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Planet Alert April 2014 - "A cosmic wave will take place during Passover.."


Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 2-Apr-2014 22:07:10


April is here! What do you suppose will happen with this major cardinal cross that is in our heavens right now? It has already been triggered. We had a huge mud slide in OSO, WA on March 22 shortly after the Sun went into the sign of Aries. OSO is north of Seattle. The news said it was one of the largest natural disaster we have had in our state because of all the people who died in the slide. The official total is 24 but there are 30 people still missing.

The West Coast is still under stress and will be until Saturn moves out of Scorpio in December of 2014. When planets are in either Taurus or Scorpio events happen on the coast. The 6.9 quake that happened last month off the coast of California was another example of the Scorpio energy. Scorpio is a water sign and the quake was in the water. The mud slide was caused by lots of rain in the slide area. From April 20 to May 20 the sun will be in Taurus and this means there could be more Earth changes along the coast.

There have been other major events that have happened recently like the huge oil spill off the coast of Texas. That was another water event that also included oil. Texas is also ruled by Scorpio although it is by latitude instead of longitude. The West Coast is by longitude. Scorpio also rules the Middle East along with Russia, and Mars is over the Ukraine right now.

Vladimir Putin’s sun is on 13 degrees Libra and during the exact cross on April 22, the planet Mars will be on top of his sun. The planet Mars is very powerful, and it can cause a person to become very angry. Pluto, which will be square his sun on 13 degrees Capricorn will give him the desire for more power. In fact, as the sun goes through Aries it will be opposing his Libra planets. Right now (March 29th) Mars is on top of his Mercury, and this gives him the desire to communicate his ideas and he just called president Obama to discuss ongoing events. We will see what manifests from that call.

Obama also visited the Pope a few days ago. What did they discuss in their visit? Could it have been something to do with the Vatican Bank? That Bank is run by the Jesuits and they have controlled the world for a long time.

As the sun moves through Aries it will continue triggering the planets in the cardinal cross. On April 8th Mars will be at its closest point to Earth. If you have clear skies at that time you might want to look for that planet. Mars is a very beautiful planet. When a planet is close to Earth it is always very powerful.

Did you know that it says in the Bible that when you see the sign of the son of man in the heavens you will know the time for redemption has arrived? What is the sign of the son of man? Isn’t it a cross? Well look what will be in the heavens on Easter this year, the cross. And Easter is the celebration of the risen Christ, representing ascension.

Then we will have a total lunar eclipse on April 15th, which is the beginning of the celebration of Passover. This full moon is called a blood moon because the moon will turn red. We start the Holy week of Easter on April 13th which is Palm Sunday. Then we have the last supper on Thursday April 17th Good Friday on April 18th and Easter on April 20. Passover is very important to the Jewish people and Easter is very important to the Christian people. Some people celebrate Passover for 7 days and some for 8. This means that Passover lasts from April 15 to April 22/23 and there will be a perfect cross in the heavens on April 22. Uranus will be on 13 degrees Aries, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra, and Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn. The moon will trigger this cross on Easter.

Now, let’s talk about the number 13. This is of course the number of the Christ or the Goddess. It is the number of birth, death, and transformation. The April 15th full moon is called the moon of the Christ. Thirteen is the number that rules the United States which was born on July 4, 1776 when the sun was on 13 degrees Cancer. The star Sirius (Isis) is on 13/14 degrees Cancer. The dollar bill of the United States has the number 13 all over it, and the USA started with 13 states. Jupiter will be on 13 degrees Cancer over Washington the cardinal cross. I remember when Greg Braden said that when we reached 13 hertz and 0 magnetics we would be at the time of the change. We are there.

Mona, a friend of mine, channeled for me the other night and this is what was said “The time-lines have been very chaotic for a long time and just recently they started coming together. They started folding in on themselves the first part of March and this put us in a time warp. It can become peaceful as the time-lines come together if humanity becomes a collective in their thoughts. If that happens, the time-line can counter-act a possible war although war can also be the stimulus to move us into a higher frequency because then people will finally say ‘No more war.’

“Four time-lines are coming together to create a wave that will pull these time-lines into one. This is what has caused the Earth to shift. The solar system will also experience this time-line shift. It will all come together as one. The energy moves in different directions, and then it goes into one. When the time-lines all come together as one this will be called zero magnetics. This will destroy the possibility of war because we will be on a higher frequency and won’t be part of any war. This will be like Divine intervention. A cosmic wave will take place during Passover. Think in a higher-format. NO FEAR! This time is most crucial and is favorable for a shift in consciousness. No one can stop this change. Let the change occur so peace can reign. This will be a new start for the whole human race.”

It looks like we are about to move into the higher frequency Earth very soon. I don’t know just how this will all work out. I guess time will tell. I do know that this cardinal cross is a real turning point for humanity. It will be the time we move into Unity consciousness and become like one, individual but all part of the whole. I am really excited about this possibility. This is what I have been expecting to happen for many years. I will be very happy to be living on the higher frequency Earth with all the possibilities that will become available to us.

