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national emergency declared by potus on 21st dec 2017. e.o. 'blocking property of persons involved in serious human rights or corruption.' think of illuminoids, satanists, etc...think swamp.

looking forward to seeing acc obama fans freaking out, defensively, when their dark 'idol' faces pathetic, the way he fools them.

did commander wanna be Drexk used word like "dark idol " ....thats why you like that orange imbecile , you both are racists. Man you are just as imbecile.............praying on innocent women around the net is not enough for our predator bloke from england but racism does not suprise me at all. A british redneck , I thought those are only found in Amerika.............

truly remarkable how many swamp people have resigned or been dismissed. some are co-operating witnesses...think lisa page, or bill p. most going to gitmo, with m.p.'s for company [think suicide watch.]

lmao.  yall are the most dimwitted credulous dinguses. like your brains are perfectly smooth. you are getting trolled by communists either that or 4chan incels, either way watching you try to process today's developments has been hilarious so don't lose faith.  when the president gets implicated under oath by his lawyer as he gets convicted on 8 fraud charges on the same day his former campaign chair also goes down, thats when u know that president is a true 56 dimensional chess genius lol.  you boomers are amazing.

andro, get a reality check on u.s. legislation and the courts-martial process being extended to dark swamp
civvies in corrupt politics, corporations, etc.....military courts can be more effective and section 12, article 33 of [1st march 2018]; u.c.m.j. defines [in law] a process commencement date.....check it out and stop pretending knowledge....

dnc/msm/hollywood delusions over manafort/cohen being guilty; not potus related. nothing to see here....fools are desperate sufferers of t.d.s. potus safe, as innocent....lamestream nothingburger for junkfood lefties

i would say right wingers wanna be,s like you are getting desperate defending imaginary excuses by your orange idol swimming in his own shite. left or right your defence of crooks like cohen and manaford is just the beggining of real crap you,re gonna choke on all while your fingers on computer get lost in reality...............come on bodie, be real man and wave that confederate flag out of your flats window for everyone to see. be a man for once...............

Why such hate Michal?

The swamp creatures are soon revealed as the creeps they are - and their helpers.

You should be glad.

Too funny. The swamp creatures have been in the open for quite some time, An'drone'over... that they continue to glamour weak minded, fear porn loving, Trumplethinskin fanatics like yourself & Omego is by design. Time to graduate from Kindergarten, boys. Unfortunately you've been too brainwashed to 'real'eyes you're all bathing in the swamp... daily! Try taking a break from FOX/Annunaki Inc. for a sec & get some desperately needed air. It may help you see clearer. 

There are none so blind as those who will not see...



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