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People!!! The Village People Are Now 6!!!!!! Cern Has Opened Demonic Portals

Oh no they aren't!  They were 4 in the 70's-5 members about 8 months ago-now they are 6!!!

1979 - Top right to left are: Alex Briley, Victor Willis and Randy Jones; bottom, right to left are: Glenn Hughes, Felipe Rose, David Hodo

The Village People

Village People

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Pet, didn't you post a discussion about 8 months ago about the Village People suddenly having 5 members? .. I  seem to remember you were blown away by the fact they suddenly had 5 guys instead of 4 guys in the band... ?.. the army guy was suddenly there... now there is 6 guys in the band.... ?????

I won't be surprised if it moves up to 7 guys next year...

yeah luke my comment on your blog may have morphed and the pic-this is really awsome



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