The cardinal cross is the turning point, although the energy from that cross will last for a long time. A lunar eclipse alone is usually in effect for at least six months. We also have a solar eclipse on April 28th. This month will be very powerful so keep your seat belts on as we move through this energy. Chances are there will be one event after another so keep calm as these events happen. Because Washington D.C. is on 13 degrees Cancer I think that something major will happen there at this time. Hopefully it is not a war with Russia. At that time Jupiter will be over Washington D.C. and Pluto will be over Moscow. This could cause a clash of wills and who knows what might happen. (I just heard that North and South Korea are at their war games again.)

Or it could work out in an entirely different way. Look at what happened to MH 370. Does anyone really know what happened to that plane? There are many theories. Some say the plane was hijacked, others say the pilot or co-polite caused the plane to go down. Others say the plane went into a time warp or had magnetic interference, and still others say they have found the remains of the plane in the Indian Ocean. As far as I know, no one has recovered any parts from the plane yet. Maybe the plane is hiding out on some remote island for various reasons. Something seems very fishy about that whole event.

Check out this link about the Axis shift-I found it very interesting.

Anyway, control your anger as we move through this energy, live in love and be kind to each other. We need to become as one so the time-line can counter-act any war that might occur. Become peaceful within and express your love because love is all there is. And that is how it is. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! So Be It!

I send my love and blessings to everyone!

*****Mahala Gayle*****


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thanks for sharing.


it will be quite an enlightment to ALL OF US, the human race when ALL OF US CAN READ EACH OTHERS MIND, LIKE IT OR NOT.                                             coneheads: wake up you cannot hide soon enought.

if that does not make all of us more humble and honest to realize we all have the same emotions of lust, greed of food supply STORAGE, anger, and fear of survival (d.n.a. codes of instincts of survival), and when we all vibrate our auras into a higher frame of mind, and the REAL mind reading, it is the rapture of knowing the truth will make us free of the d.n.a. codes in that we all will be able to finnality control those instincts.

blessings to all of us for we are all one

We are indeed all one. Thank you for great replays, so much in common with my thoughts. I feel that evil is done, it is only that we now watch last stages of that.

The everyday chemtrails are obviouslly minipulating the weather so how much of these happenings actually have to do with astrology?

Chemtrails aren't real.

Hello you're very lucky if Chemtrails from you ' up there ' there are, here is where I am in Italy North East area around VENICE there are from 100 to 200 per day, if you want to see them: ... take a tour in Venice ... then after ... we talk about ... Hello

Picture one is regular contrails in a rather humid environment it seems.

The second picture is a military plane on a mission which you can read about here:

I'll give you some homework. Take a sample of the air, the water and the soil just below places you see chemtrails and have them analyzed. Then send those results to me and I'll let you know if there's anything there that shouldn't be there.

if you can't afford that then buy a hygrometer and compare the value the days you have contrails with days you don't. You'll see a distinct pattern and within 3-4 weeks you'll have the ability to mathematically derive wether there will be trails or not in the sky for a specific day even. :)

Science is fun.

This video is for you "acute observer". People are finally waking up to the fact that chemtrails do exist. Non believers say they are condensation because that is what they are told. Condensation evaporates quite quickly and does not linger in the air for hours. I live in Phoenix and trust me those chemtrails do not linger in the air

because it is "humid".

"People are finally waking up to the fact that chemtrails do exist."

No, they are being brainwashed by carefully prepared and quite expensively produced misinformation that are being flooded at them at the speed of thought which disables their discernment since they get no time at all to properly assimilate and analyse what they're seeing.

The more education and knowledge a person has, the less likely it is that they will fall for that misinformation though.

"Condensation evaporates quite quickly and does not linger in the air for hours."

And there it is, the total lack of education on how water can behave under different circumstances, air pressure and temperature and that makes you receptible to being programmed by youtube.

When I look at you, all I can see is a TV. That's not good.

Condensation will behave as the pressure and temperature dictates at that height, and many times that means that it will linger in the air. Clouds do for instance.
If what you say were true, clouds could never exist.

Now please stop forcing me to play High School Teacher and allow me to go back to being a grown up talking to other grown ups!

My thinking about chemtrails is about what's possible and what's not possible in thermodynamics and also what's practical and not in chemical warfare, which chemtrails would otherwise be.

The theory so far has been building on arguments that have no base in physical reality as well as loads of references to an "invisible world" each time the defender of the theory lack sufficient information to answer a question.

"P.S. Have known a long time about things that just "is" that physical reality are way behind on even looking at never mind questioning...."

Yea, but clouds in the sky are not one of those things.

So what you're saying is that chemtrails just is, even though we can find no trace of them even when we do molecular analysis of the phenomenon? ;) 

Even if you dont want to call them "chemtrails" 

silver iodide is a known toxin and can cause flu like symptoms please watch these videos.

This is where i live ^



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