PROOF: Hospitals are lying about being overrun with covid patients… many facilities are EMPTY

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Image: PROOF: Hospitals are lying about being overrun with covid patients… many facilities are EMPTY

(Natural News) Another medical field whistleblower has come forward to blow the lid on the media’s lies concerning hospital ICUs being “overrun” with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) patients.

Josh Snider, who worked in facilities management at Missouri Baptist Medical Center (MBMC), personally confirmed that his hospital has been largely empty, despite claims by upper management that it is “overflowing with covid patients.”

“I watched our hospital administrators say in the media that our intensive care units were overflowing with covid patients at 98 percent capacity, knowing that it was a complete and utter lie,” Snider said.

MBMC is part of a much larger $5.5 billion annual network within the Barnes Jewish Hospital system in St. Louis, which reportedly shut down three of its four ICU floors because all of them were empty.

“And even after shutting down three-fourths of our ICU capacity, they were still never more than 50 percent full with that drastically reduced overall capacity. These medical systems that are saying they are overrun with COVID patients are likely LYING TO THE PUBLIC,” Snider added.

Despite repeated requests for comment, MBMC refused to issue a statement about why it has been lying about a covid surge that is not happening and never did happen even in the past. (RELATED: “Overrun” hospitals in Florida are also empty.)

Snider presented documentary proof showing that the covid caseload at MBMC has been minimal. Often, it was just one patient at most in the ICU, which the hospital falsely described as “overwhelming.”

“I would have to adjust the airflow in some of the rooms of people in the ICU with COVID, they were fine,” Snider indicated.

“I … personally saw people who were fine, they had a terminal case of boredom. I spoke with these people and they weren’t sick at all, they felt fine but were told they had to stay there. Many brought their PlayStations with them to waste away the days with video games instead.”

We don’t call it a plandemic for nothing

The data charts Snider has released publicly contradict the numbers released by MBMC, the latter of which appear to have been completely made up to push a plandemic agenda.

According to Snider, pretty much all of MBMC’s covid “cases” were extremely minor. Perhaps most of them were asymptomatic, even. And yet all of them were logged as being “serious” and the numbers padded on top of that.

“These charts, provided by Snider, show that there was a relatively normal track for COVID infections at the MBMC Center, an acute care facility in St. Louis,” reported The Gateway Pundit.

“Even during periods of infection spikes in the national population, those spikes are not found in the hospital data. As well, the bottom line showing serious cases of COVID requiring intensive care remain significantly small and reduced throughout the months of the pandemic.”

Snider added that pre-covid, MBMC was much more packed with patients during the normal flu season than it ever has been since covid. Nothing was ever said on the television about that, though.

“The real flu season in the hospital was always more serious than COVID has been,” Snider contends.

“Flu season in a hospital is very challenging, and even the tamest flu season in years past was still worse than COVID has been so far. The people who have been suffering and sadly dying are clearly people who are hundreds of pounds overweight, and people with multiple other comorbidities like stage 4 cancer. I’m not a doctor, but the response and panic to this virus is clearly wildly disproportionate to reality.”

More related news stories about the never-ending circus of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lies and deception coming from the Branch Covidians can be found at

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