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So there you have it, Malcolm.. your reality check has just arrived! Be preparred for more checks in the mail. Four children died as a result of that airstrike. Your president blew it alright, in the form of 60 missile attacks! Yesterday, April 6th, 2017, Donald Trump launches airstrikes agains't Syria. OF COURSE he is a puppet of the establishment, exactly what we have been saying all along. Welcome to your first glimpse of the Trump delusion! Remember the date, April 6th, 2017. Now, turn the clock back exactly 100 years to the day, to April 6th,1917.. what happened on April 6th, 1917, Malcolm? Ironic, isn't it? How about pre-planned a long, long time ago!

Wakey Wakey!

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~Yeah, Luke... a beyond troubling state of affairs. & indeed, it should serve as a hard core wake up call for all Trump devotees. I'm not holding my breath, though... the lengths these guys will go to justify the unjustifiable is mind boggling. A prime example being the only way that many of the sheeple will remove the wool from their eyes in relation to their hero, is to convince themselves that Trumplethinskin's latest Orwellian decisions are due to him & his family being threatened??? Utter nonsense!... Nothing could be further from the truth!!! Donald is simply fulfilling his role as an Illuminati/Annunaki puppet, a transparent, egoic performance that began when he descended from his golden escalator & declared 'his intent' to run for President. A 'choice' that was effortlessly dictated by Archontic forces playing on his malignant narcissism & already deeply fractured psyche. Jesus!... Theater of the Absurd taken to new heights! It ain't gonna be easy for the sheeple, oftentimes, the Truth hurts. 


The Illusion of America: Has it Ever Really Existed?

by Ryan Cristian 

In the past, this country has always prided itself on the personal freedom and Constitutional rights of the individual, and oddly enough, it still does today despite the fact that the US currently ranks 41st according to the 2016 world press freedom index, and 11th on the Heritage Institute’s 2016 index of economic freedom, behind countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Chile.

However, the facts have yet to stop the government, or rather the faction that co-opted the government, from carrying out its will and broadcasting whichever story reinforces that will. From lying about attacks and epidemics, to fabricating them all together, what this country once could have been is simply no longer present, where sadly, it truly counts: within the government, save for a brave few. But the people remain, and that American Dream still resides within their hearts and longs to be realized. Regardless of whether that dream was ever truly seen to fruition or if it was sabotaged by some of the very men who took part in its creation, it has taken root in the very foundation that holds this broken country together, it has become eternal; it prevails within the deep-seeded beliefs of that which makes this country truly powerful: its people.

Those who have participated in this fabrication are terrified that the people will once and for all see through the lie, and find the sinister reality behind. And that is indeed what we are witnessing in real-time, as Americans finally begin to wake up to this gross manipulation.

This awakening has been a long time coming, and was brought on by many different occurrences. Yet, the one event that was always meant to reinforce the citizen’s blind faith and dedication to the system, the election process, has much to the establishment’s dismay, become the largest awakening event in American history. People are being hyper-exposed to the true nature of the government and those who have complete control over its actions…

Does the Government Represent the People?

In today’s “feelings-over-facts“ climate, when a study does not embody what one chooses to embrace as “the truth,” it is simply disregarded as “fake news” or some other catch-all measure of dismissal that allows the individual to ignore contradictory information, and do so with a sense of confidence, be it a false one. Which is the case with the following study, that wildly enough has not gotten much attention since its release, as something like this would only be ignored by a willfully uninformed populace. This study actually quantifies the irrelevancy of the American public in regard to their influence on the government and its policy.

Researchers at Princeton University looked at more than 20 years worth of data to answer a pretty simple question: Does the government represent the people?

Quoting the Princeton study directly: “The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

Many are beginning to come to grips with the reality that their opinion doesn’t matter in this country, and that the government truly doesn’t care what they think, and sadly… they are correct. But there’s a catch. Economic elites, business interests–those who have enough money to hire lobbyists–have an entirely different line on the graph above than the average America (the bottom 90%), and surprise surprise, it’s much closer to the ideal representation, which means these elite individuals do in fact directly influence policy in this country. So in other words, this study clearly demonstrates that money, and those who have it, dictate this country’s true direction, not the people and their faux democracy.

