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Hi I love poetry, i think its a window into our soul and id like to share a part of myself with all you lovely wonderful people. I am inviting everyone on here to give it a go and join in and create any kind of poem you like that reflects whats in your heart at this very moment. I wrote this a while back and it still stays in my heart to this very day, I hope you enjoy it, its called " WHO AM I ? "



I asked myself an endless question as I walked on mother earth,
I pondered on it quietly in my thoughts, as the air danced a verse.
I saw it chashing tree tops and flowers, I saw it chashing birds
Was there to come rebirth as it pulsed, for all on mother earth.

I ponderd still in my mind, as sunlight warmed my core
I saw it beaming down to earth and boucning on the floor
I knew it had been burning, from birth and many before
The sun would always be there now and there forever more.

I carried on, down the path as I came unto a gate
And as I climbed to carry on my mind was in debate
I took a leap to reach the ground i did not hesitate
For down my path I saw ahead ripples on a lake.

I found a bench for rest to come it held me up with grace
Still lost within my pondering mind, my thoughts bagan to race

" Who am I? " I asked myself again, like many times before.
Just then a bird came gliding down and landed on the floor

Had perched itself on waters edge, gentle sips the bird did take
It knew this place well i thought, as I sat beside the lake.

Just then my mind silenced its chatter, and listened to the sounds
As eyes opened with intened glances,I began to look around

The water flowed back and forth with the dancing of the air
While sunlight touched its surface, at the foot of the little bird

And at that moment I realised,
As the bird flew off in song
" Who am I ? " I am everything
as everything is one.

And then I saw it for myself, as i breathed out air inside
And just in perfect timing, my eyes released and cried.

It had only taken a moment, and I had been rebirthed
As I knew without a doubt, I was the universe

I am sitting on a planet, admiring her wonders and grace
I am sitting on this bench, and I am floating around in space.

Such wonders to explore now, No worries if I can
I have found the obvious answer, of who I really am.

THE END let me know what you think of my little poem, thank you xxxx

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  • Beautiful!!!<333^_^
    Truly the Obvious Answer =}}}
  • Thankyou Katt.
  • It is very beautiful Angel. It shows a great deal of maturity, wisdom and Love for everything.
    Here is mine.............

    "Begin to think, and begin to know...............
    UNDERSTAND and begin to grow...........
    KNOW YOURSELF, and happiness you will find...........
    KNOW OTHERS and realize that there is another kind.
    UNDERSTAND others and WISDOM you will see.............
    On the Horizen it will be your KEY...........
    To open Locks...or open a Door..............
    And PEACE You will find forever more....................."

    I am also very good at poetry although I have not written for some years. Seems that I have been told by an expert future seer that one day I will write books that are very important things spiritually later on in life.
    Keep smiling and writing your potery Angle 444 it is very wonderful.
  • thank you xxxx :-)
    • actually you are not everything,as for sure you are not me,but good luck trying
      • ouch !!! lol, it actually means that i am one wiv everything not that i am everything, and as for trying to be u, i wouldnt want to be as u seem ignorant and rude so its not at all apealing sorry, good luck with that, !!!!!!!!!!
        • Judge not lest you be judged? Im not judgeing anyone around here im just tossing out my opinions,lets not forget this is only a computer and a toy or game like you get for christmas ,so if you cant have fun playing with it then dont play with it,as far as your poetry goes, it was pretty good, its your turn now.
          • one should play all 4 of these videos at the same time .....................................................................................................................................
            • I like the Laughing Men.
This reply was deleted.

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