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I- After joining Great Holiness Society, becoming members, please stay connected with each other through Internet, then take action together under following Great Holiness Society's programs .

II-Everybody must master the spirit and content of Laws and Resolutions of Great Holiness Society while operating

III- 7 basic programs:

1/ Global Unity Meditation 

While meditating, let your hands make Great Unity Mudra in order to reconnect all 12 meridians.   This show the connection between you and the Universe. This meditation can heal you, cure sickness. All members who often learn and meditate, don't have to practice in group but at home, because the main purpose is to improve your heath and raise vibration of your Soul and physical body.

2/ Humanitarian programs for the poor; doing by yourself or in groups. Anywhere you do, try your best to unite and invite people there to join the Society.

3/ Program against all kind of criminals, evil elite groups, cheating dealers, smuggler, reactionary organization and hostile activities of wrong religious belief. All religions must specify the one greatest mission for Humanity is together building a Heaven on Earth, a place which is always fulfilled of happiness. All belief and action that deprave human's moral, make mankind more and more fall into corruption, into deeper darkness, living a selfish, consumerism lifestyle, rushful and greedy living without cultivating, without solidarity, not making a good for Earth,... will all be considered as reactionary. All members of Great Holiness Society will be taken to Heaven upon death, if follow and faithful to Great Holiness Society, let all sins and crimes within away and live the best way for Humanity.

4/ Earth Transformation Program: In general, it is what is like positive living and fighting for Human reclamation, by establishing Great Holiness communities everywhere, helping each other to learn, to cultivate, to raise vibration, increasing economic growth, start funding for poverty alleviation, financial assistance for poor, in need members. However rehabilitating capitalism system is the hardest part of the mission, because it is only by when society platform is changed, then humanity fate will got the chance to be changed, and change will be in many aspect, like thought, astral body, spirit evolution level; and because there're still suffering, fighting, struggling, poverty,... no matter how hard you meditate, or how pious you have toward your religion, there will be no even a single place for you on heaven. Let start forming as much as possible organizations for World Liberation, for building New Age, New World. Or can be called Great Holiness society all over the world.

5/ Ultimate Desire after death of members is Heaven. Celestial Hierarchy and Father High Almighty God have made promise that will help and salvate for all of you to heaven or be in higher realms fulfilled of happiness like one inside Earth under administration power of Gaia. In order to achieve that, we must take action right now, wage out all helping Earth, helping Human moments, World Peace movements, Green Earth movements, protect environment; struggle against Capitalism empire which is poisoning, killing environment for New Mankind to live. Launch movement dedicated to vegetarianism, purely simple way of living, without greed, selfishness in order to giving up pragmatic, rushful, stressed lifestyle, to eliminating your very own big and haughty self-ego but to live a happy life, harmonically with others, sharing, uniting in an equalitarian Great Holiness community.

6/ Program on protesting against mass destruction weapons and preventing arm race in global scale.

7/ Programs on constructing New World not only well-off necessities, food, setters, wealth,... but also happy, close-knit; on helping poor, developing countries to achieve their prosperous target. All groups of Great Holiness have to set up, found enterprises, companies, economic facilities; for building the ground element to gradually affect, usurp, dominate World Economy then in return, to serving working classes. Proceeding for domination the World Politics.

This is a long-term program, inside the content of Great Unity Society DoctrineGlobal Light Law and Resolution No.1 of Global Great Holiness Society.

             Many Blessings, Peace and Happiness for Humanity!

                             Supreme Great Holiness Council

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