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January 9

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I am a Starseed aiding and helping with the shift for mankind. Project Camelot, Scouting Canada & Internationally. Scouting as a Starseed & 2012. Spirituality.

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My Twin Soul from another dimension.

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  • Have a killer ween... love ya lots ;)

  • 8113282085?profile=original

  • Oh, how wonderful! :)

    Yes I do, thanks! Amazingly uplifting videos, thank you for sharing! I needed those.

    Blessings, love, light, joy and happiness! <3

  • Hello there, and thank you for the friendship! :)

  • Dear John,
    You have made a difference, and your witness of peace on Earth will be fulfilled. I know this because you and I are both resonating to the same truth of oneness. Silence is full of truth. Your group creation anchors that knowing. You see, what we do, is done through us and the love flows onward. We never see the ripples of light our creations here cause.
    We are walking faster now, and you will see your dreams coming to meet you.

    Peace is coming through our hearts. We hold those seeds of knowing silently, within.
  • :)

    peace my friend
  • thanks, but, what if im not any of those things..
  • thanks for the request, looking forward to learing new things :)
  • hey there! Thank you for your friendship :)
  • Man, this is beautiful! Thank you soo much!!!! I really needed it!
    How do you add a

    you tube movie on you emails ? I want to do that too... How do you do that? Copy pasting the code of the You Tube movie in the message?
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