Ultimately, this shows that the elites have the ability to get what they what, regardless of the American majority-will, and the people pay for it, literally and figuratively. With one in every five American children born into poverty, the American people suffer the most expensive healthcare in the world, a floundering education system, and a catastrophically detrimental failure of a drug war, all spurred on with egregiously wasteful spending seemingly without end. Almost every major issue Americans face as a nation can be tied back to the realization brought on by the above graph: The average person has essentially zero influence on the passage of the very laws that affect their daily lives and the direction of their own country, which they then pay for with their hard-earned money, lest they be forced into a cage at gunpoint. Sounds like freedom to me.

Knowing that what the people really think, and who and what they vote for, quantifiably and mathematically has zero effect on the outcome (which is actually a verifiable fact thanks to this study), why do they continue to participate? This would be the point where people get angry, or call names, “conspiracy theorist,” or “un-American,” all for striking at their foundation which is unfortunately built on lies, and that shakes people; shakes them to the point where they will refuse to acknowledge the reality that contradicted their beliefs, regardless of the presented proof.

The reason that people so fervently protect their foundation of lies is that they have been conditioned to do so with the many different control measures put in place to ensure the outcome desired by those pulling the strings. The “lesser of two evils” manipulation is a ploy that has corralled and directed the voters in this country for decades, and is just one of many put in place in order to manipulate and control the American people, all while allowing them to falsely think and feel that they have an integral part in the operation and success of this country…

Eyes to the Future

However eye-opening this past election has been, the awakening of the individual does not necessarily do much to stop this warmongering empire. Yet, we are now aware, and that has power, and the world will respond if we continue to take a stand and speak out about all that we feel no longer represents the people of this country.

So we press on and spread the word, and hold out hope that those brave few within will join us in reviving this dream still thriving within us all, and set things in motion that will revitalize this country; or some would say, create this dream we have in our hearts for the first time...

read entire article @

yeah the US sucks and Americans are pigs and scum and should be exterminated let's do something like this instead;

~Sorry, I couldn't help myself. But for fu#ks sake, Pet... you need to 'lighten' up. Seriously! No one is saying "Americans are pigs and scum and should be exterminated", far from it, in fact. But make no mistake about it, that kind of knee jerk, over the top, extreme response is by design. Part of a calculated MSN, fear-porn backbeat that has masses of sheeple clinging to the fantasy that everything is hunky-dory in this country, as long as they can other & destroy anything they've been conditioned to perceive as threatening to the good ole Stars & Stripes. It's a fairytale, that hasn't existed since this countries blood soaked, genocidal inception. Which isn't to say there haven't been incredible leaps forward, spiritually & consciously, on a myriad of levels that frankly, defy belief, given the lengths the draconian/ archontic forces that co-opted 'the government' have gone to keep the masses in mental bondage. Despite so many of our fellows choosing to stay asleep... many are heeding the clarion call to Awaken. Which is exactly why we find ourselves at a crucial tipping point where we must reclaim our power, our Spiritual Sovereignty from the few who wish to continue to control us. Right Now, on levels that will never be broadcast by Illuminati factions who's soul sucking, singleness of purpose is control & to keep the people of this planet dumbed down... there is a rising tide of change that will simply not be denied by half baked morons like Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, etc. etc. Our Brethren & Sister have grown weary of the sh#tshow that's been force fed to them as something worth defending since birth. When you unplug their umbilical cords from 'mainstream everything's' fear based agenda .. you will find that in their Hearts, Humanity is ready for a Higher Manifestation of Infinite Possibility! & in many ways, that's what's making moving through the final section of the birth canal so challenging... & exciting! Whether one chooses to approach it with fear or Love, the New Day is dawning!  ~InLight555

