January 23

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I have many interests, my main passion is working with the crystal skulls and my crystals. I've tried many avenues and am still trying to find my place, though like all, no doubt I'm feeling the energies change, and there's a sense of having to make a move now. I am very interested in sacred sites and their energies, and also the links to star constellations. I feel theres a lot going on "out there" just now. I'm also really interested in sacred geometry.. probably could go on but hehe thats enough for now

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  • blimey, how did i miss the druids vow of friendship u posted :), silly me lol,.
    ty, your a treasure and a good friend
  • I like the way the skulls got you...lol. I have had a vision of a large emerald coloured skull, it was suspended in space and turning, I got told three things it was in Egypt, contained the emerald tablets and was connected to Moses.... (still waiting for the next chapter..more laughter. I havent had anything on a ruby one, but I am interested in the fact that it is clear because that is what I felt about the emerald coloured skull. I like your collection who carved them?
  • Hi Opal, thanks for your reply. After 15 years I should know more :) What I do know about the skulls is they call you. I had a dream one night and all these skulls were coming towards me through mid air...I called my friend later that day excited about the dream and said I think the skulls are coming to New Zealand and that evening I got a call from a woman in Wellington telling me about DAel Walker and his skulls and could I help him...... I love the photos of your skulls, how did your journey start with them?
  • Hi Opal, Sorry to take so long to get back to you it has been a busy week.
    Like you I love the skulls. I was lucky enough to see Max about 15 years ago.
    Then DAle Walker came to New Zealand with Rainbow and Zar (they stayed with me).
    Crystals are a passion, my head asks why and my heart goes yes yes yes.... Nice to connect up with a fellow crystal woman and other like minded people. Cheers
  • Hi, Thanks for adding me as a friend. I'll show you the pictures of the skull when I've finished it. In the mean time here's a pic of a head that I've made. Not as complicated as a skull but I really enjoy making these. :)

  • This is a picture of the Shiva Linga chakra stone that I use for healing. See the typical markings in the stone where the tektiten is embedded... These different shape markings have various esoteric divinatory meaning.
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Opal replied to TMS's discussion Star Seed Astrology Snapshots
"Very interesting ,, and many thanks for taking the time to interpret,, I seem to have certain very vivid memories which point to atlantis but am still trying to decipher them ,, must look into this more as it truly is fascinating ,, Namaste !!!"
Oct 27, 2010
Opal replied to TMS's discussion Star Seed Astrology Snapshots
"intrigued to find out more

23 - 01- 1963

2.35am glasgow scotland"
Oct 25, 2010
Opal left a comment for Dancer
"~Magickal Graphics~"
Oct 1, 2010
Opal left a comment for Denise
"Thanks ,, out of the 4 I work with at the moment the fluorite singing skull is from china, the rose quartz I have no idea about, the dolomite was carved by Leandro and the quartz again no idea,, its actually a stunning skull with lots of rainbows…"
Sep 14, 2010

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"yes, interesting, thank you!"
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"I can understand German, also....But yes, they speak in English and furnish the words with additional symbols, visuals, for added insights...
Even my Russian crew contacts, from Earth, prefer to speak English, which everyone uses as an international…"
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"Yea the woke really need to get their act together if they wanna get to see a first contact scenario. Hopefully when all the corruption is exposed they realize oh sh#t guess we were wrong about what we were preaching."
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"beside telepathic communication but you need a language for telepathic communication also, or am I wrong? how do you communicate with the GFL or with other ground crew personell? I assume in english?"
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"Well, among the Galactic Human populations, across this galaxy, the Lyran language is the root of all their varient types of dialects...including languages on Earth, such as olde German....Of course, English is relatively new among Earth languages,…"
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"what is the most spoken language in our galaxy? is there a language which every one in the galaxy understands?"
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"Ah, but the Sirians also speak perfect English, when they are not using their variant language to Lyran..."
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"white galactic humans with blond hair and blue eyes and they speak german LOL"
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