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                        Paa-tal  Indigo warriors are all incarnate angels. Paa-tal means  insanely powerfull

                            GOLDEN RACE'S (12D are immortal beings) all race's are  incarated angel's

                         1. Yahuveh    The ancient one's are male and female   dragon lords of the Eloheim                                 they are  creator gods as one.

                          2. Anuir    are male and female split and are the   Dragon rider's

                          3. Ainu - Ra     Earth Race

                          4. Aton-Ra       Air Race

                          4. Shin - Ra      Fire race

                          5. Mem - Ra     Water race


                          Cosmic police   The biggest and most  powerful battle fleet in cosmos.



                                              SILVER RACE'S 11D

                           The silver race's are called for Ashand's

                          1. Amon - Ra 11D

                          2. Thoth - Ra 11D

                                               BRONZE RACE'S 10D


                         1. Adonis - Ra 10D


            They all are angles of god   ARE YOU ONE OF THEM ????????????? 


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dear brother,excellent information,love you heaps,eve xo

 Tell me where Ra-Ta fits in here as I have journeyed with him in healing missions

 and also we have reactivated all the Pyramids of this solar system and galaxies

 multi beingness and dimensionally. I have dealt with the Rainbow all my life

 even wearing Rainbow jumpers. Multi dimensional am a Soul Brother to Ashtar

 and was instrumental in returning Jacob to himself. I know very strongly that I

 incarnated as Joseph of Arimathea and looked after Jeshua Ben Joseph aka

 Yeshua Ha Ma Siakh where the sacred lineage disappears with the House of

the Fish into the Ocean. I taught the Way as instructed and was recognised

as Joseph by three other un related spiritual people. I teach the Rainbow. Wear the

Rainbow and have been recognised as Joseph. I know I have my own ship

and also call myself Kingjeff because of the work I am doing. Jeff has my

Soul vibration coming down. I love all you people but I am still incognito.

I have been given the Rainbow Sign three to four different times lately. This is over Eynhallows Island in the Orkney Islands and has been re activated having had a Monastery

 built there by the Templars before their corruption. Sacred Energy has now been released and activated into the New Grid. Blessings Love Joy Balance Grace Harmony Kingjeff



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