I have numerous alignments in my chart. One is my Neptune in Capricorn at 25.08 degrees which I hear 25 degrees is a pleidian star seed code? I have recently started looking into Sandra Lavender and her mastery in astrology. Apparent 25, 26, and 27 degrees in multiple planets are a pleidian star seed codes indicating you are a pleidian star seed through genetic code.

Zodiac in degrees  0.00 Placidus Orb:0
SunScorpio5.54 AscendantTaurus17.29
MoonGemini6.19 IIGemini15.10
MercuryScorpio3.22 IIICancer8.03
VenusVirgo29.28 IVLeo1.07
MarsLeo29.18 VLeo28.31
JupiterCapricorn12.21 VILibra4.29
SaturnAries1.40 R VIIScorpio17.29
UranusAquarius0.48 VIIISagittarius15.10
NeptuneCapricorn25.08 IXCapricorn8.03
PlutoSagittarius1.59 MidheavenAquarius1.07
LilithLeo14.11 XIAquarius28.31
Asc nodeLibra7.47 XIIAries4.29

Look at my birth chart. I think I got a possible star seed code here or I just happened to get 3 planetary alignments in my houses. My sun is aligned with Mercury. Venus and mars are aligned with my 5th house. And Neptune and Uranus is aligned in my 9th house. Any explanations guys? Any explanation for this rather beautiful alignment in my birth chart. If any of you are an expert in astrology it would be much appreciated and anyone interested in my key aspects are free to see.


Asc node


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  • thanks for sharing.

    you must be blessed, good for you.

    if you be so kind to help us all, in any way you can, it will be good for your karma,

    and the golden rule to treat others as you would like others to treat you.


    blessings to all of us for we are all one

  • You can go to Google and search for natal chart calculator then input your birth information. I don't know my origin. Or if I'm even a star seed. Maybe a Indigo child(Teenager) I'm 16 years old. I think I've got something here in my chart I just can't figure out what it is. How do you get so many alignments like that? I think either I am a star seed(Though I don't remember coming to earth by Starship) or I am a Indigo child of one or more origin.

  • how can i find my one out

    i always keep looking at the southern cross and venus when i look into the night sky but one of my home world was planet maldek or marduk would call it the one that is now the asteroid belt.

  • I HAVE A TRIPLE PLANETARY ALIGNMENT IN MY HOUSES. Ignore the Saturn in XI Look at this in my opinion a rather abnormal alignment

    Jupiter in IX
    Saturn in XI
    Uranus in IX
    Neptune in IX


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