physical ascension feelings.

I would like to share with you my Ascension symptoms,as I have never heard of anyone yet that has had the same symptoms as myself.I would like to hear off anyone who has had these changes.

Five years ago I started getting a sharp pain in my left arm,the Doctors couldn,t find what the problem was,so I believed I had some form of Arthritus.Over time it felt like the feeling was getting tighter, it felt like I almost had a metal hook in my arm and my neck,I could even feel the coldness.As I started reading more about spirituality I found that when I did any emotional clearing,it was like something was unraveling in my arm and this slowly went on until six months ago when I felt like I had pushed this feeling so much that I had set something in motion.It was like there was a roll of skin inside me and for weeks on end this skin was turning around,going into the left side of my body,turning constantly.I later read that while we are going through ascension,new lungs,liver and other organs are getting made,so it is almost like what I had already in my body was flesh that was just waiting for me to start my ascension by my mental thoughts.Every step of the way I have felt new parts on my lungs and organs slowly getting made by this unravelling of skin,especially the left side of my neck,as I feel like fresh air in my lungs all of a sudden.

It has been going on for five months now,I do get the normal vibrations and other symptoms,but at times it has felt really scary,so much so I once took myself off to the local hospital,at first I think they thought I had lost it,especially if you do talk about anything to do with spirituality or the paranormal.Which is really annoying!But just to please them I had a few chats with pshyciatrists,and they proved I was talking rationatally enough,even though I had strange ideas but they were quite happy to send me home.

Until this day though I still get these feelings,but know I feel like it is almost at an end as it is more of a unrolling feeling in my head.And what I have discovered is,that we are all going through this same process,but because I am very sensitive to any physical changes that is why I have felt it every step of the way.Has anyone else experienced these feelings?

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  • Hi Kate, I have been experiencing a lot of symptoms for the past years.  But in the last few months the pain in my left arm was excrutiating and now the pain in my lungs is inbearable, from the inside throught my chest... I do understand now that is the clearing up and the growing of the thymus.  Not even gonna try going to a doctor.  What for? But it´s very painful and I thank you for posting this, it has helped me a lot.
  • Yes, i have been having, sharp, stabbing, tingling pain in my left arm and hands for about a month now, i have just been assuming it is from my diabetes, but my sugar levels are just fine, i have been really depressed, emotional, and isolating myself from people, i was thinking of getting a dr appointment but i know nothing will be done about it, I have been going thru many other ascension symptoms to.
  • Hi Kateclan, sounds like you are onto it with working out what is happening with you.
    My young sensitive and spiritually adapt son has also been suffering with weird physical symptons as well for the past 5 months. Other things have been longer and over the last couple of years a lot has happened to us with our contact with ETs ( I prefer to call them HEB's - Higher Evolved Beings) and then he started vomiting, which lasted for 6 weeks 3+ times a day, then had a 4 week break and now has terrible stomach pains for the past 2 weeks. After 6 Drs, 3 hospital visits, xrays, ultrasounds, bloods, faecal testing and lotsa poking and prodding they still have no idea why he is in constant pain of 7-9/10 scale.. Spiritual healing and light healing hasn't fixed him but eases it.
    I was wondering if this is a result of the DNA changing that has been done to change us from carbon to crystaline beings and the body adjusting to it..? (he is only 13 BTW)
    Nightly he visits the ships astraly and gets to fly a small one with his friends, He now wants to be a pilot and does the flight simulators on the computer and has also flown a real plane himself already here in this world. He gets downloaded information and energies and gets implants which helps him (like for drawing), has been taught a type of healing modality and interacts wih them constantly during the day as well. Apprently i am with him many times onboard but i have no recall as yet but have met some of his friends.. Arch Angel Uriel is his main mentor and looks after him and teaches him as well as a small grey who comes with us everywhere..
    • Hi kiwi Chick,,

      Forgive me I have just spotted your reply to my Query about ascension symptoms and it is really interesting especially you talking about your son.It must be worrying that he is going through those symptoms,but atleast you have ruled out,anything serious.

      I think you right what you say about the Dna changes,and I can honestly say it has been like watcing a miracle unfold over the months,as I have felt each change to each organ along the way.Every now and again I will hear a cracking noise as if things are just locking into place.Its amazing but has been scary at times over the months,just like having a snake inside me,roaming about,but I have now learnt to go with it.

      Its amazing what your son is experiencing as well,you must be really proud of him and a source of interest to you both.Shame you can't remember anything, hopefully that will come with time.Peace be with you! Thanks for answering my query.Kate
  • there are no pills or potions for going through this prosses we are on our own but a least we can share on this site and have each other.
  • I had what was said to be a trapped nerve in my neck ,left side,it began as pins and needles the pain in my left arm was unbearable and I went to the doctor and sat on the floor crying because the pain was so bad, nothing the doctor did was any help, i paid for three sessions of massage which helped a bit, but I still get pain and the pins and needles are still there, It all started the 10th of december and I still have it today, it I have read is something to do with secondary chakras.
    • Thanks for the answers,I am a bit clearer now.It is very true what you have said about the unravelling many times I have felt my whole body in a vice like grip,just like being in the birth canal.I now realise I can't come to any harm,but that took a long time.Once I started facing the fear I had it has become alot easier..Also I did have chronic fatigue Ten years ago,but I understand now,that is what was needed to slow myself down,and start looking at myself on a more emotional level.Ive had six son's, and lost my own identity along the way.This ascension has sure made up for the selfless years of motherhood.
    • Thanks for the reply.It can be painful at times,but from what I am feeling right now it is at the top of my spine and I am getting like bubbles of air going up my spine.I started reading the article on walk ins,and alot of it sounded very familiar as it has been quite a tramatic experience.So who knows,unfortunately I only hear my guide every know and again,so I haven't been able to ask any questions,to find out what it is.Also I would say about ten years ago before this feeling, I started with the pins and needles in my left hand,but I think I am deffinately ascending because I have had a few pshycic experiences of late and have felt my crown chakra opening.I hope your arm gets better soon.
      • Kate,

        A lot goes into the ascension process, You are waking up, everyone eventually ascends.

        Those feelings you felt in your left hand was the palm chakras activating. The feelings of bubbles up the spine is energy moving upwards working out blockages to eventually allow the clearing of the chakras and allow the cosmic fire, which many refer to as kundalini to proceed up the central channel.

        Be careful dear one about the concept of Walk Ins, there is much disinformation given out from what you call the "new age" in this area. A true walk in is an energetic merger with a personality aspect of your own oversoul stream. This means that your current personality merges with a higher aspect and allows you to merge into that full personality. This has happened to me earlier in the path of ascension and reaching Christ consciousness.

        Beloved Kate, understand that just because you have had psychic experiences and that your crown is opening does not mean you are fully ascending, ascension is a process that many know nothing about, few come close but there is much work involved utilizing all energetic bodies and levels of your being.

        My greatest light and love to you,

        Adonai. Parkpage
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      • Thanks Kateclan, my crown chakra started opening over a year ago it felt like I had very large fleas wondering about,it drove me mad , my friend said it looked like I had a big cone of light on my head that had flashes of light in it.
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