastic response Lisafer :) Good on ya !
    Just to extend your advice a little - There's also the subtle but very significant issue of 'resentment'.

    Just creates negative turbulence within the psyche ...

  • He is having his own experience, you can choose whether you play into his reality or not but bear this thought in mind: be the rock, not the sea. He may have as many tantrums and throw around as many insults as he wants, hold your Light, show love to yourself when he does that by not reacting, remaining calm and by calling your energy to you. he is probably very used to being an energy vampire which explains why you feel the way you do when you're around him. Your feelings for him are more of a test, as opposed to being detrimental. Accept your feelings towards them and understand that he is trying to survive in duality where he obviously wants to stay, where as you are at a different stage and he is probably leeching your energy so that you can't ascend - those who take don't want to give back and very very rarely want those they leech from to disappear from their lives.  Perhaps accept that you're at different stages, that he cant be helped until he wants to be, and every time you must be in the same room as him be sure to protect yourself with a shield of Light. There are probably etheric cords attaching you to him so that he can take your energy, ask one of your guides to cut the cord when next meditating and fill the resulting voids with only Light energy. You may feel a slight shudder when the cord is cut, this is a very normal reaction as your energy re-enters your aura rather than going to him.

    Use of intent will help drastically, that you want to love him and for him to return to the Light but you wont give him any more of your energy and ask for all energy he has previously taken to be returned as purified restored energy.  Affirmations may also help you to remain calm around him - my current favourite for finding peace is " relax, release the mind. be neutral. breathe." repeat until I feel only calm which generally doesn't take very long. sounds simple, yet its amazingly effective. Another physical way that you can stop an energy vampire in their tracks is to change the way the energy flows through your body - to cross certain points means the energy can't actually leave. I do this around people who make me uncomfortable and find they will leave rather quickly or will at the very least leave me alone and basically ignore me. sit straight in a chair, cross your ankles so right is over left and make a diamond shape with your forefingers and thumbs in your lap. then mentally say "i chose to give no energy away". This works in any situation in which you can sit down, sorry I don't have any for standing up.

    Bear in mind that we are all reflections of each other, if something bothers us about someone else it is generally because we have unresolved issues in ourselves. Its not fair of me to speculate on this for you, I know little to nothing about your situation but perhaps this is something to think about? and the way you react to him might have something to do with the way he reacts to you? Maybe he acts like that because he assumes (emphasis on that word) that you're always judging him, so he acts in a judging way?? Truth be told, it sounds like there is nothing you do to deserve his actions, just felt the need to drop that thought in there for you to think about.

    I hope this helps, I fully understand what its like as I have been in similar situations before. You will overcome this obstacle, I have faith in you :)

    • Thanks so much for your reply, Lisafer! It had not occurred to me that we may operating on different levels or that he may be siphoning my energy. I have begun putting into practice your suggestions last night and will continue until I feel I'm certain that the problem has been fixed. I will also take a long look at myself to look for any unresolved issues I may have, because you never know. Thank you again :)

    • Excellent response Lisafer.  I had to use these same techniques on a relative that I cherished very deeply but he sucked the energy and wind and vitality right out of me whenever I was around him, and he was my son.  He does not try to manipulate me so much now his is an adult because I stopped letting him yank my chain and my conscience and he figured out his old ways were not going to work on me any more.  I have never met such a manipulative person before he came along.  He gets it from his father's side of the family, lol.  A standing block I used was to just put my right foot crossed in front of my left a little and that worked as good as the crossing the ankles when sitting....A little awkward a stance but doable.  It really worked, that and envisioning that the chain he kept yanking at to control me broke because the links let go....ah visualizations can be so helpful... 

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