Excelent, clear, thought provoking and straight to the point as always, Stick.. I can add little to it other than I aggree 100%, thank you so much for sharing yet more powerful, multidimensional insights that are sure to open hearts and minds, if not from the Trump collective then amonge other, searching souls. If only Pet and the other Trump devotees would take a moment to absorb your brilliant words, they would truely learn the depths of a higher conciousness, but I doubt that they will because for them, the stupid pill that they all currently have on their tounges seems more digestable, therefore we can only continue to dish out countless red pills in the hope that one might be swallowed and take effect. Some seed falls on fertile soil and grows into enough wheat to feed a nation, but the Trump devotees are "hard rock", I still have faith that at least one seed will take root, somewhere, within someone. Then again, jesus, maybe not!! No matter how much we try, our efforts are generally ignored, which is often the reason I think of the words: "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast. ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them. under their feet, and turn again and rend you". However, they will eventually give you thanks for your tirerless determination to see them awaken, when eventually they actually do awaken. Like yourself, Michael is the same, and between the three of us, we have our work cut out for us, no doubt about it. Despite the apparent stupidity and deep sleep state of our wayward brethren and sistren on the Trump bandwagon, the voice of Bill Hicks will always ring loud and clear, as does our own, echoing the words "Its just a Ride" even though the Trump devotees have a lot invested in the ride, with their furrowed brows, seemingly determined to go on the ride in reverse, against the natural flow, catapulting themselves backwards. In Puru, if you want to get to the lost city of the Incas in Machu Piccu, you need to take a bus ride up some of the steepest, winding roads in the Andes that wind around the mountain, and on one side, there is a sharp drop of about 200 feet to the rocks below as the bus winds it's way to the highest point. A lot of buses go over the side around there, and naturally, a lot of people die. Most tourists who travel to Machu Piccu have said it's a white knuckle ride to get there, because you need to "hold on tight" while you are on that bus. If I was on it, I wouldn't bother gripping the bars, because whatever happens, is in my soul contract. If the bus went over the side, then I would have to accept it, because no mater how tightly I grip onto the bars, if I go over then gripping on wouldn't do me any favors, so whatever happens, it's just a ride. I would rather go with the flow, than agains't the grain, indeed, as Alan Watts observed so beautifully, to become like a cloud or like a wave for there is nothing imperfect about either, both are always perfect, to "melt" into life, and just allow it to happen. Perhaps that's what it means to take the path of least resistance, to let the river take me along instead of jumping like a salmon into the jaws of a bear. The more I live like this, the more content I feel and the more in tune I am becomming. It would be wonderful to see all of the Trump aficionados getting real and switching on, letting go and trusting, clearing their minds and expanding their awareness but I doubt that they will, some seed gets dried up and blows away in the wind, such is life, some folks take their stubborn nature to the grave with them, and yet, there is a spark of light in everyone. Still, onward and upward, we take no quarter, we take no prisoners, one for all and all for one, no doubt about it, we are warriors!

~Whatever it takes, Luke & Michael... & ALL the Brethren & Sister who fight for the Glory of the Emerging Paradigm... we've been here before; our ancient quest will not be denied!... Stand Strong!!!

Arthur: Now, once more, I must ride with my knights to defend what was, and the dream of what could be.

Merlin: Stand back! Be silent! Be still!... That's it... and look upon this moment. Savor it! Rejoice with great gladness! Great gladness! Remember it always, for you are joined by it. You are One, under the stars. Remember it well, then... this night, this great victory. So that in the years ahead, you can say, 'I was there that night, with Arthur, the King!' For it is the doom of men that they forget.


Right on, Stick, one of the most enchanting films ever produced, in my opinion, and made in the magical, mist covered, mystical hills of Co. Wicklow, otherwise known as the garden of Ireland, less than 20 miles away from my old house in Dublin, by the legendary film director John Boorman. As you know, I live in Berlin these days, and haven't been home in over ten years, I miss not being there, and the film Excalibur always reminds me of the many times I walked around those hills at the twilight hour, stood beside that waterfall, and had strange, mystical experiences in that forrest. When I lived there, myself and some friends used to re-enact scenes from Excalibur in that location. Mind you, we were flying high on magic muchrooms and various other smokey substances at the time, and being in that enviroment, you can drift seemlessly into other, magical realms. There is a certain magic in the air in Ireland, I can't think of a more appropriate place to film the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and in my opinion, John Boormans Excalibur is the best version of that story ever commited to celluloid. A little trivia, but not many people make the connection between Excalibur and Star Wars, which is basically the Arthurian legend set in space.

