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I will give here just the keys of my latest discoveries that are useful for the transition, and not 'how' if found out or so...  Just the essentials for now that are useful for everyone.  Well, the most important ofcourse is feeling feelings in full consciousness in the heart.  I totally agree, but this one underneath sounds interesting too...




How to upload your body with the higher frequences of Mother Earth?




Mother Earth has energy chackra's (like Stonehedge for example), but also energy arteria which can cross.   Most churches and chapels are built on such a crossing where high energies are formed.




- Advice: walking daily in the forest.  The Romans in the Roman time often walked on energy arteria of the Earth and they never slept on it (too much energy coming out of it so that you cannot sleep on it), and lots of paths in forests are still from that time.  In this way, you often walk on such an energy arteria of the Earth.

- Animals on pasture mostly also recognise these energy arteria and use it also to upload their bodies to be in balance with the Earth.  Afterwards, they go eating grass again.  (see pictures)

and they really can detect those energy arteria on the centimeter.  I checked it with my devining-rod, and the animals are correct.

So, these energy arteria of the animals are also useful to upload your body daily.  Just standing or walking on it.  I often feel my 3th eye chackra activated when I am on such an energy arteria.

- Church = lots of energy accupuncture point of the Earth surrounded by a wall called 'church'.  My experience is that the energy accupuncture points are often:

1) the place where the priest is standing + behind it the Maria statue

2) the confessional,

3) the place where the musician is sitting to play the organ

4) in BIG churches the aisle (on the left-hand and right-hand wing) where statues for holy people stands (and their direct neighbourhood) + mostly also the environment of the platform where the priest stands.  (see last picture).  So, no problem if you live in a city and have no forest : just take your yoga mat and go to meditate or to do yoga in your church!



energy arteria found by animals on pasture.png

cows path in their field.png

church energy place.png

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  • This is complete synchronicity. I imagined the energy as I walked through the forest yesterday. My 3rd eye does feel energetic fluctuations. The 3rd eye is a natural tuner even more precise than devining rods IF it can be tuned through spiritual evolution. Sending you love and gratitude for sharing this treasure trove of information.
  • I believe that I get more energy in day when Sun dawns in my window which is in the east direction. At night although it is time to sleep, I never need till 1. I sleep hardly for three hours. I dream. It is very creative period. I know that my comment is not context sesitive, but is not true that Sun is bigger source than earth..
  • Most churches and places of importance are built on formar pagan sites, the pagans knew all about working with the earths blood line and nervous system ( ley lines)
    Most i feel are being quite drained at present as many are becoming aware of there importance but in fact they are merely going and "taking" energy from the area in stead of having an energy exchange system going ,,,,, does any one else feel this?
    • Good remark, Opal!
      I always work with exchange:
      I open myself on the top chackra of my body, and on the root chackra, and I let the energy from the Earth flowing above, and from heaven to the Earth!
      I assume the animals also do that... And that meanwhile the body of the animal uploads to higher frequences...
      On those 'high energy spots', like chapels, I sometimes call help from the angels, and than they send higher frequences if I need it at that moment. So, it's definitely an exchange of energies : earth, body as conductor, heaven, and otherwise!
    • We have the just view.perspective. I am gone in South America and the same is happened there. Be in joy. Cyanlight
  • I'm studyng these energies, called angels or archangels. The most of the Churchs in Italy where biulded over ancient Isis and Osiris Temples. I love your work, Be in Joy
    • Hi, EVE,

      I wish to know the source of the Pleiadian System figure.

  • excellent posting,thankyou,also mr yukio fundais calculations of the maya calendar would be quite correct, this sacred calendar is still used by the descendants of the original maya.the Tzolkin uses 13 numbers and 20 day glyphs. the 13 numbers represent its movement or spirit.the 20 day glyphs represent its definition or body. the day glyphs and numbers work together and are symbolised as a square(20 day glyphs)within a circle(13numbers).when the maya linked the use of the 13 numbers with the 20 day glyphs, it gave humanity a 260 day sacred cycle.it is also based on the 26,000 year cycle of the pleaides star system and is reduced in size to a 260 day cycle.the 260 day cosmic calendar together with the earths 356 day calendar,THE HAAB,work in unity to give humanity a sacred link between the cosmos and mother earth.
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