I cannot remember people's names.  I cannot think of the name of an object, so I refer to the color of the object. (i.e.' I'll get the pink").  People are blending into other people.  I believe there are four reasons for this:  1. I am getting senile, 2.  I am going crazy, 3. Dimensions are blending into each other, and I am having a problem distinguishing them, 4.  I am suffering from sleep depervation.  Please help me.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • I found this darkstar

    I think it has a lot of good information in it on how to clean your pineal gland.
  • RLS isn't even a real illness. It's just an oversensitiveness to the astral body presence that the pharma industry monetized on by inventing a medical problem to peddle on its symptoms. It can be ignored but why bother, I LIKE to feel my astral body when I am awake. It makes it easier to find out how to do telekinesis. :)

    Benadryl .. Sounds like a lot of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and some chloride all baked into one not-so-good-to-use pill. ;)

    Antibiotics are mushrooms though, so they are still safe to use in when having serious ailments. If I had been 20 years older my ear infection would probably have killed me without antibiotics. The last 5 days have been quite taxing (especially since I've also been a babysitter for 5 very wild and young boys for 2 of those days) but the immune strength boost I will receive from all that will make all the suffering worthwhile. ;)

  • Darkstar, there are remedies for these kinds of symptons.  Go to  One thing that is coming up a lot is that coconut oil is good for Alzheimer's, not saying that you've got that but it may help to improve brain function.  Also, you probably should start to use calcium bentonite which will detox any heavy metals from your body.  If you have amalgum fillings in your teeth get them removed by an holistic dentist.  Good luck, if I come across anything else I will let you know.  XX

    • Thanks Trinity.  I had all my metal fillings removed.

      • That's good news darkstar.  The calcium bentonite is a clay, I mention this just in case you have some heavy metal toxicity.  Me and my boyfriend take it every day, after a while the whites of your eyes get whiter!  We are not buying any processed foods as I heard an ex illuminti girl say that they are putting petroleum in a lot of foods.  Got me scared enough that we cook everything from scratch and never use any tinned products or anything that is massed produced.  Another thing you may want to consider is not drinking the tap water, I'm finding out that there more than fluoride being added to dumb people down, nice eh!  Some bottled mineral water has added fluoride so I always check the contents to make sure the one I buy is without, and some have very much higher chloride levels than others, get the lowest one possible.  Call me paranoid but I think we all have to be a bit vigilant at the moment as we are all under attack.  Hope you feel better soon darkstar. XX

  • Avatar:  Thanks so much.

  • 5. You are deep in your shadow.

    And consciously recognizing your duality.

    • Once you have conscious awareness of how your duality manifest, it is only a matter of time before your unconscious discovers your unifying solution.

  • This made me more interested in what we are experiencing so I am going to go through your post row by row and compare it with what I experience. Perhaps together we can form a unified theory of this right here in the thread:

    "I cannot remember people's names."

    Same here. I look at a person and all of a sudden I just doesn't know who he/she is. :)

    "I cannot think of the name of an object, so I refer to the color of the object."

    Sometimes when I look at a thing I suddenly do not know what it is I am seeing. It can be a mug, a fork or anything, I just can't identify it at the time. That almost made me panic the first time it happened. Now I'm more used to it. :)

    "People are blending into other people."

    I don't experience that but I AM experiencing myself in other people a LOT nowadays. There isn't a person on this site that isn't a version of me that I know of, can identify and find inside myself easily nowadays. That IS interesting because that particular change has also been prophesied. The real thing proved to be way better than the mere imagination of it though but also a bit enerving since I no longer have any emotionally valid reasons to actually dislike anyone anymore. Not even disinformers since they too are expressing things that I can find inside myself as well, in my darker vaults. That sux, in a hilarious sort of way. ;)

    "I believe there are four (possible) reasons for this:  
    1. I am getting senile,"

    I am not. Too young for that still.

    " 2.  I am going crazy"

    The line between geniality and craziness is undistinguishable.
    I am probably totally crazy, but I am also emotionally balanced so I do not know if I from a purely psychological point of view, would be considered to be crazy. You do NOT seem crazy to me. :)

    "4.  I am suffering from sleep depervation."

    I value sleep greatly since I enjoy my dreams immensely. Therefore I rarely get sleep deprivation. I make sure to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. :)

    "3. Dimensions are blending into each other, and I am having a problem distinguishing them"

    That's what it feels like. And, the coming together of the dimensions have also been prophesied, even though that particular prophecy didn't include descriptions on how people would experience it. It just mentions the actual "compressing of dimensions" that is happening at the end of a spiral (the shape of our timespace and where/when we are Now).

    The second possible option here is that it's not the dimensions that are bleeding into each other but rather WE who are bleeding into other dimensions. It's easy to forget that the only thing that's actually REAL in the spacetime room is You and you current thought-configuration, and.. Everyone on the site has been talking about going multidimensional these years so it might not be entirely impossible that You and I are ACTUALLY going through just that particular transformation. It is supposed to be happening now also, according to prophecy. :)

    I am curious how many others on this site there is that are experiencing this. We could very well be looking at the first group of ascending humans this year.

  • Namo Lang Lio Quan Yin


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