Image result for star wars poster

Anyway, in a strange, microcosmic and hypothetical sort of way, there appears to be a simelar thread running through the forums in ACC, where often times a sort of comedic "war of words" plays out by two opposing forces, those of us in the Rebel Alliance, (the Knights of the Round Table), and those who have literally been seduced by the "dark side", i.e. (Trump devotees), I know its a ridiculous distinction but it makes me giggle. Joking aside, both of those films serve as a reminder of the real life spiritual warfare taking place between light warriors and Archons, who are in fact not our "enemies" but our disaffected "cousins", having been spawned from our real Mother, Gaia Sophia, upon her plunge from the pleromic company in the galactic core. As I see it, the glitch in the Matrix is an "error" of monumental proportions, currently being fixed by our steadfast determination to embody devine truth with our attention. To my understanding, the ones who continue to choose ignorance over knowledge are being faced with harder challenges, whether to continue gripping onto illusions or whether to surrender to deeper spiritual realities, especially in the light of the recent Syrian bombings, a wake up call that is shouting at them to make a decision before it's too late, to take the path of least resistance or continue walking blindly into the line of fire. As David Icke accurately observes, there is indeed a fork in the road... and time is of the essence! The Trump devotees probibly haven't got a [email protected] breeze what I'm talking about!

Image result for excalibur poster

~As you know, I'm right with you, Luke... I could wax poetic about the means & ways that films like Excallibur & Star Wars have played crucial roles in my ongoing awakening. Reminds me of another hero of mine, Joseph Campbell, & his incredible works on The Power of Myth... he recognized films like Star Wars as expanding on countless iterations of the Hero's Journey, a core narrative of our individual quest for Self Realization. It's confounding to see Omego & others on ACC mocking films we share (like, The Matrix & They Live) as meaningless, Hollywood schlock. Seems incredibly short sighted & ultimately naive from my perspective. Like literature (& I'm including all genres), with the moving image, there are endless amounts of Alchemical Gold to be unearthed. & just like the written word, you can't always judge a book by it's cover. Again, They Live is the perfect example of a movie that many foolishly wrote off as B-movie horror, which actually contains powerful keys for decoding the illusions of duality. Anyhow, here's a snippet of Campbell's epic conversation with Bill Moyer's on The Power of Myth. For anyone who hasn't seen the whole series... it's well worth tracking down. ~InLight 

Yes. And as I have stated all along, unlike some people on this website (YOURSELF INCLUDED, LUKE) I can admit when I'm wrong, as opposed to using "the art of words" to avoid admitting when I'm wrong via the use of eloquent bullsh!t that avoids addressing the facts.

This same Zionist nonsense happened to Lyndon Johnson with Israel attacking the USS Liberty in 1967 at the behest of an Israeli false-flag in the Mediterranean Sea. This attack by Israel on a U.S. Navy ship was designed to drag the U.S. into it's war with Egypt. This was based on some lily-white skinned Ashkanazis (a.k.a. Jewish-converted eastern Europeans claiming to have ancestors from the Middle East (NOT)) who are convinced via Zionist practitioners of Qaballah horsesh!t (or Zionist followers of goetia (BLACK MAGICK) who use the "art of words" in ceremonial magick form as a means to attempt to satisfy their money-addiction problems (WHICH WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED AND ONLY LEADS TO REALLY TWISTED ACTS OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, AS THE PUBLIC ARE FINDING OUT ABOUT THE CLINTONS AND THEIR WAYS TO BLACKMAIL PEOPLE).

President Trump may either learn about the reality of the evil nature and deception of this Zionist energy (as JFK did in 1962-1963), or he can hide behind his wealth and power as so many other U.S. Presidents of the 20th century did. And yes, these are the same U.S. Presidents who die of old age with a huge bank account for their heirs, and a legacy of treason for their citizens. Lyndon Johnson's heirs live in the Austin, Texas area and reportedly still can afford to sue anybody who publicly points out LBJ's crimes, much like Frank Sinatra did. If this is what Trump wants to be remembered for, then this is his choice to be remembered as another LBJ.

He has 3.75 years to prove otherwise.



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