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In recent days I've been interested in Alex Collier and his talks with life elsewhere.  But, during a lecture he was holding back in 2009, he said that our Earth will pass through the Galactic Plane, which he describes as an "intense magnetic gravitational field."

I've heard long before this that we are not going to pass through the Plane for another several hundred thousand years.  Now I'm beginning to think that there is a big cover-up by the government that could mean the end for millions.  Since Collier says the Plane is an intense magnetic field, I have a bad feeling that it will have catastrophic effects on the Earth; that it could overpower the Earth's magnetic poles and cause them to go haywire.  He also said that the Earth could bounce off of the Plane due to its current vibration and that would cause a great big global earthquake.  I also heard that the huge black h*** at the center of the galaxy was giving off gamma radiation and it would cook the entire planet.

If I wanted to escape this, there's only one place I can go: in the air, inside a long-lasting vessel that can withstand radiation.  But, unfortunately no such vehicle exists, and even if there were one I'd have to pay a lot of money to board it.

In that case, I really hope...  Oh, God, I hope the Galactic Federation of Light exists.  If they did they would help us off the ground before cataclysm strikes.  Right?  But from all the ufo videos I've seen around YouTube, I kind of don't see a reason why they wouldn't exist.  But I still have my doubts.

Can someone tell me if I'm wrong about what may come?  I don't want to die.

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I've done a fair amount of research on passing through the galactic plane, and unfortunately, there's so many different opinions I don't know what to think.
I think there will be huge magnetic fields which will reverse the poles, and also believe there will be continual strikes by meteors, setting fire to much. I also believe there is help at hand, and that humanity will be saved, lifted onto great ships and whisked away to far away places where we will survive and continue to grow, only with direction instead of all the senseless wars, killing and greed which currently exists on earth.

It will be a time when we finally learn, and appreciate we are one!
Passing thru the galactic plane will not cause any ill effects to humanity on Earth. Passing thru the plane will cause an ionic energy field, which is not magnetic, pass through our light bodies and resonate DNA changes. Alex Collier has been known to work with an exclusive group to distort "some" information. Regardless there are other sources that can provide better comprehensive information on that matter. This is what I'm told for now, but that may change once I receive information from Nassim.
The first thing we have to do my dear, is lose our fear of this. Stop worrying, you can't change it anyway. Better to welcome all the things to come with an open heart. That is what we are heading for.

Happy passing!
Pfft, that's just what I needed.

But, what if there's no afterlife? I hope there is one, but what if believing (which is merely thinking) doesn't change anything?
Once this shells life has expired (our body), we continue to go on, and I recently had an experience which proved this to me.
I now have absolutely no fear of death, knowing it's only the end of a phase, and another phase begins immediately.
If there is no afterlife then yours and everyone's life would be a waste but this Universe of ours doesn't look like it wastes things now does it :) Fearing death it's like fearing waking up when you're sleeping. Just enjoy your life and savour all of your experiences. =)



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