Planetary World Service is following the 7 rays - Monday is 1st ray - tuesday is 2nd ray etc...And sending your thoughts,consciousness focus,prayers,affirmations and visualizations to important issues every day.And you can click on the TODAYS MENU - what you can do with your consciousness,mind and thoughts to help this planet.If you are not familiar with the esoteric rays -here is some info about them:Ray I Government And Politics; International RelationsRay II (Spiritual) Education And Teaching; Writing, Speaking, Radio, TVRay III Finance, Trade, Business & EconomicsRay IV Sociology; Race & Culture Cooperation & Conciliation; ArtsRay V Sciences; Including Medicine & PsychologyRay VI Religion, Ideology, PhilosophyRay VII Structuring Of Society; Ordering Of Power Through Ceremony, Protocol & Ritual.--------Rays are attributes of God:Ray I - Personal Power and Will.Ray II - Love and WisdomRay III - Active IntelligenceRay IV - Beauty and HarmonyRay V - Concrete and Esoteric/New Age knowledgeRay VI - DevotionRay VII - Transformation,Ceremonial Order and Magic we can connect to talk to other people with same interests etc.Prayer of the Week: love to follow International Politics and Cooperation. And especially listen to what Barack Obama talks about.

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  • CoMDr, yes he an Ascended Master now:) You were lucky to meet him in Mt. Shasta:)

    This week prayer is for Haiti.
  • This week prayer:
    The New Higher Octave Prayer of Compassion for the Aquarian Age by Kuan Yin!
  • Prayer of the Week group just posted a new bulletin.
    Subject: Prayer for Assistance to Tackle the Issue of Climate Change.

    Obama in Copenhagen/Denmark 9 December and in Oslo/Norway 10 December(Nobel Peace prize)
  • Prayer for disclosure of technologies and the truth about recorded accounts of extraterrestrial visits.

    I LOVE this subject:)

  • Prayer of the Week group just posted a new bulletin. Subject: Political Hot Spots Meditation and Visualization You can read your new message here:
  • Prayer of the Week group just posted a new bulletin. Subject: Prayer for Ethiopia You can read your new message here:
  • I am glad you shared of YOURSELF. I thought I could discern Zeta hiding in your body, lol, they have a distinct smell to them which I have whiffed firsthand with them hovering over my face with a probe aimed at my nostrils. They stink like a combination of sulphur and something sicky sweet, hope that was not your aftershave I was smelling before I passed out. If it was, you better change your brand, haha...I did not think my question was at all silly, and NO I am not in any way a coward. That is just your opinion. I never claimed to know God for openers but I am trying to learn about the concept and what others think about a god. I form my own opinions about it. I agree about what you said about humanity perceiving aliens as gods and are completely off base about the whole religion thing. I just wanted to get a serious answer from you because I truly want to get to know you better. You have been my friend (in my mind anyway) for a long time, and your namecalling does not change that. I like you no matter what bullshit you care to throw at my direction or character. So there!!!! Maybe from all my physical and psychical dealings with Zeta, I feel a kindredness with you in some convoluted way. I don't know, but try as you might to throw shit at my character I cannot stay mad at you...Don't like your attitude but if that is how you feel you must act, oh well. I look past that bravado and insulting nature...guess I am just Pollyanna....

    Oh yes and my name is Marique Quinn and I am not hiding behind a fake name. You have seen my picture of what I look like so you cannot fault me for that either. I had to take my picture down because too many of the males here were hitting on me, lol. But I will gladly post my picture again as proof positive of who I am and at least delete that insult off your list of insults to me. Not that I need to because you KNOW me by my comments and writings. I do not quote from others but speak from my heart.
    • Yes Napa, I know you know what Zeta Talk says.......we ALL know you know what Zeta Talk says, yadda yadda....I am curious about YOUR thoughts on God......Do you believe there is a "GOD" or universal lifeforce or power in prayer? Gosh how I wish I knew what YOU think about things, instead of just what you say Zeta talk says.........just a thought. But I realize you do not share of yourself, and are only a Zeta parrot. It is a shame. I know you have great spirit and have seen your orbs so I know you are spiritually alive. Just wish you would share more of yourself instead of always Zeta quotes. Or is it that you ARE a Zeta? Just wondering...
This reply was deleted.

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