What if you could remain cool, calm and connected throughout your parenting day, even in the midst of those difficult moments when your children are melting down or refusing to cooperate?

What if you knew how to turn things around and restore a sense of peace and enjoyment-instead of sailing into a parenting “storm” filled with negotiations, power struggles, bribes and threats?

You CAN!


You will be part of a global community of conscious parents who are discovering how to catalyze positive change for their children, themselves-and their entire family.

Your primary job as a parent is to recognize the unique gifts your children bring and help them shine their light as brightly as possible.

Ultimately, the journey of parenting can be the catalyst for your greatest growth evolution.

And while it may not seem like it now, this journey CAN be filled with joy, connection and love EVERY DAY... IF you know how to be the “captain of the ship” in your child’s life.

Sign up for FREE, and discover how parenting with awareness, intention and practical skills can resolve the challenging issues that all parents face-and positively transform your entire family!

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  • I have been praying in the morning and one line is " let your grace pour through me when I am with the kids" it helps...it does
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