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Queen Elizabeth’s Shocking Warning of Coming Global War (+Video)

Friday, October 21, 2016 8:43


Queen Elizabeth has been meeting with religious leaders to discuss an imminent global war that she claims will bring about the “end times” for humanity.

At a meeting with Russia’s Patriarch Kirrill and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Queen said, “One must now make the necessary preparations to say goodbye to loves ones as one cannot assume who will live and who will die. Many will die in these final days,” according to BBC production staff.

“My beloved country is about to enter its darkest period in the coming months as a brutal and apocalyptic war will be waged in the east.”

“I am not concerned with the trivialities of Christmas. I am concerned with the terrible consequences we must face as the war drums beat ever stronger,” the Queen said.

Your News Wire – Article by Baxter Dmitry
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What does the Queen know that we do not know ...she being a repletian probably wants a war as the Royal Repletians will hide in underground luxury bunkers 

very true indeed.

It's always been a ignored statement but well documented , population control, every time the population of the globe reaches a certain number of populous triggers a global war.   Global reset over and over and over again,threw out history, each time its rewritten to hide this one truth... population control, reboot humanity, over and over unending recycling of the human condition.  

We are once again at that destroy and rebuild it all over again in history, recycle, recycle, recycle, the human condition, forbidden archaeology the history of men, its there if one cares to take a look see. 

yep-ww3 will be a nuke war-the most desperate nation will launch first

thanks obama, thanks H-but really thanks to the global 'elite'-vote trump -he wants peace with russia and ally to crush isisl and clean up syria to allow refugees back

We can do this much wear "RED" election day, STOP the fix,,, We the People are waking up and one thing is for sure, election day we must wear "RED" a sea of red to show exit pollster's that Donald J.Trump is america's leader. even the media will have no ware to aim there camera's everything "RED", for Donald Trump for President we did wake up. copy / paste Washington's rule is done. We the people are BACK.... and armed to the teeth! Not everyone is on the net, or FB call text knock on a door get this out. thanks ,,no matter FB puts up, or blocks. it's RED, RED, RED, BIG DAY,,, USA Patriots for Donald Trump.

I've been wearing the crimson red t's for awhile now and the lunatics who think all these stories about H are lies get belligerent with me-sick-anti American media has driven politics to an emotional ideology, gender identity,race etc, and created the illusion that conservatism, even common sense moderate conservatism, is an attack on race, sexuality and sexual freedom and womens rights, etc.-so naturally the kids flock to the liberal dems point of view-which is  marxist now -along with the promise of 'free' education and gov operated healthcare (and other freebies that attract the working poor etc.) after obamacare unravels-not thinking for one second that we all rely on capital investment that can't be over taxed and over regulated-even the lying scumbag marxists rely on capital investment

H is the one backed by the arab/neocon/marxist nwo -as are the repugnant party rinos-trump is the outsider who won't go along with 'central' planning

I had a meditative vision a couple years ago around Christmas and from above the Earth over Asia I saw the atmosphere ignite in multiple explosions-if there is a nuke war in asia the entire world will be covered in fallout

Meditative Visions are Directly influenced by your Current thoughts and feelings.

Come back when you've had a DREAM about it.

scaremongering, ETs on this very site say they will make nukes not work if fired as they won't allow them to work, so now who to believe.

There are no ET's on this site.

Only humans who proclaim to speak for them.

The few ET's that have actually been here during the years, have gotten themselves booted for various (and rather serious) rule-breaking events (ET's have no concept of "netiquette", whereas they often find themselves in conflict with many of the rules that govern a Linear Timespace).


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